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The 10 Best Band Saws Reviews and Buying Guide

“A versatile tool to cut through different materials like wood, metal and lumber”

Be it a curve or straight line, band saw lets you achieve the perfect shape easily without any hassles.

It uses a long, sharp thin looped blade between two wheels that offers control over the cutting process. You can use it for different cutting types that include a miter saw, table saw for rip cuts, and also reduce the board thickness like a thick planer.

If you are looking to invest in a new band saw or want to upgrade the existing one, consider the below factors to choose the right one.

1. Horsepower –

Compared to other saw types, a freestanding band saw comes with a powerful motor and hence offers high HP. For instance, heavy-duty or professional band saws require 2 HP, mostly DIY’ers need 1 – 1.5 HP. The benchtop or portable models require 0.5 – 1HP. So, choose it as per your cutting requirement.

2. Cutting Capacity – Throat Capacity and Cutting Depth will let you know about the cutting capacity of a band saw.

  • Throat Capacity – It represents the maximum width of material your saw can handle. Freestanding models offer 16 inches, benchtop models have 12 – 14 inches and small compact tools offer a throat of 9 – 10 inches.
  • Cutting depth – It is the distance between the saw’s table to upper blade guides. It let you know the maximum thickness of material your saw can handle. Its range lies within 6 – 12 inches.

3. Blades

It is a larger loop that welded together with teeth at one side. The cut quality of a blade is measured in terms of the number of Teeth Per Inch (TPI). The higher TPI will provide a better-quality cut, while fewer TPI results in a quick cut yet leave a rough finish.

Apart from these, there are various other factors to consider when you are buying a band saw. We have provided all the essential information in the below “Buying Guide”.

Based on the same information, we have shortlisted Best Band Saws. A detail product review is also mentioned below for your reference.

Best Band Saws Reviews

Band SawCutting CapacityPower SourceSpeed (FPM)WarrantyBuy Now
Wen Band Saw3 ½ inchesElectric Powered25002 yearsCheck On Amazon
Rikon Band Saw4 5/8 inchesElectric Powered27805 yearsCheck On Amazon
Woodskil Band Saw9 inchesElectric Powered25002 yearCheck On Amazon
Jet Band Saw13 inchesElectric Powered-5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Grizzly Band Saw6 inchesElectric Powered1500 & 3200-Check On Amazon
Dewalt Band Saw5 inchesBattery Powered-3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee Band Saw5 inchesBattery Powered--Check On Amazon
Makita Portable Band Saw4 ¾ inchesBattery Powered275 – 530-Check On Amazon
Anbull Store Band Saw5X4 ¾ (without base),
4X3-1/5 (with bas)
Electric Powered--Check On Amazon
Grizzly Band Saw7X5 (circular),7 X 12 (rectangular)Electric Powered80, 130, 180 & 235-Check On Amazon

10 Best Band Saws Reviews

1. Wen Band Saw

wen band saw

The WEN is one of the best companies that manufactures best quality saw, including bandsaw. This 3959-model benchtop band saw is both powerful and compactable device, which comes with a cutting depth of 3 ½ inches and width of 9-inches. The powerful 2.5-amp motor will rotate at 2500 feet per minute for powerful and intricate cuts.

The spacious work table of about 12 ¼ X 11 7/8 inches will allow the user to get their job done properly with enough space and a bevel cuts (angle adjustment knob) from 0 – 45-degree. One can easily find a miter gauge, fence for creating straight cuts, onboard 2 ½ inch dust port (to collect the dust properly) and adjustable blade guard in this pack. This saw comes with a 2 years national warranty and weighs about 40 pounds.

Product Information:

  • Amperage – 2.5 amps
  • Speed – 2500 FPM
  • Cutting Depth – 3 ½ inches
  • Blade Length – 59 ½ inches
  • Cutting Width – 9 inches
  • Table Size – 12 1/4 X 11 7/8 inches
  • Dimensions – 19 X 14.1 X 29 inches
  • Weight – 40 pounds
  • Blade Width – 1/8 to 3/8 inches
  • Throat Size – 9 inches
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Beveled Angle – 0 to 45-degrees
  • Power Source – Electric Powered

Things we liked:

  • It is well built quality product and one can assemble it easily.
  • The spacious work table will allow you to get job done with enough space to stretch / cut the material properly.
  • Its compact form will allow you to use this saw on any flat / sturdy surface with ease.
  • The dust collection with 2.5-inch dust port will clear away all the saw dust and other debris from the work place effectively.
  • It has anti-vibration feature that allows the user to cut the material without much vibrations.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not suitable for straight cuts.
  • It works only when there is a sufficient power outlet and also it is small for wood workers (or professionals).

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2. Rikon Band Saw 

rikon band saw

This 10-inches bandsaw will offer all the quality features which we found in larger bandsaws. It has a powerful motor of 1/3 HP (3.5 amps) with cast iron table and 4 5/8 inches of resawing capacity. It includes a rip fence (removed easily and allow you to do free hand work), and micro adjustable guide post (lower & raise the guide post height with the turn of a handle) separately.

A 2 ½ inch dust port (for shop vacuum hookup) in this device will clear all the dust and debris to keep the area clean and more visibility for your work. All these features will make it best to use by woodworkers, especially who won’t require any large cutting capacity and power for their projects.

It includes various features like tilting table angle, large blade tension knob, rip fence (2-inches tall), dust collection, & safety paddle on/off switch. Its reduced size will make it ideal for storing or transporting (when it is not using).

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 35.5 X 18 X 13 inches
  • Weight – 76 pounds
  • Speed – 2780 FPM
  • Motor Power – 1/3 HP
  • Throat Capacity – 9 5/8 inches
  • Cutting Height – 4 5/8 inches
  • Blade Length – 70 ½ inches
  • Blade width – 1/8 to 1/2 inches
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Motor Power – 0.33 HP
  • Voltage – 115 V
  • Table Frame Material – Cast Iron Table
  • Bevel Cut / Tilting Angle – 0 to 45-degree
  • Table Size – 13 ¾ X 12 ½ inches

Things we liked:

  • The solid steel design with steel plate frame will make it strong and durable.
  • The spacious cast iron worktable will allow you to perform your work effectively.
  • Powerful motor for cutting blanks and bowl.
  • It comes with edge facing thrust bearings, safety paddle switch, aluminum cast wheels, & 2-inch tall aluminum fence will make it as powerful tool.
  • It is small in size and easy to assemble

Things we didn’t like:

  • Stand and miter gauge is not included
  • A little bit pricey product
  • The quality of the blade is not up to the mark.

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3. Woodskil Band Saw

Woodskil Band SawWoodskil band saw is an efficient and powerful machine that helps in completing several tasks like cutting the lumber in small pieces or different shapes. So, it is a perfect choice for both commercial and residential use.

You can use it to cut different materials that include wood, cork, aluminum, copper and wood-based panel. Some of its amazing features include high efficiency dust collection, steel base, double safety switch and others.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – ‎31 x 17 x 11 inches
  • Weight – 40 pounds
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Speed – 1720 RPM
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Amperage – 3 amps
  • Max cutting width – 9 inches
  • Table Size – 12-5/16″ x 11-7/8″
  • Blade speed – 2500FPM

Things we liked:

  • Double security protection
  • Heat dissipation system
  • Robust steel base
  • 120 degrees miter gauge
  • Cuts quickly with smooth finish
  • Low noise induction motor

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

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4. Jet Band Saw

jet band saw

This Jet 14 inches SFX steel frame bandsaw redefines the line between affordability and functionality. The 360 cast iron work table will provide great work space and supports you while making deeper cuts. One can have visible measurements with the aluminum fence system to make accurate cutting.

This saw is equipped with easy adjustable blade guide system, resaw capacity of 13-inches, dual 4-inch dust port (for maximum cleaning), heavy duty base, tubular steel welded construction, and robust stamped steel pin hinges, which allows for durability and stability of the bandsaw.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 63.8 X 27 X 36.1 inches
  • Weight – 300 pounds
  • Color – White
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Motor Power – 1.75 HP
  • Voltage – 230 V
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Table Size – 360 square inches
  • Cutting Capacity – 13 inches
  • Blade Length – 116 inches
  • Blade Width – 1/8 to 3/4 inches.
  • Wheels – Cast Iron

Things we liked:

  • This bandsaw will come with all the essential features with superior performance.
  • The high resaw cutting capacity will allow you to cut larger pieces of wood, cutting book matched panels and slicing veneers.
  • The dual dust ports will clean the workspace effectively and thereby helps you to have a clear visibility of cut-line.
  • It is strong, sturdy and durable device.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Blades are not included and the user has to buy them separately.
  • Wheels / caster not included.
  • Very expensive product.

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 5. Grizzly Band Saw

grizzly band saw

This Grizzly G0555 bandsaw cuts various materials accurately and quietly. It not only used for crosscuts and resaw but also used to do circles, curved and decorative scroll cuts. It comes with various features like ball bearing blade guides & thrust bearings, precision cast-iron table along with cast iron frame, heavy gauge steel stand, and computer balanced aluminum wheels (with rubber tires). It includes aluminum t-shaped fence and miter gauge for straight and curved cuts.

The 4-inch dust port will clear away all the dust and debris from the workplace. It comes with a precision ground cast-iron table that allows you to have proper cutting of various materials.

Product Information:

  • Motor Power – 1 HP (5.5 amps)
  • Cutting Capacity – 6 inches
  • Throat Capacity – 13 ½ inches
  • Table Size – 14 X 14 inches
  • Tilting Angle – 45-degrees (right) & 15-degrees (left).
  • Blade Speed – 1500 & 3200 FPM
  • Blade Length – 93 ½ inches
  • Blade Width – 1/8 to 3/4 inches
  • Floor to Table Height – 43 5/16 inches
  • Dimensions – 44 X 20.8 X 19.8 inches
  • Weight – 195 pounds
  • Material – Steel
  • Voltage – 220 V

Things we liked:

  • Made with iron and aluminum to make the tool strong and durable, to withstand / hold a lot of pressure.
  • The computerized wheels will help you to get proper control and better precision.
  • The open frame stand with quick release blade tension lever will provide proper usage of this tool.
  • Value for money.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The product doesn’t come with any warranty.
  • Poor customer support.

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Portable / Compact Band Saws:

These bandsaws are battery powered in which one can use it easily in any difficult applications. They are compact and lightweight saws.

6. Dewalt Portable Band Saw

dewalt band saw

This DCS374B is a portable bandsaw that provides 5-inch cutting capacity to cut various materials like pipe, strut, plastic, angle iron, etc. It has an LED light with 20-second delay to illuminate your work place and allows you to have accurate cutting. The variable speed trigger and dial will provide control and versatility.  The built brushless motor of this saw will provide excellent durability and performance.

This deep cut bandsaw is capable of 149 cuts with 14 TPI blade. One can easily hang this saw with its integrated hang hook without getting any damage to the front handle or base. The tool less blade changing lever will loosen the blade tension to have quick and easy blade changes. It is a bare tool that won’t come with battery.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 24.4 X 13 X 8.27 inches
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Cutting Capacity – 5 inches
  • Weight – 12.4 pounds
  • Voltage – 20V
  • Material – Metal
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Blade Width – 1/2 inch
  • Blade Length – 44 7/8 inches
  • Blade Thickness – 0.20 inches.

Things we liked:

  • It is lightweight, portable and easy to store anywhere with its integrated hanging hook.
  • The variable speed trigger and dial will allow you to have proper control over the speed and its versatility.
  • The LED light will help you to focus on the workplace with its brighter light.
  • The brushless motor will enhance the longer life of the motor.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The battery and charger sold separately (not included in this pack).

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7. Milwaukee Band Saw

milwakue band saw

This battery powered band saw is made with metal and plastic and one can easily use and handle it effectively. The M18 fuel deep cut band saw will help you to cut various materials and it is lightweight that allows you to use it properly. It is highly durable device with cutting capacity of 5 inches.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 23.8 X 8.2 X 22.6 inches
  • Weight – 25 pounds
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Material – Steel & Plastic
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Voltage – 18 V
  • Blade Length – 44 7/8 inches
  • Cutting Capacity – 5 inches

Things we liked:

  • It comes with a battery, charger and plastic carrying case in which you can store it properly.
  • Can do their work anywhere without the messy of wiring.
  • It is sturdy and durable

Things we didn’t like:

  • One has to charge the battery regularly to perform their operation effectively.

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8. Makita Portable Band Saw

maikata band saw

This bandsaw delivers cordless cutting power that range for various metal materials with its torque motor, lightweight and compact design. This tool line up with a powerful 18V lithium ion slide style battery that gets charging quickly. So, one can easily use this device why because the battery spends more time on the working while less time on its charging.

The tool hook will secure the tool when it is not in use. the accessible brushes will provide great serviceability and this on-board wrench storage will provide quick and easy stopper plate adjustment. The 6-setting variable speed control dial will deliver 275 – 530 FPM.

The adjustable foot will protect the material and thus provides excellent support for accurate cutting. This XBP02Z comes with an ergonomic shape will reduce the fatigue feel in operator and the built-in LED light will illuminate the work area to perform efficient work and has rubber bumpers and removable hook. Although, it is engineered for a range of metal cutting tasks, and thus makes it perfect for installation, metal building, HVAC, electrical, metal fabrication, plumbing, etc.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 14 X 22.4 X 10.7 inches
  • Weight – 14.3 pounds
  • Material – Metal
  • Voltage – 18V
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Speed – 275 to 530 FPM
  • Blade Length – 44 7/8 inches
  • Cutting Capacity – 4 ¾ inches

Things we liked:

  • Used widely for fast metal cutting through all thread, Unistrut, channel, pipe, conduit, corrugated, square tubing, sheet metal, etc.
  • It is equipped with LED light, thick protective rubber bumpers (for durability) and removable hook.
  • The trigger switch that comes with lock off feature will allow you to have two actions to power on the device.
  • Value for money

Things we didn’t like:

  • Battery and charger are not included in this pack. One has to purchase it separately.
  • It won’t come with a warranty period.

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Metal Cutting Band Saws:

These bandsaws are particularly used for metal cutting and the listed bandsaws are corded one, which works with electric powered.

9. Anbull Store Band Saw

Anbull Store Portable Band SawThe brand Anbull is well-known for providing the best deep cut ban saws that last pretty long. Their band saw is capable of cutting a wide range of materials that include copper, steel, aluminum, iron and PVC.

You can use it for commercial, residential and DIY projects. It is equipped with a 10amp motor that is specially designed for cutting the materials without any burrs or sparks. It comes with ergonomic and soft grip which makes it comfortable to use, even for longer durations. You can adjust the sawblade guard bade to prevent jamming.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 20.67 x 6.5 x 11.42 inches
  • Weight – 33 pounds
  • Speed – 0.5-3.5m/s
  • Motor Power – 10 amps
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Tilting Angle – 45 to 90-degrees
  • Cutting Capacity – 5-by- 4-3/4 inches
  • Blade Length – 114 centimeters

Things we liked:

  • Variable speed dial to adjust cutting speed
  • Rubber bumpers to withstand jobsite abuse
  • Superior balance for accurate cuts
  • Lesser user fatigue
  • Wide range of applications
  • Multiple cutting with metal base

Things we didn’t like

  • Clamp mechanism is faulty

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10. Grizzly Industrial Metal Cutting Band Saw

grizzy metal saw

This is a metal cutting bandsaw that comes with a small footprint and designed to cut 7 inches round and 7X12 inches rectangular stock. It has features like hydraulic down feed control, blade brush, coolant system, quick release vise, vertical cutting operations ability, adjustable blade guides, and cast-iron wheels with heavy duty ball bearings.

It has a powerful motor of 1 HP that suits perfect for metal cutting. The auto-shut off mechanism will stop the saw when once you done the cutting, works as a safety feature.

Product Information:

  • Motor Power – 1 HP
  • Blade Speed – 80, 130, 180 & 235 FPM
  • Blade Width – 3/4 inches
  • Blade Thickness – 0.03 inches
  • Blade Length – 93 inches
  • Voltage – 110 to 220 V
  • Dimensions – 18.5 X 51.2 X 42.2 inches
  • Weight – 343 pounds
  • Material – Steel
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity (Circular) – 7 inches (90degrees) & 5 inches (45-degrees)
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity (Rectangular) – 7 inches (90-degrees) & 4 ¾ X 4 ½ inches (45 degrees)

Things we liked:

  • Value for money
  • Suitable for accurate metal cuttings (specially for straight cuts).
  • Comes with auto shut off safety feature.
  • Have 4 levels of speed controls.

Things we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product
  • Won’t have any warranty on the product.

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Buying Guide for Band Saws – How to Choose the Best One:

There are various aspects to consider while shopping for a band saw. These factors differentiate the aspects of various band saw models. Here is the detailed information that guides you on how to pick the right one. Have a look at them.

1. Types of Band Saws:

In general, there are three main types of band saws available – floor-standing band saw, benchtop band saw and portable band saw. Each type has its own set of pros and cons. So, check it out and select the right one, as per your requirement.

Floor Standing Band Saw:

This floor-standing band saw is the best option for those having plenty of floor space in their shop. This type of band saw sits on the top of a set of legs or stand, which allows you to place them anywhere in your shop. It offers plenty of flexibility to maneuver longer pieces around the saw to cut them as per your desired length. Also, it accepts larger workpieces or boards occasionally.

These are heavier, larger, and can easily handle a lot of heavy work like the kind of professional woodworker or contractor or household. Since they are sturdy, stable and perform heavy work, they are more expensive.

Benchtop Band Saw:

Looking to save space in your shop? Then this benchtop bandsaw is your right choice. This lets you mount on any existing workbench. Based on their configuration, they may/may not work with larger workpieces. The size and capabilities of these models vary greatly. Some models are nearly rival the performance of the standalone unit, whereas others are compact and ideal for delicate or small projects. While some have variants in between. These are smaller, lighter and suits perfectly for household use.

Portable Band Saw:

Portable bandsaws let your carry the saw anywhere to the Jobsite. Ideal to make miscellaneous cuts for material, whenever you won’t have to option to use standalone or benchtop models. This type of saw allows you to grab all the benefits of modern power tools. These highly efficient cordless models share batteries with devices of the same manufacturers. This type of bandsaw is a great option for construction (or) woodworkers, as they can be carried easily from one worksite to another site.

2. Horsepower:

The horsepower (HP) is essential to consider while purchasing this power tool. Generally, we search for a saw that can easily cut through various materials, which we use mostly without coming to a halt or bogging. A saw blade can experience a lot of friction, especially while cutting thicker materials and having an underpowered saw that unable to perform the job.

The larger free-standing bandsaw comes with more powerful motors when compared with benchtop models. Whereas the motors of small free-standing or benchtop saws lie somewhere between 0.5 – 1 HP. Heavy-duty or professional bandsaw offers a motor power of 2HP. While for DIYer, a saw with 1 – 1.5 HP is more than adequate to perform their task.

3. Throat Capacity:

The throat size or capacity measures the distance between the saw blade and the saw’s frame. So, it let you know how wide of a cut-off the user can make. This indicates the space available to maneuver a workpiece on the table for scrollwork and other complicated or intricate cuts.

One will find the throat sizes while shopping for a bandsaw, which is listed on the side of the pack. The bandsaw with less throat suits only while using small pieces. But if you are using large pieces, then select a saw with a high throat that can easily handle any material.

  • A free-standing bandsaw comes with larger throats over 16 inches.
  • Benchtop models have throat capacity within the range of 12 – 14 inches.
  • Small or portable machines come with a throat measurement of 9 or 10 inches.

4. Cutting Depth:

It is defined as the measurement of the distance from the saw’s table to upper blade guides. Simply to say, it is the maximum thickness you saw that can handle/cut the material. The common range of cutting depth for a bandsaw will be 6 – 12 inches.

5. Frame:

Aside from holding up everything, the frame of a bandsaw is to offer weight and rigidity. The spinning force of its two wheels at a high rate produce vibration and wiggle to a saw, which, in turn, transfers into the blade. An unstable bandsaw doesn’t produce quality cutting (or) provide you with complete control over its cutting than a stable saw offer.

Generally, the band saws come with cast-iron frames or die-cast or welded steel. Here the cast-iron frames are solid, heavier, and durable, which make them unlikely to bend or break and thereby keeps proper tension on the bandsaw. While die-cast or welded steel bandsaw frames are not as durable and sturdy like cast-iron, yet less expensive and lighter.

6. Blade Quality:

It is essential to consider the blade quality before making the bandsaw purchase. It is a large loop welded together at one point with teeth on a single side. The finish and the cut quality of a band saw blade is measured by the number of teeth per inch (TPI). A general rule is, the higher the TPI the better the blade cut quality, yet the saw cut slower. A bandsaw with fewer TPI can quickly cut but results a rougher finish.

7. Blade Measurements:

One has to consider the blade measurements (length and width) while checking its blade. Based on the specific saw, the length of the blade is set and static. Check out whether the blade length is suitable to cut the material or not before you pick the bandsaw.

The saw band can accept different widths and this will let you perform a particular task easier. For instance, you can make a straighter, resaws on chunks of hardwood with a wider bandsaw. Whereas, a thinner bandsaw will let you make scrolling cuts and curves much easier.

So, to grab the most out of the saw, you have to select the one which accepts different widths. The ideal range is 1/8-inch to 1-inch wide, as they can easily handle various tasks from metal or woodworking to crafts and scrollwork.

8. Base:

A band saw with a sturdy base will help to control the vibrations and let you cut the material properly. In general, we notice four main kinds of band saw bases – open, floor, closed, and panel. Let’s know about them in detail.

Floor Base – This solid metal piece on the ground gets attached to another narrow metal piece to support the band saw and also hides the lower wheel. It is considered one of the most stable bases that can absorb most vibrations.

Closed Base – It is a metal box providing all essential support to the band saw, including the lower wheel for its operations. It is empty but a few bandsaws offer a door to use for storage. It is another stable base for your band saw.

Open Base – It comes with 4 exposed support legs, which are connected by a band saw. It has less contact with the floor, which makes it not as stable as a band saw with a floor or closed base. Also, with less material, it won’t absorb much vibrations while operating.

Panel Base – It is an open base mounted with metal panels onto the support legs of a band saw. Here these panels won’t serve for a load-bearing purpose, which makes it has the same flaws as an open base bandsaw.

All these bases have wheels attached, which let you easily move the band saw back and forth. Or else, you can also add them whenever you want to move the saw.

Verdict – Among these 4 base styles, a band saw with a closed or floor base is sturdier and can easily control the vibration better than open or panel base models.

9. Riser Blocks:

It increases the cutting capacity of the blade from 6 – 12 inches. It is an inexpensive option to use for cutting bowl blanks or resawing.

One can add this riser block to the frame between the worktable and the upper wheel case. This lets you add up to 12-inches to the thickness capacity. This can cost under $100, but don’t damage your saw with its poor fitting. For this, purchase a riser block from the same company where you brought your band saw.

Also, installing this riser block will increase the saw blade’s length by a factor of two. For instance, if you are using a 93-inch blade and want to add a 6-inch riser block, then you need a 105-inch blade to make use of that new thickness capacity.

10. Table Tilt:

A tilting table will help you to make angled cuts perfectly on a saw. So, a bandsaw with table tilt (up to 45°) is the best option for those working on a project, which needs a lot of bevels. We observe two types of table tilts – a table that only tilts one way/side and the second one is a table that tilts on both sides.

So, when cutting on a table that tilts one-way will allow you to run the workpiece backward after cutting on one side to cut the other side. While a table that tilts both ways will help you to complete the task quickly and easily without turning the workpiece/material for proper cutting.

11. Bandsaw Wheel:

Though not considered an essential feature by most people, yet it affects the way a saw cuts and behaves. Here the weight of the wheels will matter most. The internal wheels can be either cast iron or cast aluminum, in which aluminum is lighter weight than cast iron.

A band saw with heavier wheels will provide more inertia, which in turn, transfers to the blade for better cutting. Thus, heavier and sturdy wheels of a band saw will help to maintain a consistent cutting experience with a steady speed.

12. Tension Indicator:

Are you using a bandsaw to cut different types of materials? Then this is an essential feature to check out while shopping for the band saw. But it is mostly seen in high-end or expensive models (as it adds some cost to the actual bandsaw price).

Here the tension can be adjustable and the indicator will let you know about your settings. All you need is to choose the right tension setting for the particular piece you’re cutting. Or else, it may affect the blade and its cutting ability.

For instance, if you set the tension too high, then the saw blade will quickly wear out and lead to a break. In case if the tension is too low the blade will bounce off track and unable to cut straight. Also, you need to do more research while using two-speed bandsaws about running them at different settings and different speeds. For example, you need to set different tensions for cross cuts or even more intricate designs.

Apart from spending extra money on this tension indicator feature, you should have the experience along with the guidance on how to use the indicator to set the settings and have proper cutting.

13. Speeding Capabilities:

A bandsaw is mainly meant for curving woods but these days, you have to cut other materials like plastic or metal for proper woodworking. So, a band saw with the right shifts in its blade speed can easily cut your desired material.

In general, we require a band saw with high blade speed for cutting wood. While you need to move the saw slower to cut metals. So, to cut both types of materials with a single power tool, you will search for a multiple speeding system in your bandsaw. This feature will make you easily cut various (multiple) materials with a single bandsaw.

14. Bandsaw Blade Guides:

We observe two main sets of blade guides available – one upper set and another lower set below the table. The blade guide is positioned right next to the blade, or even a few placed as touching them. This will ensure that blade remains vertical, square and won’t turn or track while cutting.

Each bandsaw blade guides set has three parts – one thrust support behind the blade and two side supports. Here the thrust support will prevent the blade from getting pushed backwards in tougher cuts, whereas the side guides prevent side-side movement and twisting. So, choosing a bandsaw with a better set of guides will help you to keep the quality cutting and good control over the blade.

15. Bearings:

One has to check the bearings, especially used for blade guides while searching for the best bandsaw. Usually, the high-end or expensive saws offer ball bearings for the wheels and blade guides, whereas cheap models won’t offer any bearings. In case, if you are using saws having only sleeve bearings for wheels that are replaceable, then lube them regularly. Having bearings on the blade guide is essential to ensure the blade stays straight, particularly while performing resawing operations.

The bearing guides are made from 2 main and most popular styles – ceramic guides and sealed bearings, yet not the only two styles around while considering these bearings.

16. Table Size:

It is quite common to have a table with a bandsaw, which makes to consider the size of the table most. So, the table should accommodate the size of your workpiece. Also, the smoothness and the size of the table will affect the work on the table of this power tool. If you are using a band saw having a small table that increases the chance of wobbling the workpiece when performing the cutting action. So, check out this option before purchasing your band saw.

17. Weight:

Always select a band saw which is not too heavy or too light in weight. A bandsaw should have enough weight to stand on the ground while passing those stubborn materials through its blade. While benchtop model needs to be lighter weight to move around when not using it.

So, a heavier bandsaw is suitable to move the saw from one place to another while a lightweight saw cause a lot of wobbling. Most experts suggest you to choose a heavier yet not too heavy for its proper functioning.

18. Dust Collection:

A dust port is an essential part used to trap the sawdust, as you cut the timber/wood. But not every band saw possesses this dust port. This help to keep the working space clean and neat. Thus, it provides maximum visibility and also makes work area cleaning an easy and quick task.

Having big dust ports are ideal. So, it’s good to hook up a dust collection system to your integrated dust port on the saw or else there is dust everywhere in your workplace. So, choose a band saw with a 4-inch dust port, as this will expel more dust than a bandsaw with a smaller 2 ¼ inch port.

19. Safety Features:

Most of the modern power tools offer safety-related features, including this bandsaw. So, some features like adjustable blade guards, and oversized stop buttons will help to make the benchtop and floor-standing models to use safely, whereas the trigger safeties will prevent the portable bandsaw from accidental activating.

Both of these models are benefitted from tension gauges, and sliding bevel, as they make the saw stable and let you make an accurate cut with clear hands from the blade. Also, removable keys for power switches will prevent your kids/junior from activating the saw while you are not around.

20. Ease of Use:

It mainly depends on your experience of using a bandsaw. Changing the blades of a bandsaw is the hardest part. So, the more you use the saw, the more you will gain experience to change the blade and easy cutting techniques of different materials. Also, it is easy to replace the blade whenever its teeth wear out.

Discussing with other people who used various bandsaw models is the best way to figure out your queries. Also, check out the ratings and reviews on the particular product. Also, do some research on how to set the blade height easily and how to operate the saw safely with its effective features. Since you will do various things after changing the bandsaw blades.

21. Durability:

A bandsaw with a single blade under high tension will let you make proper or accurate cuts. Here the body and blade of a saw will work together to hold the tension. Either blade or body of a saw is made with inferior materials, then it not only starts to crack but also put on some extra stress.

To know how long your bandsaw will last, you have to take a look at these materials while purchasing the bandsaw.

  • Tables – Always purchase the bandsaw whose table is made with cast iron for proper balancing while cutting.
  • Frames – Also, frames made with cast iron are termed as best quality, yet aluminum or rolled steel is also acceptable, especially while searching for a lighter saw. Avoid selecting a saw with a plastic frame, as it is a sign of a cheap product and may quickly break down the frame.
  • Blades – The blade made of cobalt or carbon steel are the best quality. Most bands saw models allow you to change/replace the blades for proper and efficient cutting of various materials.

22. Other Features:

These are some add-on/smart features that enhance your ease of use, safety and efficient performance of the bandsaw. Let’s check it out.

  • Certification: A certified band saw means it will definitely meet all the industry standards. So, to grab the professional body with high competency, you have to check whether the saw comes with CSA certification standards or not while purchasing.
  • Easy Tires: A band saw with tires will make it portable, easy to move around, relocate and easy to use. Saw with rubberized tires are the best option for those looking for a smooth operation.
  • Precision: It all the type of technology used in the saw will determine its precision. So, a bandsaw with ball bearing technology is considered ideal, as it will provide the saw with accurate cuts.
  • Saw Fence: The fence is essential for resawing on the band saw and it has to be designed properly to provide a stable working touch or a sturdy aluminium touch. Though most woodworkers prepare their saw fence, for resawing over a 1X4 inches board, we need to permanently fix the piece to the fence to make it higher and easy to resaw.
  • Color: Do you have any color preference? Then simply pick a bandsaw in your preferred color, which matches your working space design. Finally, enjoy working with your colorful bandsaw.
  • Brand: Always choose this woodworking equipment from the best brands, which are known for their value, quality and style. As they provide the best cutting experience safely and securely.
  • Reviews: Learning from other people’s mistake is the best way to prevent making mistakes. So, check out the user reviews and ratings will help you pick up the right one. Also, it let you get proper insight on what to expect from your band saw.
  • Prepare Scale: With various product reviews, prepare a scale that calibrated properly and read it easily. This add-on feature will be used to take your measurement and select the best one.
  • Check the Miter Gauge: The miter gauge is used to boost up the precision cuts. This feature is used to cut pipe and tubing, as it will assist you in positioning the blade exactly perpendicular to the workpiece and thereby aids in proper and much cleaner cuts.
  • Blade Holder: A band saw with a blade system holds the blade in a proper setting and fix it to make you work easily. As it prevents the blade from bending, breaking, or twisting and thereby provides the best cuts and maximize the blade’s longevity.
  • Magnifying Window: This small window is needed to view your working line and aids in the perfect cutting of wood. It keeps the blade in a marked line that you set earlier. As it provides an additional viewpoint to cut exactly.
  • Work Light: This work light is used to illuminate the cut line, especially on a portable bandsaw. Most times, the workshops won’t have sufficient overhead light or may cause shadowing your cut. Hence this light helps you to see clearly while cutting and thus ensures an accurate cut.

23. Price:

The price range of a band saw will be from $100 – $1000 (or above). Here the features which we get from different price ranges. Have a look at them.

A band saw with Price $100 – $200: The models within this range are lightweight and compact that makes them ideal for one-handed cuts. These are mostly cordless or battery-powered that widely used for woodworking.

Saw with Prices $200 – $500: The band saws within this price range offer a handle at the center or front. They can easily make one-handed cuts and also possess LED light and a blade tension adjuster.

Saw with Prices $500 or Above: The models with this higher price range possess a stand or a table. Most models are made of cast iron wheels, table, and frame. They come with a powerful motor and offer very deep cuts.

24. Warranty:

Most of these band saw manufacturers offer a 1 – 5 years period of warranty on their product, while a few won’t offer any warranty. So, one has to check the warranty and after-sales service offered by the manufacturer before buying the band saw.

Benefits of Band Saws:

One has to know about the benefits and drawbacks before buying any product, including this power tool. Here we are providing you with a list of its benefits. Let’s check it out.

  • Precise Cutting – It is ideal for cuts where it needs a lot of precision. Here the saw thin blade provides greater control over the saw. Also, its dual bearing blade guides and blade tracking features will offer a more precise finish.
  • Less Wastage – With its narrow blades and small kerf features, the bandsaw will reduce waste. In case, if you are cutting a lot of product that involves wastage, then this is your best option than other saws.
  • Versatile – The cutting experience of this bandsaw is not limited to a particular material, as they can cut metal, timber or meat other than wood. So, you can easily tackle various new projects with ease by using different width and sizes of saw blades. Usually, a band saw with a thicker blade is ideal for tough materials, while a thinner blade is best for more delicate work.

Tips to Use the Band Saw:

Here are some tips which let you know how to use and maintain the band saw effectively.

  • Just like any other power tools, this band saw is a bit louder. So, it is essential to wear earplugs to protect the ears.
  • Pick a band saw that has a sturdy and durable frame/stand to sit on. It reduces wobbles/vibration and thus ensures it adds more weight.
  • A bandsaw with a steel or cast-iron table will provide stronger support. Check out the tilting table to have more angles and versatility.
  • A saw having anchoring points will allow you to bolt the unit to the benchtop or floor-standing. Thus, makes it less risky to cut even large workpieces.
  • Wear protective eyewear or goggles to prevent getting any sawdust or debris into your eyes.
  • Always it is essential to inspect blade condition. If the blade gets dull with time, then replace it or else it won’t cut effectively.
  • Using the thickest and durable pair of gloves won’t provide safety. So, be cautious while operating this power tool to prevent accidental cutting or hurting yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the uses of band saw?

Band saws can be used in many ways that vary from cutting big lumber to carving amazing designs in wood. Some main benefits include cutting the workpiece into irregular shapes, resaw or making thin lumber pieces. Also, a saw with the right sharp blade will cut other materials like steel or cast iron.
*Other bandsaw uses includes:
*Process small logs
*Make bent laminations
*Resetting the board’s face or edge
*Make veneer

2. What is meant by teeth per inch (TPI) on band saw?

TPI is defined as the amount of teeth within 1-inch of the blade’s length. The range of TPI for cutting different type of material.
*Blades for metalworking should have a high TPI rating, that range from 6 – 24 TPI.
*Blades for cutting wood may offer lower TPI from 3 – 6 TPI
Based on the type of material you are cutting will also make you decide the TPI range. Cutting soft material like aluminum require fewer teeth (TPI). Whereas, for tough material cutting like steel, you need a TPI within the range of 12 – 18 TPI. Make sure to consult the user manual for setting proper TPI to set for a band saw.

3. Shall we require any specific saw blades for different cuts?

Yes, we require different saw blades for cutting different materials and different types of cuts. Especially, resawing hardwood chunks into usable boards require a ripping band, whereas you can make other cuts with any of the all-purpose blades. For instance, blades used for cutting metal should have more TPI than those meant for wood. So, make sure to match the right blade for the right material for efficient cutting. Also, for cutting curves or resawing, you need to use a band saw with the widest blade.

4. Is a band saw used to cut metals?

Most bandsaw models have to handle/cut metals and if you have not installed the proper blade and don’t know the limits of the saw, then it ends up in improper cutting. A few models are powerful enough to handle non-ferrous metals, whereas others won’t do it.

5. How to sharpen the saw blades?

An easy way to sharpen your band saw blade teeth is to file. You have to hold the file parallel to the saw’s cutting edge, perform a few careful passes to place a fresh edge on the front of each tooth. But make sure to sharpen the blades with a bit of patience.

6. What is meant by FPM in band saw?

In general, FPM means feet per minute, which is a measurement used to determine how many feet your band saw’s blade can cover in a minute. So, a bandsaw with a higher foot will deliver a faster and easier way to slice through wood.

7. What is the appropriate size of band saws to purchase?

Based on the available space and the materials you want to cut through, you have to determine the right size of a saw to purchase. For instance, a floor-standing saw is heavier and occupy more space. So, it is the best option when you have a lot of space/larger workshop, yet they are heavy as well. A benchtop or portable saw models are the ideal choice for small workshops.

8. Are these bandsaws dangerous?

The band saws are safest among other power tools used for woodworking. Though it is considered safe to use, yet one has to wear safety glasses and earplugs while working on a saw. Also, avoid wearing loose clothes, as the shirt sleeves may be caught into the saw blade when you’re operating.

9. Can I wear gloves while operating a band saw?

No, you should not. Wearing gloves while operating a band saw will provide a false sense of security but not protection (in most cases). As they won’t provide the same feeling as your hands. Thus, it may result in causing more accidents like touching a moving blade.

10. What kind of cuts shall be made by using a band saw?

A band saw is a versatile power tool that is capable of making various cuts. Simply imagine and carve out the desired shapes on the wood piece. Also, it helps in resawing the wood chunks, as resawing is a must to cut out the required lumber/wood piece.
Apart from unique cuts, you can use a band saw for cutting off circles or curves, recreating shapes, notch cuts, etc. It allows you to do the uniform form of woodworking, as it is a special technique that can’t be created with any other types of saws

11. What the best brands of band saws to purchase?

Some best brands are Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Grizzly, Skil, Wen, etc. are the ones who make the best band saw. These bands are in the market for a longer time and well-known for their quality products.

12. What kind of materials shall we cut with a bandsaw?

The band saw can cut materials, metals other than wood. Different brands manufacture different saws of cutting various materials. So, you can cut light metals like aluminum and steel, heavy metals like cast iron, and plastic, as per your requirement. Make sure to use proper blades designed for cutting different materials.

13. What is meant by Bevel Cuts?

Also, called angled cuts which can make a proper cutting from specific angles. Some of these cuts are up to 6-inches in-depth when beveled. Based on the specified side, it allows you to hit the 45-degree mark.

14. How many ball bearings are required for a band saw?

A band saw should possess three ball bearings for a precision cut like one ball bearing at the top, one at the bottom and one thrust bearing on the system. So, based on your cutting requirement, a band saw may vary the number of ball bearings.

15. What type of cuts can be made with this bandsaw?

Bandsaws are perfect for variety of cuts, which are given below.
*Resawing (reduces wood into thin blocks)
*Curved Cuts (even for the thickest piece)
*Irregular Cuts (with its flexibility and sheer power)
*Bevel Cuts
*Compound Cuts
*Miter Cuts
*Rip Cuts

16. What are the best brands of bandsaw?

Here are a few brands of bandsaws available in the market. Have a look at them and choose your best one.
*Grizzly Industrial
*Rikon Power Tools
*Laguna Tools

17. Is it necessary to have a specific saw blade for cutting certain materials/for certain cuttings?

Yes, you definitely require proper blade for cutting material. Different kinds of material require different types of blades. For curved cutting and resawing, one has to use a bandsaw with widest blade, whereas the straight cutting requires a narrow blade.

18. What is the difference between bandsaw and jigsaw?

The bandsaws come with a blade that cuts in a continuous loop where the jigsaw goes up and down. The bandsaw is superior than jigsaw (up & motion) due to its vibration, as the bandsaw pulls in one direction. The ability to change blades and working in extreme narrowness of some jigsaw but not in bandsaws.


Among the above-mentioned list of best products, we pick a few as per the power source.

For Electric PoweredWe suggest WEN Benchtop Band Saw as first and best product. The reason is that it is powerful and compactable device with well built quality. it is easy to assemble and has long spacious worktable that allows the user to have proper cutting area with no noise while operating. Also, comes with speed of 2500 FPM and used for both straight, accurate and curved cuts.

For Battery Powered We select Dewalt Portable Band Saw as best product, why because this portable bandsaw has brushless motor that increase its durability and performance. Comes with LED light and easy to change blade option. It is lightweight and can be used in any difficult operation of cutting various materials and comes with 3 years warranty.

For Metal Cutting We advise you to choose Grizzly Industrial Metal Cutting Band Saw. The reason is that it has durable stand and used to cut various metals like steel, brass, aluminum & copper effectively. It has 3 speed levels and can work with either horizontal cutting or vertical cutting. It comes with an auto-shut off & ball bearing blade guide feature.

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