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7 Best Box Fan Reviews in 2024

A box fan is a versatile and cost-effective solution if you are searching for an effective way to cool down your space.

With an array of options on the market, finding the right box fan could seem daunting. To guide you in making an informed decision, we’ve conducted extensive testing and evaluation of the market’s leading box fans in collaboration with HVAC professionals and airflow technology experts.

Our comprehensive review process delved into three key factors, ensuring that our recommendations meet a high standard of quality and effectiveness.

  • Weight: Portability is key for table and box fans, especially battery-powered ones for outdoor use. Lighter fans are easier to move and more versatile.
  • Size: The fan’s size affects its utility and fit. Large fans aren’t suited for small spaces, and small fans may not perform well in larger areas.
  • Type of Fan: Box fans differ in design for placement on tables, windows, or the floor. Select based on your usage needs, indicated by design features such as rubber bushings.

In this article, you will find 7 best box fan models that not only cools your space effectively but also lasts through many seasons without becoming a nuisance due to excessive noise.

Accompanying our expert analysis, you’ll find a detailed “Buying Guide” that covers everything from the importance of blade size to the benefits of variable speed settings.

Best Box Fan 2024

Best Box FanSizeFan TypePower TypeBuy Now
CCC COMFORT ZONE Box Fan20 InchesFloor Fan Corded ElectricCheck On Amazon
PELONIS Box Fan20 InchesFloor Fan Corded ElectricCheck On Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Mini Box Fan9 InchesWindow FanBattery-PoweredCheck On Amazon
Genesis Box Fan20 InchesFloor Fan Corded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Optimus Box Fan10 InchesTable FanCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Air King 9723 Box Fan20 InchesWindow FanCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon
Lasko Black Decor Box Fan20 InchesWindow FanCorded ElectricCheck On Amazon

Best Box Fan Reviews



CCC COMFORT ZONE Box FanThe Rotary 3-Speed Box Fan is a flexible and dependable air circulate solution appropriate for any domestic or workspace. Its three-pace fan control makes it clean to optimize air movement and airflow to meet your cooling wishes. The fan functions excessive-performance blades that provide smooth operation and are included with a safety grill for safety whilst in use. Additionally, its powerful airflow can help shop cash and reduce energy consumption by means of supporting air conditioners with full-force air movement.

Constructed with sturdiness in thoughts, the Rotary three-Speed Box Fan is designed to last. It is light-weight and handy, making it an remarkable choice for garage, domestic, or workplace use. Its lightweight layout and carry deal with allow for smooth shipping and location, ensuring you could take it wherever you want it.

Upgrade your air circulation experience with the Rotary three-Speed Box Fan, the ultimate answer for optimized air flow and airflow in any domestic or workspace. Its practical layout and powerful airflow will preserve you cool and comfortable all day long

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for floor installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • ETL certified box fan


  • Comes with 3 speed adjustment settings
  • Offers 640 CFM air flow


  • Design could’ve been better

Buy Now From Amazon

2. PELONIS Box Fan


While we are listing popular options for box fans, let us talk about the following option designed by PELONIS. This is also one of the most popular options available in the market right now for a standard box fan.

In 2nd place, we have the PELONIS box fan. This is also a 20 inch box fan designed for floor installations. As it has a simple knob on the top for speed adjustment, you can easily adjust the speed settings between 3 preset options for an optimum amount of airflow. There are high-performance blades available on this unit since this is a premium range box fan.

The fans are safe inside a safety grill so that everyone else around the fan will be safe, especially children. Even with a high-powered motor and high-quality blades, the PELONIS box fan is quite a lightweight option for a box fan. You will also get a year of warranty on the PELONIS box fan which is perfect for a premium choice.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for floor installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • Comes with a year of warranty


  • Quiet and lightweight option
  • 3-speed adjustment setting
  • Safe and durable construction


  • Other options are a bit more cheap

Buy Now From Amazon

3. BLACK+DECKER Mini Box Fan


If you want a compact option, then the following box fan made by Black Decker is the only choice on this list for you. This also happens to be the cheapest option for a box fan on this list.

Our 3rd choice for the best box fan is the Black Decker Mini Box Fan. Unlike every other option present on this list, the Black Decker Mini Box Fan offers ease of installation for compact spaces  as it is only 9 inches wide. And with that, it features a small motor which enables a quieter operation.

Since this is a portable option, Black Decker has decided to offer a battery-powered motor on this fan. Therefore, you can carry this fan with you on a camping trip and use it outdoors with the right batteries. Another distinct feature of the Black Decker Mini Box Fan is its frameless design. While it still contains a grill over the fan, the overall footprint of the unit is reduced by a lot.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 9 inches wide
  • Suitable for window installations
  • Powered by batteries
  • Unique frameless design


  • Most affordable box fan
  • Best option for portable usage
  • Features battery-powered operation


  • Power capacity is low

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Genesis Box Fan

Genesis Box Fan

Back to standard options for box fans, we have a great choice coming next on our list from Genesis. Apart from this unit, you can also find other types of fans from Genesis such as stand fans, window fans, clip fans, etc.

The Genesis Box Fan is also a standard 20 inches fan that we are including on our picks. You will notice a pretty familiar design aspect on this fan since most box fans in this price range are designed in the same way. However, this fan is designed for floor installations so that it is ready to use right after unboxing.

The Genesis Box Fan features a durable copper motor that is capable of maintaining a high-fan speed without any issues. Also, the motor is ensured to last a long time while keeping the performance same. You will also have the option to adjust the fan speed within 3 modes as per your choice.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for floor installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • 3 speed adjustment options


  • High-quality copper motor
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Standard size box fan


  • It does not have the battery option

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Optimus Box Fan


Optimus Box FanThe Energy-Saving 2-Speed Fan, perfect for any home or office. Experience optimal airflow with out the distraction of noise, way to this fan’s whisper-quiet operation. The three-position slide switch on the the front of the cupboard gives clean adjustment between off, excessive, and coffee velocity settings.

Designed on your convenience, this fan is light-weight and portable with a convenient wearing cope with, allowing you to take it anyplace you want it. No assembly is required, making it smooth to use proper out of the container. Plus, it is an power-saving choice, helping you reduce energy intake and shop cash on your electricity bill.

Upgrade your air stream game with the Energy-Saving 2-Speed Fan, the right solution to your cooling needs!

Best Features

  • Box fan as 10 inches wide
  • Suitable for table installations
  • Powered by corded electrical connection
  • Lightweight and portable box fan


  • Design is pretty compact
  • Offers the standard 10 inches fan
  • Versatile in terms of application


  • It does not have the battery option

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6. Air King 9723 Box Fan

Air King 9723 Box Fan

Up next, we have the most premium option available in the market for a box fan. This box fan is made by Air King, a famous brand in the market known for its wide range of fans.

The Air King 9723 might just be what you are looking for if you want a box fan for commercial applications. This is a 20 inches box fan that offers 3 speed adjustment for offering optimum performance level. As for the motor, you will find a permanently lubricated 1/25 HP motor powering the fan on this unit. Since the motor is completely maintenance free, its performance won\t degrade over time.

As for the build quality, the Air King 9723 features an impact resistant grill that manages to prevent all sorts of external damage to the blades. Within the package, you will find an 8-foot long power cord that is certainly helpful if you want to install the fan a bit farther from the wall socket. Air King is offering a year of warranty on the Air King 9723 which is great considering this is a highly premium option.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for window installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • Permanently lubricated 1/25 HP motor


  • Comes with 8-foot long cord
  • Offers 2140 CFM air flow
  • Maintenance free motor


  • Very expensive choice for a box fan

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Lasko Black Decor Box Fan

Lasko Black Decor Box Fan

We will finish off our list of the best box fans with a budget option for a box fan. This box fan is made by Lasko and it offers almost all necessary features within a suitable price tag.

Coming at the end of our picks for the best box fans, we have the Lasko box fan. This is also a slime and compact box fan despite housing a 20 inches wide fan. And as there are thin grills present on both sides of the fan, you can expect a powerful airflow once you turn ON this box fan. With the smart design and power-efficient motors, Lasko box fan manages to keep its running cost below 2-cents per hour.

You can also notice a control-knob mounted on the top of the fan that allows speed adjustment setting within 3 preset options. Even on the highest setting, you won’t notice much of a noise with this fan. For further safety, the Lasko box fan comes with rounded corners as well as a dedicated handle to make it easier to carry.

Best Features

  • Box fan as 20 inches wide
  • Suitable for window installations
  • Powered by wired electric connection
  • It has a handle and rounded corners


  • Great option for the price
  • Safe to use around children
  • Airflow capacity is great


  • Not the best option for floor setup

Buy Now From Amazon

How to Choose the Best Box Fan?

Choosing the best box fan for your needs involves understanding several key factors that contribute to performance, durability, and user satisfaction. Here’s a detailed guide on how to select a box fan that offers efficient cooling, operates quietly, and stands the test of time.

1. Type of Box Fan

When selecting a box fan, it’s essential to consider the specific type based on its design and power source, as these factors influence where and how the fan can be used.

Box fans mainly fall into two design categories. Some are designed for window placement, effectively drawing in or expelling air from a room, while others are intended for floor use, providing direct airflow within the space.

Coming power variation, they are available in corded electric models that require a power outlet and battery-powered portable options that offer flexibility in placement without the need for continuous electrical supply.

Understanding these distinctions will help you select a box fan that best fits your installation preferences and power availability.

2. Airflow

A box fan’s ability to cool effectively is quantified by its CFM rating, indicating the volume of air it moves. A higher CFM translates to better cooling efficiency, making it crucial for larger rooms. Additionally, adjustable speed settings enhance control over the cooling effect, allowing for customization based on personal comfort and room size. These features are essential for tailoring the fan’s operation to meet specific cooling needs.

3. Noise Level

The noise level is a significant consideration for many, especially for use in quiet environments like bedrooms. Fans designed for quiet operation minimize distraction and ensure comfort during use. Opting for a model known for its subdued sound can enhance sleep quality and maintain a peaceful setting.

4. Durability

The longevity of a box fan heavily depends on its construction materials and design. Metal fans generally offer robustness and durability, while high-grade plastic models can also provide reliable performance. A fan’s stability, preventing it from tipping, is crucial for both safety and enduring use, making a solid, well-designed base a priority.

5. Ease of Use

For those who value convenience, the portability and ease of maintenance of a box fan are key. Lightweight models with handles are easier to move, offering flexibility in cooling different areas. Additionally, fans with removable grilles simplify the cleaning process, ensuring optimal airflow and extending the fan’s lifespan.

6. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency impacts the operational cost of a box fan. Lower power consumption not only reduces electricity bills but also supports eco-friendly usage. Evaluating a fan’s wattage and efficiency ratings before purchase can lead to long-term savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

7. Additional Features

Modern box fans may include features such as timers and remote controls, adding layers of convenience and functionality. Timers allow for automatic shut-off, perfect for night-time use, while remote controls enable easy adjustments from afar, enhancing the user experience without the need to physically interact with the fan.

Box Fan – FAQs

1. How long do box fans last?

Ans: With proper maintenance, box fans can last several years. Durability often depends on the build quality and how frequently the fan is used.

2. Can box fans filter out dust or pollen?

Ans: While box fans themselves do not filter out dust or pollen, some people attach air filters to them as a DIY solution for cleaner air.

3. Do box fans need to be assembled?

Ans: Most box fans come fully assembled and ready to use out of the box, requiring minimal setup.

4. Can I adjust the airflow direction of a box fan?

Ans: The airflow direction of a box fan is fixed, but you can position the fan differently to direct airflow as needed.

5. Are there box fans that have a timer function?

Ans: Yes, some box fans feature a timer function, allowing you to set them to turn off automatically after a certain period.

6. Can box fans be used outdoors?

Ans: While box fans are primarily designed for indoor use, they can be used outdoors in dry conditions and should be protected from moisture and direct sunlight.

7. Do box fans have different speed settings?

Ans: Yes, most box fans offer multiple speed settings, allowing you to choose the intensity of the airflow.

8. Is it safe to leave a box fan running overnight?

Ans: Yes, it’s safe to leave a box fan running overnight if it’s in good condition and placed on a stable surface, away from obstructions.

9. Can I repair a box fan if it stops working?

Ans: Some issues, like loose connections or dirt buildup, can be fixed at home, but more complex problems might require professional repair or replacement.

10. How can I ensure my box fan lasts longer?

Ans: Regular cleaning, avoiding overuse, and storing the fan properly when not in use can help extend its lifespan.


Box fans offer an affordable and simple solution for cooling, available in varieties like window, floor, battery-powered, and corded models to fit any need. Our curated list includes:

  • The BLACK+DECKER Mini Box Fan is an economical choice, providing effective cooling with three speed settings and quiet operation in a compact 9-inch design.
  • For larger spaces, the PELONIS Box Fan offers enhanced airflow with its 20-inch size and three-speed control, ideal for floor placement.
  • The Optimus Box Fan, a 20-inch battery-powered model, combines portability with performance, featuring three-speed adjustments for use in outdoor settings or where power access is limited.

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