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6 Best Air Purifier For Smoke In 2024

Indoor air can be much dirtier than outdoor air, often being 10 times more polluted. This can cause problems like allergies, asthma, and other breathing illnesses. So, if you are someone who feels congested at home, or suffers from seasonal allergens, then an air purifier will help. It removes dust, smoke, pet dander, and harmful pollutants from your breathing space. 

But how to pick the right one? We’ll take you through the key points to look at and also recommend the top products for your ease. Check them out.

  • Filter Type: Look for a model with a true HPEA or smoke remove filter as they can remove particles as small as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency.
  • CADR Rating: Opt for a purifier that has a CADR rating that’s at least two-thirds of the room area in square feet. For example, if you have a 150-square-foot room, you should look for an air purifier with a smoke CADR rating of at least 100.
  • Noise: Choose air purifier models that operate within the quieter range of 20-50 decibels (dB) to ensure effective air cleaning without disruptive noise.

Best Air Purifier For Smoke Table

Best Air Purifier for SmokeAir FilterNoise LevelCompatible Room SizeBuy Now
GermGuardian Air Purifier HEPA air filter50740 sq ftCheck On Amazon
LEVOIT Air PurifierToxin Absorber Filter, Smoke Remover filter, Pet Allergy Filter241095 sq ftCheck On Amazon
AROEVE Air PurifierH13 HEPA filter22215 sq ftCheck On Amazon
ToLife Air PurifierPre filter, true HEPA, activated carbon filter25215 sq ftCheck On Amazon
Afloia Air PurifierPre filter, true HEPA, activated carbon filter221076 sq ftCheck On Amazon
Allouncer Air PurifierPre filter, true HEPA, activated carbon filter28250 sq ftCheck On Amazon
Slevoo Air PurifierPre filter, true HEPA, activated carbon filter20215 sq ftCheck On Amazon

Best Air Purifier For Smoke Reviews

1. GermGuardian Air Purifier For Smoke

GermGuardian Air PurifierWhy it made the cut: Trusted True HEPA Filtration Technology.

Utilizing an advanced True HEPA filtration system, this air purifier by GermGuardian effectively eliminates up to 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.1 microns, ensuring a continuous flow of purified air for your entire family. Enhanced with UV-C light technology, it further enhances its effectiveness by targeting airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, providing added protection against harmful pathogens. Equipped with a pre-filter, it extends the lifespan of the HEPA filter, maintaining consistent performance by capturing larger particles like dust and pet dander. 


  • True HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of particles
  • UV-C light technology reduces airborne viruses
  • Pre-filter traps dust, pet hair, and large particles
  • Activated charcoal filter reduces odors
  • Covers large rooms up to 743 square feet
  • Quiet operation with noise levels as low as 40dB
  • Energy Star Certified for energy efficiency
  • ETL Certified for safety compliance
  • CARB Certified for air quality assurance
  • Zero ozone emission for healthier air quality


  • Utilizes effective True HEPA filtration technology.
  • Incorporates UV-C light technology for germ reduction purposes.
  • Operates quietly, making it suitable for night-time use.
  • Demonstrates energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.


  • UV-C light may degrade over time.

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2. LEVOIT Air Purifier For Smoke

LEVOIT Air Purifier

Why it made the cut: Powerful purification with whisper-quiet operation.

To enhance the air quality within your indoor environment, consider the LEVOIT air purifier, meticulously crafted to combat allergens, smoke, and pollutants effectively. Featuring an advanced 3-in-1 filtration system, which includes a HEPA-grade filter, it efficiently captures 99.97% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.1 microns, fostering a rejuvenated and healthier atmosphere for spaces spanning up to 1095 square feet. Driven by a sturdy high torque motor and showcasing an impressive 141 CFM CADR, this purifier cycles air every hour, swiftly cleansing expansive areas. Moreover, its whisper-quiet Sleep Mode diminishes noise levels to a mere 24dB, establishing a tranquil environment conducive to sleep, all while enjoying the advantages of purified air.


  • True HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of particles
  • High torque motor for powerful purification
  • Covers large rooms up to 1095 square feet
  • Whisper-quiet operation with noise levels as low as 24dB
  • Energy Star Certified for energy efficiency
  • ETL Certified for safety compliance
  • EPA Certified for air quality assurance
  • CARB Certified for indoor cleaning devices
  • Multiple filter choices for customized purification


  • Efficient 3-in-1 filtration system.
  • Whisper-quiet Sleep Mode for peaceful sleep.
  • Sleek design blends seamlessly into any decor.
  • Energy-efficient operation saves on electricity bills.


  • Replacement filters are costly.

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3. AROEVE Air Purifier For Smoke

AROEVE Air Purifiers

Why it made the cut: Powerful purification with customizable features.

AROEVE is crafted to tackle common pollutants like smoke, pollen, and pet dander. It employs a HEPA filter to efficiently capture particles, promoting a healthier indoor environment. With its innovative dual-channel and 360-degree air intake system, it ensures comprehensive purification, refreshing the air every hour in spaces of up to 215 square feet. Notably, it operates quietly, particularly in sleep mode, adjusting fan speed to minimum levels for a tranquil indoor ambiance without compromising on purification efficiency.


  • HEPA efficient particle filtration for cleaner air
  • Covers rooms up to 215 square feet
  • Whisper-quiet operation with noise levels as low as 22dB
  • Aroma pad for customizable fragrance diffusion
  • Filter replacement reminder for optimal performance


  • Enhance air quality through effective HEPA filtration.
  • Utilize dual-channel and 360-degree air inlets for comprehensive purification.
  • Operate quietly, ideal for bedroom settings.
  • Incorporate aroma pad feature for personalized fragrance diffusion.


  • Limited coverage area.

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4. ToLife Air Purifier For Smoke

ToLife Air Purifiers

Why it made the cut: Efficient purification with customizable settings

Crafted to address prevalent household concerns such as pet dander, airborne particles, and lingering odors, this air purifier from ToLife boasts a genuine HEPA filter renowned for capturing an impressive 99.97% of contaminants, ensuring comprehensive air purification. Employing advanced 360-degree air outlet technology, it facilitates efficient air circulation throughout spaces measuring up to 215 square feet per hour, guaranteeing thorough coverage. With its whisper-quiet operation, particularly in sleep mode, the purifier operates at a mere 25dB, fostering a tranquil environment conducive to undisturbed rest while maintaining powerful purification performance.


  • True HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of particles
  • Covers rooms up to 215 square feet
  • Whisper-quiet operation with noise levels as low as 25dB
  • Timers and speed settings for customized purification
  • Filter replacement reminder for optimal performance


  • Utilize efficient true HEPA filtration to enhance air quality.
  • Benefit from 360-degree air outlet technology for comprehensive purification.
  • Experience whisper-quiet operation, ideal for nighttime usage.
  • Tailor purification with timers and speed settings for personalized comfort.


  • Occasional filter replacement issues.

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5. Afloia Air Purifier For Smoke

Afloia Air Purifiers

Why it made the cut: Rapid purification with customizable features and stylish design.

Afloia Air Purifier is crafted to deliver a comprehensive solution for maintaining pristine indoor air quality. Featuring an advanced 3-stage filtration mechanism, this purifier excels at removing 99.99% of airborne impurities, such as smoke, dust, pollen, and unpleasant smells, offering significant relief for those prone to allergies. With its impressive purifying capacity, it can effectively clean the air in rooms of up to 1076 square feet, accomplishing four complete air changes per hour for thorough and efficient purification. Moreover, the incorporation of a 7-color atmosphere lighting function allows users to customize the ambiance of their environment to suit their preferences or specific occasions.


  • True HEPA filtration captures 99.99% of pollutants
  • Covers rooms up to 1076 square feet
  • Rapid purification with four air changes per hour
  • 7-color atmosphere lighting for customizable ambiance
  • Timer function for convenient operation


  • Effective 3-stage filtration system for cleaner air.
  • Rapid purification suitable for larger rooms.
  • Customizable atmosphere lighting for personalized ambiance.
  • Timer function for convenient operation.


  • Issues with filter longevity.

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6. Allouncer Air Purifier For Smoke

HEPA Air Purifiers

Why it made the cut: Affordable bundle providing multiple air purifiers for comprehensive coverage.

Allouncer Air Purifier is a holistic solution engineered to enhance the air quality within your residence with both effectiveness and affordability in mind. This package includes six air purifiers, each equipped with advanced HEPA filtration technology to efficiently eradicate various airborne pollutants such as smoke, dust, pollen, and more.

Designed with a sleek and compact form factor, these purifiers seamlessly blend into any room setup, ensuring discreet placement while delivering robust purification performance. Operating silently, they promote a tranquil indoor environment conducive to undisturbed sleep and overall wellness. Tailored for small to medium-sized areas, these purifiers prioritize minimizing noise, ensuring a peaceful ambiance without compromising on purification efficiency.  


  • Six HEPA air purifiers included in the bundle
  • Compact design suitable for various rooms
  • Effective purification for small to medium-sized spaces
  • Noise-free operation for undisturbed sleep
  • Affordable bundle providing comprehensive coverage


  • Cost-effective bundle providing multiple purifiers.
  • Compact design suitable for various rooms.
  • Effective purification for small to medium-sized spaces.
  • Noise-free operation for undisturbed sleep.


  • May require additional units for larger rooms or multiple floors.

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7. Slevoo Air Purifier For Smoke

Slevoo Air Purifiers

Why it made the cut: Advanced filtration system with customizable features for improved air quality.

The Slevoo H13 True HEPA Air Purifier is expertly designed to elevate the air quality in your home. Featuring an advanced 3-stage filtration system, it effectively eliminates 99.97% of airborne impurities including smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, and household odors. Its powerful brushless motor and 360-degree air intake enable rapid purification, covering up to 86 square feet in just 25 minutes and an impressive 215 square feet per hour. With its quiet operation, it minimizes disturbance, while customizable options like aroma therapy and a night light promote a tranquil environment conducive to restful sleep.


  • H13 true HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of air pollutants
  • Covers rooms up to 215 square feet with rapid purification
  • Whisper-quiet operation with noise levels as low as 20dB
  • Aromatherapy design for adding essential oils (not included)
  • Timer function and filter life indicator for convenience


  • Advanced 3-stage filtration system for thorough purification.
  • Rapid purification is suitable for smaller to medium-sized rooms.
  • The whisper-quiet operation ensures undisturbed sleep.
  • The aromatherapy design allows for a pleasant scent in the air.


  • Issues durability of the purifier.

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Key Features To Look For In A Smoke Air Purifier

When selecting the best air purifier for removing smoke, it’s crucial to focus on key features that are essential for effectively eliminating smoke and creating a healthy indoor environment. Let’s thoroughly examine each of these qualities to understand their importance and how they contribute to the overall effectiveness of a smoke-targeted air purification system.

1. Air Filter Technology

The central element of an air purifier is found in its filtration system. It’s recommended to opt for models equipped with True HEPA filters, which are well-known for their capability to trap extremely tiny particles, as small as 0.3 microns, with an impressive efficiency of 99.97%. Through the use of HEPA filters, air purifiers efficiently capture smoke particles, allergens, dust, and a range of pollutants, ensuring a superior level of air quality that promotes the health and well-being of both you and your family members.

2. Activated Carbon Filters For Odor Removal

Smoke remnants often produce unpleasant smells that linger indoors. Activated carbon filters are well-known for their ability to effectively absorb and eliminate these odors, including those originating from smoke, cooking, pets, and other sources. By using this dual-filtration approach, not only are smoke particles removed, but lingering odors are also addressed, leaving your living area feeling fresh once again.

3. UV-C Light For Germ Elimination

Smoke comprises not just smoke particles but also possibly hazardous bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Employing UV-C light technology offers a strong method for eliminating these germs, effectively eradicating airborne microbes and enhancing defense against respiratory illnesses. When choosing air purifiers, give preference to those with UV-C light to guarantee comprehensive purification of indoor air.

4. Noise Levels

When choosing an air purifier, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the noise it produces, especially if you plan to use it in quiet areas like bedrooms. Look for models with minimal noise levels, usually measured in decibels (dB). Opt for purifiers that are engineered to run quietly, reducing disruptions to your daily activities and creating a calm environment ideal for unwinding and getting rest.

5. Room Size And CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Different models are designed for different room sizes, so it’s wise to choose one that matches your needs. Additionally, it’s recommended to assess the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), which measures how effectively the purifier removes smoke, dust, and pollen from the air. Higher CADR values indicate faster and more efficient purification.

6. Energy Efficiency

Finally, it’s recommended to consider the energy efficiency of the air purifier. Choose models that carry Energy Star certification, indicating compliance with rigorous energy efficiency criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These purifiers, known for their energy efficiency, use minimal electricity, leading to savings on energy costs while also reducing your environmental footprint.

Air Purifier for Smoke – FAQs

1. How often do I need to replace the filters in a smoke air purifier?

Ans: Filter replacement frequency varies depending on usage and the specific purifier model. Generally, HEPA filters should be replaced every 6-12 months, while activated carbon filters may need replacement every 3-6 months.

2. Will an air purifier eliminate the smell of cooking smoke?

Ans: Yes, air purifiers with activated carbon filters can effectively remove cooking smoke odors, making them a valuable addition to kitchens and cooking areas.

3. Do air purifiers remove toxins released from smoke?

Ans: Yes, air purifiers equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filters can capture and remove various toxins released from smoke, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring healthier indoor air.

4. How do I know if an air purifier is suitable for my room size?

Ans: Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the purifier’s recommended room size coverage. Consider factors such as the purifier’s CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and adjust according to your room’s dimensions.

5. How does UV-C light help in smoke air purifiers?

Ans: UV-C light in smoke air purifiers works to eliminate airborne germs and bacteria commonly found in smoke, providing an additional layer of purification for cleaner indoor air.


Selecting the appropriate air purifier for smoke necessitates a thorough examination of features designed to efficiently eliminate smoke particles and odors from indoor environments. It’s essential to prioritize models equipped with sophisticated filtration mechanisms like True HEPA and activated carbon filters, along with supplementary functionalities like UV-C light for eradicating germs and energy-saving operations. Adhering to these recommendations can effectively safeguard your indoor surroundings from the adverse impacts of smoke contamination. Our recommended products offer valuable suggestions to aid in making an informed investment choice that caters to individual requirements and inclinations.

  • The GermGuardian Air Purifier presents an excellent solution for smoke elimination. Featuring True HEPA filtration, it effectively traps 99.97% of smoke particles. Additionally, it utilizes UV-C light to diminish germs and includes an activated charcoal filter for odor elimination. Operating quietly, it is suitable for large spaces and boasts energy efficiency, rendering it a premier selection for combatting smoke pollution within your household.
  • The LEVOIT Air Purifier offers an effective remedy for smoke-related issues. Equipped with a 3-in-1 filtration system incorporating a HEPA filter, it effectively removes smoke particles and odors. With its quiet performance, sleep mode functionality, and sleek design, it seamlessly integrates into any environment while efficiently purifying smoke. If you’re looking for a reliable smoke air purifier, the LEVOIT model is certainly worth exploring.

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