The 7 Best Backpack Sprayers For Your Lawn & Garden

“Ease up the process of spraying fertilizers and pesticides with backpack sprayer”

As the name implies, backpack sprayer is an ergonomic tool which lets you carry the pesticide or fertilizer conveniently and spray it over the lawn or yard comfortably.

It sprays stream uniformly with a variety of different nozzles to reach the spray all over the area, even hard to reach areas. They are available in different sizes and features to accommodate different requirements.

Before investing in this backpack sprayer, we recommend you consider these factors which assist you in choosing the best sprayer.

  • Capacity –Usually, we fill pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, or other liquids to spray on the garden or home. So, it is essential to check the capacity of the sprayer before buying. The tank capacity is expressed in gallons, and a sprayer with a larger capacity is perfect for a large lawn. Most of the below-mentioned sprayers are 4-gallons, which is enough for an average-sized lawn (5000 – 10,000 sq. ft.). 
  • Manual or Motorized –The sprayer uses an internal pump to draw out the liquid, and this pump is operated either manually or motorized.
  • A manual sprayer uses a hand pump to pressurize the liquid and force it up for effective spraying. It is lighter, affordable ($40 – $150) that suits small-sized properties or small infestations, yet leaves you with hand fatigue.
  • A motorized sprayer is powered by either gas or battery, in which battery-operated model is versatile and easy to setup. It pumps up the liquid automatically to the wand. It is heavier, expensive ($100 – $500) and suits large projects and busy professionals.
  • Nozzles –We use Backpack sprayers to spray chemicals uniformly, which is done through a proper nozzle (controls the flow rate). So, the sprayer nozzle type and the number of nozzles is crucial to check. Also, they offer different fan volumes and spray patterns, in which most are adjustable to spray in the desired manner.
  • Weight –Since we need to carry a backpack sprayer to spray all over the lawn. Therefore, it is a must to check the weight and insists on picking a lightweight backpack sprayer. All the below mentioned sprayers weighs within the range of 7 – 15 pounds, which allow you to carry them easily on your back without much strain.

However, there are a lot more to consider while buying a backpack sprayer, which we have explained in our detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, we came up with a list of the 7 best backpack sprayers after thorough market research.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of the best backpack sprayers.

7 Best Backpack Sprayers 2023:List

backpack sprayerCapacityNozzlesWeightBuy Now
D.B.Smith Backpack Sprayer4 gallons4 nozzles included: brass adjustable, 2
flat fans, and foaming nozzle
12.8 poundsCheck On Amazon
Chapin International Backpack Sprayer4 gallons2 nozzles: adjustable
poly cone and fan tip
10.6 poundsCheck On Amazon
Roundup Backpack Sprayer4 gallons3 nozzles: poly adjustable, high
volume fan, and low volume fan
30 poundsCheck On Amazon
Solo Backpack Sprayer4 gallonsFour commercial-grade spraying nozzles: Plastic
Adjustable, Fan
Spray, Hollow Cone,
Jet Stream nozzle
10.3 poundsCheck On Amazon
Sprayers Plus Backpack Sprayer4 gallons3 high-grade nozzles: Steam, mist, fan15.82 poundsCheck On Amazon
Hudson BackPack Sprayer4 gallonsHeavy-duty nozzle system including a
stream, dual mist,
fan and shower
12.72 poundsCheck On Amazon
Husqvarna Backpack Sprayer4 gallons4 nozzles included – poly adjustable, wide flat fan, narrow flat fan, & high-performance foaming nozzle12 poundsCheck On Amazon

7 Best Backpack Sprayers Reviews

1. D.B.Smith Backpack Sprayer

field king

The pump backpack sprayer mentioned above is perfect for killing weeds in gardens. It is built from the highest quality components and there are no leakage problems. Moreover, the mouth opening is wide and it spreads uniformly throughout the lawn.

Looking at its prominent specifications, it comes with 4 gallons of capacity. There are 4 nozzles included. These nozzles are brass adjustable. They come with 2 flat fans and foaming nozzle. The weight of this sprayer unit is 12.8 pounds.

Implementation of the internal no leak pump design makes sure it is completely safe to use.  It is found that the patented pump design comes with parts that do not wear out quickly. Moreover, the parts can be repaired in a few minutes without using extra tools.  The internal piston pump provides up to 150 PSI. The best thing about this Field King Professional backpack sprayer is that chemicals would not drip down your back.

There is the inclusion of a well-built 21-inch poly wand. It comes equipped with the superior quality Viton seals. These seals can be used with wet table powders as well as liquids for most applications. Being versatile, this sprayer can also work like a piston and diaphragm backpack.

The incorporated agitator can effortlessly handle powders, liquids, and water-soluble solutions. Moreover, the built-in paddles, triggered by pump action make sure this sprayer is always ready to spray. The pump is easy to access which enables you to change the seals quickly, without using extra tools.

What we liked about it:

  • No leakage problems
  • Its handle can be reversed for left-or right-handed use.
  • The one-way valve prevents spillage problems if the tank is inverted
  • Integrated carry handle and wand storage included
  • No hand fatigue during the use
  • Easy to assemble

What we didn’t like about it:

  • The handle is slightly difficult to fold

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2. Chapin International Backpack Sprayer

Chapin International

The Chapin International 61500 backpack sprayer comes with the traditional look and feel. It comes with cushioned shoulder straps for employing a tight fit to the back. It sprays excellently and without any safety concerns. The bottom of the sprayer is completely sealed and the pump works flawlessly. The device is designed to fulfill the needs of your garden, lawn, farm, home, or commercial projects.

Its tank comes with 4 gallons capacity to hold fertilizers or insecticides or pesticides or any other chemicals. There are 2 nozzles included i.e. adjustable poly cone and fan tip. Weighing 10.6 pounds, it does not feel difficult to carry around.

The built-in tank comes with broad mouth opening and it is translucent in appearance. It facilitates easy filling and cleaning. There is the implementation of a 2-stage filtration system. One filter is available at the top and another one at shut-off.

Generally, this backpack sprayer unit is found compatible with weed killers, common fertilizers, and pesticides. There is the inclusion of the padded shoulder straps to make sure you can comfortably hold the backpack for hours.

When you twist the sprayer nozzle, you can easily adjust the pattern to your preference. It effortlessly adjusts from a fine mist to a rough stream in seconds.

The incorporated filter is very easy to assemble. This is because it is located beneath the 4-inch wide mouth opening. This filter blocks debris and dirt from entering into the sprayer.  You can use this sprayer for landscaping.

What we liked about it:

  • Can spray stream in horizontal and vertical directions
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Padded shoulder straps provide comfort when spraying
  • No leakage problems
  • The efficient 2-stage filtration system

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Difficult to use initially

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3. Roundup Backpack Sprayer


The Roundup 190314 backpack sprayer effectively meets all your spraying needs. You can use it for fertilizing, sealing, and cleaning your garden or lawn. Moreover, it is useful for controlling insects in the yard. The huge piston pump can be pressurized in fewer pumps and comes with Viton seals for chemical resistance.

It comes with 4 gallons tank capacity. There are 3 nozzles included i.e. poly adjustable, low volume fan, and high volume fan. These nozzles make the sprayer versatile for different applications. The overall weight of the unit is 30 pounds.

The built-in heavy-duty poly wand comes equipped with shut-off. This shut-off features a comfort grip, an effective lock for constant spraying as well as an in-line filter. It is known that shut-off provides lasting chemical resistance. There is the availability of Viton seals and gaskets all through the pump.

To provide you a comfortable spraying experience every time, it comes with the adjustable padded straps. A chest cinch strap is also available. The harness makes sure you get comfort when you work. Moreover, lumbar support and waist belt are included.

The combination of a reinforced hose and anti-corrosive wand assists you to spray the hard-to-reach places. The lockable trigger prevents hand fatigue. The detachable in-line filter reduces clogging. With the help of a huge tank opening and basket filter, it is convenient to add liquids and collect debris before going inside the tank.

The spacious capacity makes sure this sprayer can fulfill different spraying needs like controlling pests and weeds, vegetables and flowers, and cleaning decks.

What we liked about it:

  • Easy to adjust 3 poly nozzles
  • Comes with a lock-on feature for constant spraying
  • The efficient in-line filter is removable
  • Integrated carry handle and wand storage
  • Suitable for spraying herbicides and weed killers

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Slight leakage problems

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4. Solo Backpack Sprayer

solo spray

If you are looking for a professional-grade backpack sprayer, go for the aforementioned product. It comes with a piston-type pump. Using this sprayer, you can effectively handle disinfectants, herbicides, fertilizers, and pest control products. As a result, you can maintain trees, plants, and the whole garden in excellent conditions.

It comes with 4 gallons of tank capacity. There is the availability of 4 commercial-grade spraying nozzles. Names of these nozzles are plastic adjustable, hollow cone, fan spray, and jet stream nozzle. The overall weight of this sprayer is 10.3 pounds.

In this backpack sprayer from Solo, there is the inclusion of a 28-inch indestructible wand that firmly attaches to a 48-inch hose. This hose is essentially nylon-reinforced hose that can work at a higher pressure for presenting an extended reach.

The design of this piston backpack sprayer features a commercial shut-off valve. This valve perfectly locks in either on or off position. As a result, it reduces user fatigue. The incorporated pump handle is interchangeable for either left or right handed use.

The durable metal frame with a huge tank opening allows you to fill and clean easily. The overall design is made thoughtful with Viton seals. These seals are placed in key locations to guarantee durability. With the help of a connecting rod triggered piston pump, the sprayer can generate a pressure of up to 90 PSI. This aspect makes it capable of performing every spraying task.

There are very few wearing parts and advanced technology ensures a long life expectancy. The ergonomic design perfectly contours to your back for excellent comfort.

What we liked about it:

  • Solo’s high-performance piston pump included for easy spraying
  • Built for comfortable spraying experience
  • Made up of high-grade, corrosion-resistant plastic
  • Lightweight and portable

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Difficult to adjust the nozzle

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5. Sprayers Plus Backpack Sprayer


Implied from the name, this 105Ex backpack sprayer makes the spraying process easy. The manufacturer has included a wide range of efficient nozzles. These nozzles benefit you with flexibility and desired spraying.

The tank capacity is 4 gallons. There are 3 high-grade nozzles contained inside. Names of these nozzles are mist, fan, and steam. Each of the nozzles is customized for efficient performance. All of these nozzles is unique in terms of the spray pattern. You can choose the desired nozzle, based on the requirements. The overall weight of this effortless backpack sprayer unit is 15.82 pounds.

The operation of this sprayer is powered by a 20V Lithium-ion battery. This battery provides a continuous 40 PSI of pressure. This much pressure provides uniform and constant spraying output. The constant pressure makes sure the sprayer output reaches farther and wider. A battery level indicator is available. It helps you to organize your spraying schedule.

The other components included are O-ring, brass wand, and high-grade seals. The Viton seals are durable.

Despite being lightweight and portable, this backpack sprayer is famous for its durability. Its weight is less than a manual backpack sprayer available in the market. It is found that the spray output reaches up to 33 feet in a horizontal direction and 23 feet in a vertical direction.  The spraying in vertical direction makes sure this sprayer is suitable for spraying on tall trees.

What we liked about it:

  • Delivers continuous high-pressure output
  • Effortless spraying is at fingertips
  • The spray output can reach higher and farther in vertical and horizontal alignments
  • High-performance battery with level indicator
  • Advanced strap design for portability and comfort
  • A variety of high-grade nozzles included

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Slight leakage

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6. Hudson Backpack Sprayer

hudson spray

The implementation of the heavy-duty nozzle system makes this HUDSON backpack sprayer famous in the market. There are spray tips that are perfect for garden pest control and some other tips are ideal for weeds. The ergonomic straps let you conveniently carry this bak-pak sprayer. The high-performance battery provides efficient power output.

The capacity of this HUDSON 19001 is 4 gallons. There is the execution of a heavy-duty nozzle system. This system includes dual mist, stream, fan, and shower. The entire backpack unit weighs 12.72 pounds.

Inside its configuration, a high-performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery is present. This battery is removable. With the help of a huge shut-off valve, you can lock the spraying mechanism on for constant spraying. A big tank opening facilitates easy filling. Moreover, a detachable filter is included to keep away dirt and debris. This filter reduces clogging.

The structure of the ergonomic straps showcases adjustable pads. These pads offer extra comfort and make sure your back does not experience pain during movement. Moreover, the adjustable straps offer uniform weight distribution.

A power button is positioned on the side of the tank. It can be executed while wearing the unit. A high-performance battery is included.  To make sure the built-in battery is charged, you need to push a button available on the battery. As a result, three green lights will glow. There are 4 odd spray heads contained inside.

The built-in pump motor maintains a constant pressure level irrespective of the tank volume. Moreover, the fill cap is huge and convenient to fill.

What we liked about it:

  • Quick charging and long spray time
  • 4-gallon transparent tank lets you clearly see the fluid level
  • High-performance rechargeable Li-ion battery for easy charging
  • Large valve locks on for constant spraying

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Not very much durable

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7. Husqvarna Backpack Sprayer

Husqvarna Backpack Sprayer

Next on our list, we have an excellent backpack sprayer from Husqvarna, which is one of the best brands of power tools and other tools coming at a reasonable price range.

This Husqvarna manual sprayer is built with durable high-quality plastic, and its adjustable straps will provide a comfortable spraying experience and hassle-free usage. It allows you to fill it with fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides, and other chemicals. You can use this sprayer to spread on weeds, trees, fence lines, and other isolated areas.

The capacity of the built-in tank is 4 gallons, and there are 4 nozzles included with different functionalities. However, this device weighs around 12 pounds. the thickened bottles and premium quality plastic will enhance the sprayer’s durable construction, which in turn offers excellent oxidation resistance. It observes the water level easily whenever you want. Thus, the overall design of this sprayer (easy access pump and quick change seals) will make it easy to mix the liquid.

The heavy-duty construction without any leakage problem makes it suitable to safely use for gardening and agricultural use. It is easy to fill this backpack sprayer with water and then conveniently carry it along. You can trigger the spraying pattern with a simple press of a switch. It does the work of both a diaphragm backpack and a piston. Also, you can store the pump handle either horizontally or vertically.

The included air chamber will make the sprayer more compact, lightweight, and portable. The built-in handle comes with a lock switch that enables your hand to rest while manipulating the spray flow rate. The implementation of cutting-edge technology will raise the water pressure quickly and easily. Upon maximum pressure of 150 PSI, the pressure regulator will deliver a steady pressure of 25 PSI to apply the liquid lawn chemicals all over the lawn. Its adjustable padded straps, chest cinch strap, and waist belt along with included multiple nozzles will aid for ultimate versatility.

What we liked about it:

  • 4 different spray heads are adjustable easily
  • Leak-free sprayer output
  • Pump delivers up to 150 PSI – perfect to spray insecticides high into trees.
  • Easy to change the pressure based on application
  • Easy to fill water for the sprayer
  • Professional shut-off with lock, in-line filter, and padded grip
  • Lightweight yet durable design
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Perfect option for any residential and commercial landscape job
  • The handle comes with a lock switch

What we didn’t like about it:

  • Straps are not quick release for cleanup on the bottom.
  • The handle is slightly difficult to fold.

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How to Choose the Right Backpack Sprayer:

A backpack sprayer is a versatile garden tool also known as tool backpack for garden and to get the most benefits out of it upon regular use to maintain a healthy garden. Here are some of the must to consider features while shopping for the backpack sprayer.

1. Manual Vs. Motorized:

Usually, this backpack sprayer uses an internal pump to draw liquid out of the chamber through a hose, and then out through a nozzle and wand. This internal pump is operated by either a motorized system or manually. Let’s know about them in detail to know which type suits you best.

  • Manual Backpack Sprayers –

This type of sprayer is operated with a hand pump that is attached to the backpack chamber. When you pump the handle, the pressurized liquid is forced up into the wand ready for spraying. They are quite affordable, yet causes hand fatigue if using it for a long period. These days, most manufacturers designed their sprayers with high-powered pumps to use them with ease without much strain on their hands.

A good quality manual sprayer works effectively while treating smaller infestations (or) on a smaller sized property. Some sprayers offer adjustable handles that allow you to change from right to left-handed to make it easy for you to work comfortably. The price range of these sprayers will be $40 – $150.

  • Motorized Backpack Sprayers –

This type of sprayer is powered by either gas or battery, in which battery-powered models offer more versatility and are easy & simple to set up. A motorized sprayer will pump the liquid automatically from the backpack chamber to the wand without any physical effort.

It is used widely for large projects and long workdays, which runs within the price range of $100 – $500. These are expensive, heavier, and need extra maintenance that makes them the best choice for professionals who use them daily.

Verdict –

A manual backpack sprayer is the best option for smaller yards (or) average homeowner (or) people using once per season jobs, yet it is less expensive than motorized ones. While motorized sprayer is the best option for busy professionals who uses the sprayer daily to spray for longer hours at once.

2. Pressure (PSI):

The pressure of the backpack sprayers varies greatly, and it should match the intended application. The amount of pressure in this sprayer is measured in PSI (Pounds per square inch), which makes it able to propel over its nozzle.

PSI is an essential feature that ensures proper working of the sprayer. An uneven spray is produced by the sprayer having much less pressure, which reduce the efficiency of their contents. However, a sprayer with much more pressure is extreme/more to deal a small yard.

The PSI range of backpack sprayers will be 40 – 150 PSI, in which the average PSI will be around 70 PSI.

For a large yard having various inaccessible spots (or) a professional working in several spaces of different sizes, then use a sprayer with 70 (or more) PSI rating. For smaller or average-sized lawns, a sprayer with 40 – 70 PSI rating is sufficient for spraying all over the space. It provides a horizontal spray of around 15 – 20 feet. Thus, it allows better coverage, without causing the operator to move everywhere for spraying.

Most sprayers combine some type of regulator into their design, which let you turn a knob and reduce the pressure coming into the spray nozzle. This helps to keep the consistent flow of product/spray, which is a better feature while applying a sensitive product that requires consistent coverage.

3. Diaphragm Vs. Piston:

In general, diaphragm pump and piston pump are two main types of liquid delivery systems available for the backpack sprayers.

  • Piston Pump –

It draws the content from the tank on the upstroke to an enclosed chamber and then pushes out the liquid from the nozzle or outlet valve on the downstroke. This pump type produces pressure of up to 150 PSI, which makes it a great option for higher pressure applications.

Yet, it is not suited to use extremely abrasive chemicals, as these chemicals might destroy the piston. Also, this pump won’t accept a wettable powder spray. With its simple design, valuable PSI ratings, and effortless accessibility for its repairs, these piston pump sprayers are quite popular for householders (or) those having small lawns or garden areas.

  • Diaphragm Pump –

Though this pump works similarly to piston pumps without any internal cylinder, but a bit costlier option. Here the handle pumping moves the diaphragm & thereby create the required pressure to draw out the liquid/spray. It provides a pressure range within 40 – 60 PSI, yet can easily accept a much greater range of products (both liquids & powders) compared to a piston pump.

It is designed to use by professionals using potent weed killer chemicals and pest control. This sealed system moves the liquid from one chamber side to another by using a diaphragm, which means one side is full and the other side is empty. This pump is made of chemical-resistant materials and thereby produce more PSI than piston pump, which makes it the best choice for pros.


A diaphragm unit is the best option when working standard on-ground weed spraying, where high PSI is not required. If having lattice work (or) other areas requiring overhead spraying, where higher pressure PSI is needed for overhead application, then piston pump is an ideal option that moves more quickly, yet not to be used with all chemicals.

4. Sprayer Tank Capacity:

The liquid holding capacity of a sprayer tank is essential to consider while making its purchase. If it won’t hold enough quantity, then you have to stop most often while doing large jobs. While too heavy tank will make you not to be comfortable to use.

The range of tank capacity for sprayers is available within 2 – 7 gallons, in which the sprayers that come within these two size extremes are considered true backpack sprayers (lightweight to hold and carry on back). However, the smaller capacity sprayer (than the above range) is toted with a handle, while the larger capacity tank is carried with a wheeled cart.

For typical jobs like spraying an insect infestation or fertilizing a lawn (from 5000 – 10,000 square feet), a sprayer with a 4-gallon tank works well.

5. Spray Wand:

A good quality spray wand is crucial for accurate application of chemicals you need to spray on the shrubs, trees, and other things along with user comfort. However, there are many different types of wands available in the market. These spray wands are made of polyethylene, brass, or aluminum, in which each material suits different chemicals. So, check them and use the right one for your requirement. Among these materials, brass is durable and widely used material.

Also, we get wands with different grips like handgun grips that allow the user to use them with ease, especially while suffering from hand or fingers pain (or) spraying a lot. So, pick the spray wand that fits properly to prevent any leakages and offer an exact aim. Also, ensure to check for the compatibility with nozzles and caps that has with sprayer.

6. Spray Nozzles:

One can find the spray nozzles at the end of the wand that is used to control the spray patterns and flow rate. Most of these backpack sprayer models offer many different adjustable tips in varying sizes and spread. In general, there are four main spray patterns available – cone, fan, direct, and wide stream. You have to buy the backpack sprayer having the ability to match these patterns.

The spray nozzles will control the flow rate in tandem with the applicator wand, ranging from 0.25 – 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM). While for professional tasks & heavy-duty spraying jobs, you need a sprayer with nozzles accommodating high volume.

In some cases, gardeners go away from the standard spray nozzle they are using. While farmers and professional landscapers consider buying some extra high-performance nozzles for their spraying tasks. While replacing the nozzles, one has to read the manufacturer’s instructions to adjust the spray patterns as suggested.

7. Chemical Rating:

Various herbicides and other chemicals are corrosive. So, one should choose the sprayers designed to handle these chemicals effectively. Also, check the hoses, seals, and all other accessories of the unit to know whether they are perfectly rated for herbicides to use the equipment effectively.

8. Safety:

Though safety is a major concern for everyone, yet the safety of backpack sprayers is imperative. Usually, sprayers are equipped with tight-fitting straps and lids to have better control over the sprayer.

It is ideal to use lids with at least an opening of a 4-inch diameter, as it allows the product/spray to be poured safely into the container. But clean off any product spillage outside the sprayer immediately for better results.

Prefer to choose backpack sprayers having trigger guards or lock mechanisms, as this safety feature allow the user to depress the trigger for proper application of the product and thereby deter any accidental discharge of the product.

It is a must to wear a face mask and follow all the necessary safety procedures recommended by the manufacturer in its manual. Also, irrespective of the sprayer you are using, you have to rinse its tank at least three times after its usage.

9. Lockable Shut-Off Mechanism:

Usually, a lockable shut-off mechanism is placed on the handle. It allows the user to control the release of any chemicals or liquids and thereby averts from dripping, especially when you don’t want them to drip/release those liquids.

10. Improved Shoulder Straps and Harnesses:

However, the straps, harness, and padding will make a lot of difference in operator comfort, especially, while spraying for long periods.

  • Waist Strap – It is an essential feature to check before buying. The simple shoulder straps suit perfect for light packs, backpack sprayers require better control and a comfortable fit for long hours spent spraying. A waist strap distributes the load across the hips for better control over the sprayer and shares some of its load from shoulder straps.
  • Padding – A good padding and extra lumbar support are essential to consider for landscapers while buying the sprayer. It helps to reduce user fatigue and thereby allows to cover more area in less time. It is essential for those using them for an extended period, yet not required for home gardeners who use/spray them for a few minutes.
  • Harness – It distributes the unit’s weight evenly when the tank is full and thereby make the user feel comfortable. Also, the sprayer needs to deliver the same levels of support, as the tank empties and starts to lose its weight over time. In most cases, the tank is contoured to make it easy to sit across the back. Also, the adjustable harnesses will make it fit properly on the user body.


Some sprayer models feature a full-size handle, gentle grip, and padded straps for the wand. These are all designed to increase comfort by reducing the fatigue and risk of exposure to chemicals than the unit not having these features.

11. Holding Tank Material:

A high-quality backpack sprayer is equipped with durable tanks made of high-density polyethylene. Simultaneously, they feature UV protection, which means the contents won’t get heated and risk degradation or combustion for a proper boost of safety and durability.

Here a translucent tank of the sprayer will make it easy to use, as it allows you to see through the layer rather than having to look through the tank’s mouth.

12. Easy to Clean:

The wand and pack are easy to store and has to be maintained & cleaned quickly after each application. Few backpack sprayers are a bit complicated to clean, which results in cross-contamination and other problems. So, it is essential to choose a backpack sprayer that is easy and quick to clean without giving any excuses for not instant cleaning.

13. Storage:

Storage is another essential feature to check before making a purchase. If the tank or hose get punctured, then you have to repair them before their storage. Improper storage will make these repairs/leaks much faster than we expect. Either home or vehicle, where you are using this sprayer for work, won’t have much storage space, then go for the smaller model.

14. Weight:

The weight (either lighter or heavier) of the backpack sprayer is based on the type of material used and the size of the holding tank. It weighs more while carrying a full tank. Contractors and landscapers get benefitted from a model having a large holding tank to cover large areas (like farms or estate plots) at once. While an average horticulturalists or backyard vegetable garden require a unit with a lighter weight tank.

15. Body Construction:

The body construction of a given backpack sprayer model matters a lot. Since more than 80% of these sprayers are made with plastic, while the remaining are made of stainless steel. However, the plastic made sprayers are easy to clean and last longer (not as steel). Stainless steel is also a good option yet a bit expensive than plastic ones.

16. Purpose:

Though backpack sprayer is a versatile tool that offers multiple functions, yet not all sprayers are designed to perform everything. Moreover, some are efficient at uniform spreading of the chemicals, and others won’t. Also, some models have low-pressure PSI that produces weak and soft sprays for saturating smaller regions, while backpack sprayers with higher PSI are better to spray over long distances, yet might damage the grass.

So, it is essential to identify the purpose of using this backpack sprayer to grab the most suitable sprayer.

17. Durability:

If using the sprayer regularly, then check for a reputable brand that offers durable and quality products. Also, look for a pump that dispenses liquids for a longer time. Ensure that tank is made of high-density materials (like polythene) and also inspect other parts that include hoses and seals before purchasing.

Also, pick a model or brand in which its replacement parts should be easy to find (available everywhere). It is quite helpful while considering a battery-powered sprayer having an electric pump.

18. Other Features:

Backpack sprayers come with a variety of different features, including a built-in pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of the sprayer when using, and a fold-away pump handle that won’t get in the way while spraying.

Larger models offer wheeled cart and extended hose that is used for heavier tanks and complex yards. Some sprayers are equipped with filters and screens that keep the dirt or debris out from the nozzle. The O-ring, gaskets, etc. will work for chemical resistance.

19. Price:

Investing in a good-quality backpack sprayer is a bit expensive, yet works well for a longer time. If not interested in spending more money on your first sprayer/having a small garden area, then opt for small budget sprayers. Few sprayers that range from $30 – $80 having excellent facilities and features. Among them, a few offer warranty services.

How to Use a Backpack Sprayer:

Proper usage of backpack sprayer will increase the efficiency of its application and thereby keep you safe and extend the life of the sprayer. So, it is essential to keep in mind the following process before starting.

  • Irrespective of the liquid you are using (water, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or liquid nutrients), the usage instructions are the same. We advise not to use the same sprayer to apply a non-selective herbicide and any other product, as it results in cross-contamination.
  • Ensure to wear recommended safety gear and read the manual carefully before starting the process. Regulate correctly with water before filling the tank. Here is the step-by-step procedure that let you know how to use this sprayer effectively.
  • Set the unit properly by inserting the pump handle in its location, fasten the shoulder straps, and attach the spray wand onto the spray gun.
  • Prepare a liquid mix in a separate container rather than in the tank for bucket test, while mixing the herbicides, pesticides, or insecticide with water. Read label instructions while mixing chemicals and work in an area where potential spills won’t harm plants. As chemicals are concentrated and one should not mix them stronger than recommended.
  • After diluting or mixing the chemical, one has to pour the mix slowly inside the tank. Don’t drip any chemicals on the ground or yourself while pouring.
  • Tighten the screw lid on the tank, place the sprayer onto the back and tighten all straps to secure the sprayer and fit snugly.
  • Ensure to pump the handle 10 – 15 times and do pumping every 5 seconds to maintain constant pressure inside the backpack tank. If not done this step, then prime the sprayer each time whenever the pressure goes out. Also, ensure the battery is charged fully while using a powered type of sprayer.
  • Now you are ready to use the sprayer, all you need is to point the wand to spray and pull the trigger. Cover all the plants or places where you want to spray.
  • Once done spraying, ensure to clean the sprayer (both inside and outside parts) thoroughly by disassembling them to clean every part effectively.
  • Don’t forget to re-assemble the backpack sprayer before recharging the battery or storing them. The sun’s UV radiation may damage the plastic sprayers if left outside in the sun. So, don’t leave them in the sunshine.

Safety Tips:

Safety is extremely essential while dealing with chemicals. Here are the safety tips to be followed for the safe and effective usage of these backpack sprayers.

  • Inspect the entire sprayer pump for any cracked hoses, damages, or leaks before you start using them.
  • Make sure to mix the chemicals as per the label instructions (in recommended quantities).
  • Wear proper PPE (personal protection equipment) that includes chemical-resistant gloves, eye protection goggles, clothing that covers arms and leg area, and a respirator (if needed).
  • Be cautious while walking and prevent steeping on chemicals to avoid hazards.
  • Ensure to spray the chemicals away from you and avoid walking in a freshly sprayed place/area and also avoid touching the area. Also, don’t allow other people and pets till the spray has dried completely.
  • The right position to wear this backpack sprayer is to bend on the knees and keep the sprayer in an upright position.
  • Always keep the spray wand low and prevent spraying while windy to reduce drift.
  • Thoroughly rinse the hands after done (or) while taking a break for consuming food/drink or using the restroom. Or else, the chemical may get into your body and cause any hazardous reaction.

How to Maintain the Backpack Sprayer?

A backpack sprayer is not like a use & throw item, it is a long-term investment that can be used for several years. Choosing the right backpack sprayer is not only enough for its proper working but also it is essential to maintain the sprayer to keep it as a new one.

However, the manufacturer’s instructions vary by the product, here are some vital guidelines that can be applied to all scenarios.

  • Initially, read the user manual thoroughly before you start using/operating.
  • It is a must to clean the sprayer after each use with either commercial cleaner or clean water. If not done, it will reduce the lifespan of the sprayer.
  • Always use anti-freeze while storing the unit during the cold season.
  • Lubricate the O-rings and seals at least once a year on regular basis. In case, if you use the unit most often, then apply it twice a year.
  • It is a must to inspect all the connections and hoses before using them every time.
  • Ensure to use goggles, hand gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE), and the right clothing while using this sprayer.
  • Don’t use acids, caustics, flammable liquids, or hot water inside the tank.
  • Avoid using the sprayer near any open flame.
  • Always carry the backpack sprayer with a handle only but not lift it by the hose, wand extension, or shut-off valve.
  • Never pressurize by using an air compressor, as it creates a dangerous level of pressure and parts might burst and thereby results in causing injuries.
  • Also, release all pressure before preparing for any maintenance or while not using the sprayer.
  • Don’t attempt to alter the sprayer from its exact condition.
  • Whenever repairs happen, ensure to use the proper replacement parts from the original manufacturer rather than any duplicate or cheaply available parts in the market.
  • Always keep this backpack sprayer reach out to the children and pets for their safety.
  • While not using, don’t leave the sprayer out in the sun (outside), as the UV radiation will damage the sprayer.
  • Proper and regular cleaning will help to maintain the sprayer. For this, avoid storing any kind of chemicals in the tank, and it is a must to empty it each time after use.
  • Always empty, dry, and clean tank, extensions, pump, system, and hose after each use. If you won’t do this, the sprayer components get weakened and may rupture while pressurized.
  • Due to the high-pressure discharge of any liquids or forcible ejection of parts, this may lead to serious injuries.

Benefits of Using a Backpack Sprayer:

This attractive sprayer is a versatile and perfect option to control weeds and pests and maintain the healthy and natural growth of plants and shrubs easily and efficiently. Here are some of the benefits we get from using this sprayer.

  • It is light, reliable, and efficient to use, which delivers dependable performance that other applicators won’t offer.
  • With their easy function, these are easy to carry and operate with the basic knowledge that makes it efficient than other types of sprayers.
  • It is not a complicated tool that is not complicated and won’t require too many repairs or maintenance. Ensure to use manufacturer recommended spare parts and get repairs from an authorized person.
  • If your sprayer runs on both power options – manual & battery. While manually operated sprayer can be used anytime anywhere in the trees, greenhouse, and small garden. The battery-operated sprayer is more efficient that saves your energy, time and overall work, as this works for hours with a single charge.
  • A sturdy sprayer is capable to spray large mists, which means if you stand on the ground, then also you can easily reach extreme heights to spray these liquids/chemicals.
  • Other than using this sprayer for pesticides and fertilizer, you can also use it to maintain the house, like cleaning furniture, wood, roof, walls, and other places. Even used as pesticides to control pests in the home.
  • These sprayers have soft padded, and sturdy shoulder straps that make them comfortable to use and reusable as well (saves your money).

Drawbacks of Backpack Sprayers:

However, it is an excellent option for spraying chemicals, yet has some drawbacks. It is essential to take a closer look at these drawbacks before buying/using this backpack sprayer.

  • Overweight – With its basic items like a wand, tank, shoulder straps, filter tape, pump handle, or chest belt. If using a battery-operated sprayer, then the hand pump is replaced with batteries. So, a 4-gallon sprayer weight will turn to 10 – 18 lbs with all these items, including chemicals/liquids. It can be hard in a long run or while working in a large area.
  • Leakage – Most models after starting the work may spray/drip chemicals/liquids on the backside or legs. So, be careful while spraying that it won’t run down the skin/clothes.
  • Limitations – It is meant to spray lightweight chemicals like pesticides and water solutions. Yet can’t be used to spray things like viscous car or garage coating.

Backpack Sprayers FAQs

1. Is it good to spend money on a motorized pump sprayer?

Ans: If you want to spray large areas, then it is worth investing in the sprayer having a motorized pump. Landscapers and senior citizens get benefitted from this pump. Yet average home gardeners can use manual backpack sprayers rather than motorized one.

2. Where to purchase this backpack sprayer?

Ans: Backpack sprayers are available from the best online retailers like Amazon instead of going to a garden supply store for buying this backpack sprayer. Also, online retailers allow you to have a better selection at low prices and directly shipped to your doorstep. So, check various models (including their reviews, ratings, and product description) and choose a preferred model to order online.

3. Is it safe to wear a backpack sprayer?

Ans: Yes, of course. It is safe to wear while using. In case, if the sprayer fails, the pressure will escape the system without causing any hazard in the workplace, which might result in injury or accident. Before starting the sprayer, one has to follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual to calibrate the pump and wand properly for their first spraying session.

4. How far shall we spray by using this backpack sprayer?

Ans: Usually, most manual sprayers can reach up to a distance of 10 – 20 feet (while working in good condition). While larger and powerful sprayers can reach a distance of 30 – 35 feet (or more) based on their strength.

5. Shall we use a single sprayer for both insecticide and weed killer?

Ans: Yes, we can use it, but carefully or else it may result in cross-contaminating the liquids and may kill the plants. Here is the process for using it properly.
* After emptying the tank, you have to run a solution of ammonia and water in 1:25 throughout the system to clean the hose, nozzles, and tank.
* Then rinse the sprayer with water thoroughly and continue running it through the system a couple of times to ensure no/less residue.

6. Why garden backpack sprayer uses a piston pump instead of a diaphragm pump?

Ans: The holding tank of the backpack sprayer is not under any pressure, which means it is safe to wear and use without causing any threat of the tank exploding. Here the pump will create the essential pressure required in a separate chamber by relying on a diaphragm or a piston.

A diaphragm pump will push the air into pressurizing chamber similarly as blacksmith’s bellows. While a piston pushes the air into pressuring chamber similarly as a bicycle pumps air forcibly into tires. The piston starts generating friction when it moves in the cylinder. If the spraying liquid has any particulates, then the friction results in rapid wear of the system. While diaphragm pumps won’t have any moving components, and thereby won’t produce any friction.

So, thus lacking in creating friction will reduce the wear and tear on the machine and thus extends their life service.

7. What are the others things we spray with this backpack sprayer?

Ans: Though there are various ways one can use this backpack sprayer. Here is the basic list of things we can use/spray with a sprayer.

The sprayer is used in the garden to spray pesticides, anti-fungal liquids, weed killer, liquid fertilizer, or even normal water. Also, use it to apply some types of paint remover or water sealant if having a brass wand. It is not strong to paint sprayers, yet used to thoroughly clean the hoses, tank, and nozzles, especially while switching between liquids.

8. Is there any leakage problem in backpack sprayers?

Ans: Leaking accidents may occur sometimes. For example, you may be annoyed after doing the same chore frequently. This may decrease your concentration as you fill and clean its tank. This is the reason why it is recommended to look for a sprayer equipped with an anti-leak feature. The leak-proof backpack sprayers decrease the odds of unwanted incidents.

9. What is the significance of straps or harness?

Ans: The backpack sprayers are usually designed to be portable. Thus, they are equipped with a harness or straps for versatility and practicality. The included harness or straps can be used to accommodate the sprayer on your shoulders and surrounding your chest. This makes sure the weight is uniformly distributed.

The importance of harness or straps is very high because it keeps your hands free during the use. This also suggests that you can use the wand where you require to.


When it comes to backpack sprayers, the need of each user is different. Depending on the type and size of the lawn, type of requirements, and your budget, you can choose the most suitable backpack sprayer. They are perfect for consistent spraying throughout the lawn, without any hassles. Within very little time, you can turn your lawn into a healthier one and with a good-looking appearance.

  • From the above discussion, the Chapin International Backpack Sprayer is a good choice in terms of versatility, ease of adjusting spray pattern, efficient filtration system, and safety. The Solo Backpack Sprayer is famous for durable and adjustable nozzles, efficient pump mechanism, and comfortable spraying experience.

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