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Best 3.5-inch Speakers For Your Cars

A 3.5-inch speakers that offer powerful sound, crisp audio across frequencies, and sensitivity for capturing nuances in music. They offer great audio experience in mid-range (vocals) and treble (high-range) audio waves. Also, these 3.5 speakers allow a richer listening experience even in the challenging acoustic environment of a car. 

Factors to Consider:

  • Power Handling: Power handling is measured in watts and consists of both the continuous power handling (RMS) and peak power handling. Speakers with higher power handling capabilities can handle more power from amplifiers, resulting in louder and clearer audio output without distortion.
  • Frequency Response: Frequency response defines the range of frequencies that a speaker can reproduce accurately. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and indicates how well a speaker can handle low, mid, and high-frequency sounds. 
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity measures how efficiently a speaker converts power into sound. It is measured in decibels (dB) and represents the loudness of the speaker at a specified distance when driven by a certain amount of power. 

For more information on these car speakers, we recommend you read our detailed “Buying Guide”.

Best 3.5 inch Speakers for Cars Table

3.5 Inch Car SpeakersProduct ReviewsPower HandlingFrequency ResponseSensitivityBuy Now
Pyle 3.5-inch Car SpeakerBest OverallPeak – 120W

RMS – 60W
100 Hz to 20 kHzN/ACheck On Amazon
BOSS 3.5-inch Car SpeakerBudget FriendlyPeak – 50W

RMS – 25W
100 Hz to 18 kHz81 dBCheck On Amazon
KICKER 3.5-inch Car SpeakerWide CompatibilityPeak – 30W

RMS – 15W
80 Hz to 20 kHz88 dBCheck On Amazon
JBL 3.5-inch Car SpeakerBest Value-for-Money OptionPeak – 60W

RMS – 20W
90 Hz to 20 kHz89 dBCheck On Amazon
Infinity 3.5-inch Car SpeakerBest Bass Sound QualityPeak – 75W

RMS – 25W
85 Hz to 21 kHz91 dBCheck On Amazon
Rockford 3.5-inch Car SpeakerHighly ExpensivePeak – 40W

RMS – 20W
120 HZ to 22 kHz85 dBCheck On Amazon
Skar 3.5-inch Car SpeakerBest Amazon’s ChoicePeak – 120W

RMS – 60W
145 Hz to 20 kHz84 dBCheck On Amazon

Best 3.5 inch Speakers for Cars Reviews

Here are the individual product reviews of the 7 top-selling 3.5 speakers for the cars. Check out whenever you want to replace the factory car speakers with this aftermarket 3.5 inch speaker unit for a better sound experience.

1. Pyle 3.5-inch Car Speaker

Pyle 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe Pyle PLG3.2 Pro 3.5″ car speaker is the perfect choice designed with an eye-catching look for high performance and consistency. This makes it highly preferable for those seeking to upgrade their factory speakers for a better driving experience with high-quality sound.

It is a 2-way pair of coaxial speakers with a power handling capacity of 120W peak power and 60W RMS power and a 4-ohm impedance rating that will help the speaker to produce a crisp, clear, and effective sound with less to no distortion.

Its 0.5-inch neodymium dome tweeter and high-temperature aluminum voice coil ensure its performance in highs or mids. The 100 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response range will make the speaker reproduce a wide range of frequencies for a clear and balanced sound.

Coming to its construction material and build quality, the Pyle PLG3.2 Pro 3.5″ speakers have a yellow poly-injected cone, and butyl rubber surround, ensuring longevity and durability. Its 20-oz magnet-coated steel basket structure delivers a smooth, loud, and detailed sound. While its flush mount (1.65″ mounting depth with yellow coated steel basket) design and compact size allow for easy installation in tight spaces (includes all installation hardware) and are widely compatible with most car models.

User Feedback:

  • Most users complemented this Pyle PLG3.2 Pro 3.5 Car Speaker for its wide frequency response, low impedance, easy installation, and sound quality. Yet some people are disappointed with its mounting options and poor build quality.

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2. BOSS 3.5-inch Car Speaker

BOSS 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe BOSS Audio Systems BRS35 3.5-inch replacement car speaker is another effective 2-way coaxial speaker designed to deliver exceptional sound quality for those seeking to upgrade their car’s audio system.

The power handling capacity of 50W peak power and 25W RMS along with the frequency response of 100Hz to 18kHz delivers a clear and crisp sound with less distortion. It is equipped with a polypropylene injection cone (for flexibility to produce great sound), foam material surround (better excursion, & lasts longer), stamped basket (better resonant frequencies, & durability), a high-temperature voice coil (enhances the performance in higher or lower operating temperatures), and Mylar dome tweeter. Thus, it ensures the best performance, even in high-temperature environments.

The 81dB sensitivity rating and 4-ohm low impedance will help for the delivering the best sound quality with low power consumption. With its high-quality material build, the speaker ensures durability and longevity. While the standard mounting depth of 1.5 inches and a mounting diameter of 3.7 inches makes it compatible with most car audio systems. It is easy to install without any extra modification to the car’s audio system.

User Feedback:

  • The BOSS Audio System BRS35 speakers are appreciated by numerous users for their excellent value-for-money option, easy installation, decent build quality, and excellent sound quality. Yet some users are disappointed due to its compatibility issues and low sensitivity causes muddy sound at low volume.

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3. KICKER 3.5-inch Car Speaker

KICKER 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe KICKER DSC350 coaxial 3.5 speakers are designed to fit in most vehicle doors without any special drilling of holes to upgrade the factory audio system of your car for enormous improvement.

Its power handling capacity of 30W peak and 15W RMS and a low impedance of 4 ohms make the speaker deliver a clear and balanced sound. It features a PEI-balanced dome tweeter, polypropylene woofer, and a frequency response range of 80 Hz to 20 kHz will allow the speaker to offer different sound patterns (bass, mid, and treble).

With its shallow mounting depth of 1.31 inches, you can easily mount and install them, even in tight spaces. Its high-sensitivity DS motor delivers enhanced volume, and its zero protrusion PEI dome tweeter offers clean, crisp, and accurate music/audio. Overall, the high-quality material construction, durably built, and thin-profile compact design makes the speaker fit for a wide range of vehicles, along with compatibility to use with laptops, PCs, and smartphones.

User Feedback:

  • Most people praised this KICKER DSC350 car speaker for its easy mounting and installation on various car models, along with exceptional sound quality that makes it a good value-for-money option. Yet some people complained about little distortion due to loud sound.

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Another Best Product from the KICKER:

KICKER 3.5-inch Car Speaker is another best & highly recommended product from the KICKER. These speakers have a power handling capacity of 90W peak and 30W RMS, 4 ohms impedance rating, 88dB sensitivity, and frequency response of 80 Hz to 20kHz to deliver a clear and balanced sound. It features a 0.5-inch PEL tweeter and polypropylene woofer offering better performance, even in high-temperature environments.

4. JBL 3.5-inch Car Speaker

JBL 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe JBL CLUB3020 3.5″ 2-way coaxial car speakers are one of the highly recommended speakers due to their compact size, durability, and excellent performance. Its compact design and high-quality material built allows for an easy fit in any vehicle on the road and let you enjoy its signature JBL sound.

It is equipped with an acoustically damped, UV-resistant polypropylene cone, plus one woofer cone, and edge-driven PEI-balanced dome tweeters for clean, smooth, non-resonant sound with better dispersion. The high sensitivity (89 dB), power handling capacity of 60W peak power & 20W RMS, frequency response (90 Hz to 20kHz), and 3-ohm low impedance make it ideal for playing a wide range of musical genres. 

User Feedback:

  • Mostly, the JBL CLUB3020 car speakers have received numerous positive reviews from its users due to their compact and sleek design, easy installation, durability, and superior sound quality. Yet some people reported missing clarity when turned to loud sound and poor bass quality.

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5. Infinity 3.5-inch Car Speaker

Infinity 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe Infinity’s Reference Series speakers remain the best choice to replace the factory speakers for most people due to their superior sound quality and competitive pricing.

This pair of REF-3032CFX 3.5″ 2-way coaxial car speakers are equipped with a polypropylene woofer cone and edge-driven textile dome tweeter to deliver clear, and precise sound with smooth highs, high bass, and enhanced midrange sound. With its high sensitivity rating of 91 dB and low impedance of 3 ohms, the speaker can produce a loud, clear sound with less power input.

The power handling capacity of 75W peak and 25W RMS along with a wide frequency response of 85Hz to 21 kHz will make the speaker a perfect choice to play a wide range of music genres. The compact and sleek design along with the included essential mounting hardware and engineered baskets will make the speakers quite easy to install, and compatible with wide car models. 

User Feedback:

  • Most people got impressed with this Infinity Reference REF-3032CFX Car Speakers due to its easy installation, high-quality material construction, durable build, and excellent sound quality (bass & highs). Yet some complained that it is not safe to pair up with high-powered speakers and be careful while installing.

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Another Best Product from the Infinity:

Here is another best and highly rated product from Infinity Reference Series – Infinity 3.5-inch Car Speaker. It is designed to deliver a clear and accurate sound with various features, including decent power handling (RMS-25W & Peak – 75W), a frequency response of 85 – 21kHZ, 3-ohm low impedance, and 91 dB sensitivity that aids in easy installation and offers superior sound quality.

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6. Rockford 3.5-inch Car Speaker

Rockford 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch 3.5″ 2-way coaxial car speaker is a great choice for any car audio enthusiasts whenever they want to upgrade their car audio system.

The P132 Punch is a pair of full-range speakers that has a power handling capacity of 40W peak and 20W RMS that let you enjoy the better sound quality. It is equipped with a PEI dome tweeter having a built-in crossover and injection-molded mineral-filled polypropylene cone with a butyl rubber surround that delivers a clear sound output and accurate frequency reproduction.

The mounting depth of 1.46″ and the FlexFit basket design (which uses slots to slightly adjust speakers while setting the OEM mounting holes) offer an easy and quick installation. The speaker comes with a wide frequency response of 120 Hz to 22 kHz and a sensitivity rating of 85dB allowing you to enjoy any type of music genre from bass to treble.

User Feedback:

  • Most people appreciated this Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch full range 3.5 speakers for its durability, build quality, easy installation, and sound quality. Yet some users reported it being a bit expensive compared to other models and having some compatibility issues with some car models.

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7. Skar 3.5-inch Car Speaker

Skar 3.5-inch Car SpeakerThe Skar Audio speakers are top of the line speakers offering great performance with high-quality components delivering rich midrange, bass, and clear highs. Its solid construction makes them fit perfectly in the audio systems of most vehicles.  

It is equipped with a 0.8″ high-performance silk dome tweeter, a glass fiber cone, and a 1″ copper voice coil. Also, it has a power handling capacity of 60W RMS and 120W peak to deliver amazing crisp and clear sound. With all these features, it is a perfect option to upgrade any factory system for audiophile-grade sound.

Its high-grade ferrite motor provides responsive power to the speaker for accurate and precise delivery of audio/music. It comes with a frequency response of 145 Hz to 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 84 dB allowing you to enjoy a wide range of music. The mounting depth of 1.65″ and compact & sleek design will make it easy to install in any car model.

User Feedback:

  • Most people appreciated this Skar Audio TX35 3.5″ speakers for its easy installation, value for money, decent quality material construction, and sound quality. Yet some people complained about its distortion due to less sensitivity rating.

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Buying Guide To Purchase Your Ideal 3.5-inch Car Speakers

Choosing the best 3.5 speakers for your car is a daunting task from the numerous available options. To ease your selection process and assist you to choose the best option, we are here with some key factors to consider while shopping for the 3.5 car speakers.

Without further delay, let’s check out how to choose the best 3.5-inch speaker to enhance your car audio system. 

1. Types

There are two main types of 3.5-inch car stereo speakers – coaxial (full-range) speakers and component speakers. Coaxial speakers are found in several stereo systems, whereas component speakers are seen mostly in high-end models.

  • Coaxial (or) Full-Range Speakers – The speaker consists of a tweeter and woofer (two-way speakers), in which the tweeter is placed on the top of the woofer that produces 30 Hz to 20/25 kHz. While some complex units have an additional driver (midrange driver/super tweeter – 3-way speakers) for clear hearing. They are quite easy to install and available at different price points. It is an inexpensive upgrade to OEM adapter plate speakers yet they do not deliver the best bass quality.
  • Component 3.5 Speakers – These are made of separate parts that have a wide frequency range to deliver even the low bass with ease. They are expensive and durable, yet a bit difficult to install, making them found mostly in high-end custom car stereos. They can be woofers, subwoofers, midrange speakers, tweeters, or super tweeters that come with crossovers. This crossover splits the signal into high, middle, and low frequencies and directs them to the apt driver for great sound clarity and quality due to the separation of treble and bass.

2. Power Handling

The speaker’s power output will determine the overall sound quality. The maximum amount of power a speaker can handle without distortion/overheating is referred to as the power handling capacity. It is measured in watts (W) and can be indicated in both peak and RMS power. So, look for a speaker that comes with a high power handling capacity to enjoy the better sound quality.

3. Sensitivity

The sensitivity rating of a speaker indicates its efficiency in converting power into sound for a louder sound. It is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the sensitivity of a speaker, the lower it consumes power, and the higher the sound output. So, ensure to select a 3.5 speaker with at least 88 dB to produce an excellent volume level with less power input.

4. Frequency Response

The frequency response range (Hz) of a speaker is used to determine the range of frequencies or musical tones a speaker can reproduce accurately. The human ear generally can hear sounds from a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The sound quality (from low bass notes to high treble tones) is created with 5 main components – subwoofers, woofers, midranges, tweeters, and super tweeters. Ensure to look for a speaker with a wide range of frequency responses to experience exceptional sound quality.

5. Impedance

Impedance is the resistance of a speaker toward the electrical current supplied by an amplifier, and it is measured in ohms. This makes the amplifier has to work hard to supply the required power. The lower the impedance of the car speaker, the more power it draws and efficiently allows the electric signal to pass through them, resulting in amazing sound quality. Ensure to look for a 3.5 inch car speaker with a compatible impedance rating of 4 – 8 ohms to prevent placing a huge load on the amp.

6. Material & Build Quality

The durability and the sound quality of any audio-related component, including speakers will be determined by its construction material and build quality. So, it is essential to check them while buying a 3.5-inch car speaker. Ensure to pick the one made of high-quality materials such as silk, metal, or graphite (for tweeters), aluminum, polypropylene, rubber, & graphite (for woofers) with a sturdy build that ensures longevity, durability, and better sound quality.

7. Additional Features

Additional features like crossovers and tweeters are found in some 3.5 speakers to improve the overall sound quality. As we know, tweeters are used to enhance the clarity and detail of the music/audio. The crossovers act as a filter that blocks out the unwanted frequencies (audio signals) and reproduces the frequencies to handle them. So, check the models offering these extra features for superior sound quality and performance.

8. Mounting Depth or Installation

The mounting depth of these speakers will determine the place where you can install these 3.5 speakers in your car – either on the dashboard or on the side window/door latch. When you want to mount them in the car dashboard, then you need a mounting of around 2.5 inches. You need a much mounting depth when you want to install them on the window or door latch. In case, if it doles out too much then it won’t allow using speaker grills or might interfere with the window crank.

9. Brand Reputation

Most people prefer to purchase the items from a reputable brand, as they have a history of producing high-quality car audio products. So, if you are one among those people, then go with the model manufactured by well-known brands like JBL, Pyle, Kicker, Boss, Rockford, Infinity, or Skar Audio for enhanced performance.

10. Compatibility

The 3.5-inch speakers you are going to choose should be compatible with the car audio system, making it easy to install or fix in the audio system perfectly without any modifications. However, power handling, impedance, and sensitivity are the main three technical specifications that impact/determine the speaker’s compatibility with the particular car stereo model.

11. Size

Always prefer to check the size, shape, and dimensions of the speaker to get a clear idea of whether it fits properly in the car audio system, especially in the speaker mounts without taking more space or making it complicated to install. This right-sized speaker will help to set them properly and enjoy the sound without distortion.

12. Budget

In general, the price of these 3.5 speakers will range from $20 – $300, and there are numerous models available within this wide range of prices. Mostly, the coaxial speakers come within $50, whereas the component speakers come above $50. To make its purchase worthwhile, you need to choose the 3.5-inch speakers that come with your required features within your set budget range.

To conclude, consider all these features to select and purchase the best 3.5 car speakers for outstanding sound quality to enhance the overall driving experience.

3.5-inch Car Speakers – FAQs

1. Are all 3.5-inch speakers fit in every car model?

Ans: It depends on the compatibility of a speaker on the specific car model. Usually, 3.5 speakers are designed to fit in most car dashboards or upper door panels, especially small cars, Yet some cars or other vehicles might require some modifications or use OEM adapters.

2. Why we must connect the 3.5″ speakers with an amplifier?

Ans: Yes, we need to connect the speakers with an amplifier for better audio or sound quality. Though it is not compulsory, it offers a clear, crisp, and balanced sound. Also, the high-impedance speaker does need an amp, whereas the speakers with a low-impedance don’t require an amplifier.

3. What is the installation cost of this speaker in the car audio system?

Ans: If you have some idea about the installation of speakers in your cars, then you can install them all by yourself. If you are seeking professional assistance, the installation cost will range from $150 – $500, based on the car model, speaker model, living area, professional expertise, or the auto shop brand. So, we suggest you include this installation cost and purchase the best model that comes within your budget range.

4. Is less bass response offered by the 3.5-inch car speakers?

Ans: Yes, mostly these 3.5 car speakers have a low bass response. The main reason for this is their small size. The low frequencies (bass) require space to disperse via the woofer, which means they have less prominent low-frequency performance. So, we endorse you to find the models that produce a proper bass response.

5. Which one is better – a 2-way or 3-way speaker?

Ans: A 2-way speaker consists of two sound drivers – a woofer & tweeter, whereas a 3-way speaker contains an extra driver such as a super-tweeter or mid-range driver apart from the woofer, & tweeter. Ultimately, the 3-way speakers spread the frequency (high-range for clear sound, mid-range for realistic and full sound, and extra subwoofer) more evenly to have a clear and detailed sound output.


We hope you will get the essential information to make a proper buying decision and purchase the best 3.5″ speakers that suit your requirement and fits perfectly in your car. Here we suggest some quick recommendations based on different categories for the instant selection. 

  • For the Best Overall 3.5 car speaker option, pick Pyle 3.5-inch Car Speaker. It has a power handling of 120W peak & 60W RMS, 4-ohm impedance, durable build quality, and wide frequency response that make it deliver excellent sound quality.
  • If looking for the Best Budget-Friendly Option, go with BOSS 3.5-inch Car Speaker. They are easy to install, made of high-quality materials, and have excellent values that deliver the best sound at an affordable price.
  • If seeking the Best Amazon Choice and Wide Compatibility, choose KICKER 3.5-inch Car Speaker. It comes with decent power handling capacity, high sensitivity, a wide frequency response, and offers wide compatibility with different car models.

Do you have any queries or experience to share regarding 3.5-inch car speakers? Then feel free to share with us in the comment section below. 

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