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Arlo Subscription Plans – Everything You Need To Know

Arlo, a well-known brand in the US, is known for their wide range of security surveillance equipment, including security cameras, smoke and gas detectors, video doorbells, motion sensors, etc. The brand offers free and paid subscription plans to all of its users with different features,

If you are planning to buy Arlo or have installed Arlo devices at your home, you need to decide on the plan you need for the home monitoring. In this article, you will find all the details related to Arlo’s free and premium plans that can help you make the decision wisely.

Overview of Arlo

Arlo Inc. is a home security equipment brand based in San Jose, California, USA. The brand started its journey in 2014 and is a sister concern of Netgear Inc. The main USP of this brand is their weatherproof, smart, interactive wire-free and advanced home security cameras that are easy to manage and install.

The brand introduced itself in 2014 with the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. It is wireless, weatherproof, and can be mounted on any surface alongside customized activity zones. With such features, Arlo slowly paved its way and became a leading company.

In 2016, the brand launched the ARLO Pro series, which has more advanced features. Recently, Arlo has introduced advanced models like Arlo Ultra, Arlo Ultra Pro 2, etc, that offer 4k video resolution and AI-enabled motion sensors that meet the demands of modern homeowners.

Arlo mostly produces cameras (battery operated) alongside smart home sensors, smoke and gas detection alarms, etc.

Does Arlo Require a Subscription?

Arlo equipment can be used without a subscription to a certain extent. But, to get the full extent of the features, you need to go for a subscription. Arlo offers live streaming, integration with home station gadgets, instant notifications, etc. Without the subscription plans, you need to buy the subscription plans if you want to store live streaming videos, access cloud storage, AI detection, customize activity zones, and use other advanced features.

Arlo devices offer free recording with short clips captured when events like doorbell rings, motion detection, etc, trigger any motion. Continuous recording is only available for premium users and needs huge storage as the videos are stored in 1080p quality. On top of that, the cameras need to be constantly plugged in with AC power instead of a battery. On top of that, devices need to be connected to the Home Base Station or Arlo Smart Hub to facilitate continuous recording.

How Much Does Arlo Subscription Cost?

Usually, Arlo offers plans for single and multiple devices. For users of the USA, charging for one device costs $4.99 per Month and $12.99 per Month for unlimited devices. The charge for the ultimate device plan can increase up to $17.99 and $24.99 per Month.

Those who want continuous video recording must pay $9.99 for 14 days, and $19.99 for thirty days for one camera. If you want to add more cameras, you must pay $4.99 for 14 days and $9.99 for thirty days for each additional camera.

If you plan to use the subscription for an extended time, you can save money by purchasing the annual plan. The Secure plan costs $3.99-9.99 per Month, billed annually, and the Secure Plus and Secure Pro cost $ 14.99 and $19.99 per Month (billed annually).

What are the Types of Arlo Subscription Plans?

1. Secure

The entry level subscription plan of Arlo is the Arlo Secure, which allows you to store video footage on cloud storage and offers other features as well. This plan also allows you a 10%discount on future purchases through Arlo.

Cost: If you use Arlo Secure, you must pay $2.99 for a single camera per Month. On the other hand, you can gain access to a maximum of 15 cameras if you pay $9.99 per Month.


a. Event-Based Recording

With this plan, you can record short videos and store the videos as the devices run on battery and cannot record continuously. The videos can be classified according to the events and are held in 1080p-4K resolution (depending on your camera model) for 30 days in the cloud storage.

If you want a continuous recording, you need to add the continuous video recording plan separately. It is only available for wired Arlo cameras. For recording for 14 days, you need to spend $9.99. For monthly recurring, you need to pay $19.99.

b. Smart Motion Detection

Arlo cameras have an AI function that automatically detects the slightest motions and starts recording. In addition, the videos are categorized according to the object- people, pets, animals, packages, vehicles, etc. You can customize the activity zones of the cameras. Smart motion detection also offers instant notification when video recording alerts the users.

c. Smoke and Poisonous Gas Detection

With the Arlo Secure plan, the camera is connected to the CO and smoke alarm, and in case there is any poisonous gas or fire breakout on your property, the camera records the events and instantly sends a notification to you.

d. Interactive Notification

Arlo’s secure plan comes with an interactive notification feature without using the app. The notification displays a small animated video of what is happening at the scene and allows you to inform the authorities for help in case of emergency,

2. Secure Plus

The Arlo Secure Plus plan allows you to store recordings of multiple cameras in 4K resolution and comes with other features.

Cost: For a single device, you need to pay $17.99 for unlimited cameras, and if you opt for CVR, you need to pay %9.99 per Month additionally to store the records.


a. Smoke and Co-Gas Detection

Integration between the camera and the smoke and gas detector that offers instant notification in case of gas or fire breakout and records the videos,

b. Emergency Response

Arlo Secure Plus comes with 24*7 emergency responses and allows you to dial 911 and emergency. You can also call or alert your friends during an emergency.

c. Video Storage

For thirty days, you can store videos in up to 4k resolution (only with the Arlo Ultra 2 cam model).

d. The camera comes with smart notifications and offers event-based recording depending on the person or the activity near the cameras. You can also customize the activity zones when needed.

e. Arlo also offers priority support for subscribers of this plan.

3. Safe & Secure Pro

Cost: This plan requires a monthly fee of $24.99 for unlimited cameras, and if you opt for CVR, you need to pay $4.99-9.99 for continuous video recording.


a. Safe and Secure Pro plan has all the features of the Secure Plus plan, including customized activity zones, smoke and detection, interactive notification, event-based video recording, and emergency calls to authorities and friends.

b. Round-the-clock monitoring through the Arlo Home security system

c. This plan features a guardian model [personal emergency alerts if your children or pets are alone at home and they face any emergency. You will see a video clip alongside the facility to initiate the emergency call.

d. This plan features a step Arlo alarm, and during any emergency events, the alarm triggers a notification to all of your saved emergency contacts.

e. You can check or track the location of your family members inside the house and even prompt a 911 call if needed.

f. Arlo is safe and secure, plus it offers witness recording. You can record the videos of the witness during an emergency, and the recorded clip will be automatically sent to the emergency services and authorities.

g. It also provides a car crash detection facility near your property.

Comparison Table for Arlo Subscription Plans

Feature Secure Secure Plus Safe & Secure Pro
Number of Cameras Single Unlimited Unlimited
Video Recording Resolution Up to 4K* Up to 4K* Up to 4K*
Video Recordings in Secure Cloud 30 days 30 days 30 days
Smart Interactive Notifications
Animated Preview Notifications No
Video Object Detection with AI No
Audio Detection of Alarms No
Smart Activity Zones No
Theft Replacement No
Priority Care & Support No
Discounts at No
24/7 Emergency Response No No
Critical Alerts No No
Video Verification and Escalation No No
24/7 Professional Monitoring No No
Cellular and Battery Backup No No
Price $12.99/Month $17.99/Month $24.99/Month

Table for Arlo App Features

Arlo Safe App Features Secure Secure Plus Safe & Secure Pro
Guardian Mode No No No
One-Tap Safety No No No
Alerts to Emergency Contacts No No No
Cloud Witness Incident Reporting No No No
Crash Detection & Response No No No
Family Place Alerts No No No
Family Check-Ins No No No
Family Safety Monitoring No No No

Overview of Arlo without Subscription Plans

Arlo offers a basic plan that is free of cost for all of its users. Here are the features of this basic unpaid plan-

1. Live video

You can watch and monitor your home through live videos from a maximum of five cameras.

2. Basic Notification

Arlo offers basic push notifications free of cost. The devices are motion-activated, and you will get instant notifications through the apps on package delivery, sudden motion around one camera, etc. You can easily view the live footage with the information.

3. Two-Way Audio Communication

Arlo even offers two-way communication for the camera and video doorbell on demand. You can communicate with the people, including the delivery personnel, your children, pets, and even neighbors when needed.

  • 2K video streaming is available
  • Devices can be connected with home security base stations for better wifi connectivity and battery life management.
  • You can opt for motion and sensor detection features
  • If you use a camera like Arlo Ultra, Pro2, or Pro 3. In that case, you can also store the videos locally for free by using an SD card or USB drive. Still, the video quality will be limited to 2k only.

Which Plan Should We Choose?

As you can see, all the Arlo plans come with different features and benefits. If you want something basic that allows you to store videos and smart notifications, the Arlo secure plan is enough. Suppose you are someone who doesn’t need to go for smart notifications or emergency alerts regarding smoke or gas detection and does not need round-the-clock monitoring. In that case, his plan will meet all of your needs quickly. It allows you to add multiple cameras, and the palm cost is also low.

But, if you have multiple cameras and need round-the-clock recording or have children or pets at your home without the supervision of a guardian, it is better to go for Arlo Secure Plus or Safe and Secure Plus. These plans offer unlimited camera control, emergency alerts, round-the-clock monitoring, and sirens to authorities and close friends or neighbors. All through, the features cost a bit extra. You can get any of these if you need some advanced features

In the end, the house becomes yours. Depending on your security surveillance requirements and other factors, you can go for Arlo trail plans and choose the right one for your home.

Arlo Subscription Plans – FAQs

1. Is getting an Arlo subscription worth it?

Ans: Arlo subscription plans offer additional benefits like Cloud storage access, smart notification, event-based recording, etc., which can add an extra layer of security to your home. But, if you do not have such a budget, you can also do without these plans.

2. What don’t I get without an Arlo subscription?

Ans: Without an Arlo subscription, you can still live stream videos from a maximum of five devices, get basic push notifications, etc. But, you cannot access features like Activity Zones, Cloud Recording, Smart Notifications, Alarm Detection, etc, which are only available to subscribers.

3. What is the maximum number of Arlo cameras allowed under a subscription?

Ans: If you have a subscription, you can use a maximum of 15 cameras with Secure Plus and Safe and Secure Pro plans.

4. Do I need to pay for Arlo cameras to record?

Ans: If you want continuous video recording through the Arlo camera, you need to pay extra. For 14 days, you need to pay $4.99 per camera, and for 30 days, you must pay $9.99 for each camera.

5. How long are videos stored in the Arlo library?

Ans: According to the subscription plan, videos and snapshots are stored in your Arlo library for 7, 30 or 60 days.


Arlo offers a basic free plan with live video streaming through apps, basic push notifications, and other basic features. But, if you want to harness the true potential of the Arlo security system, you need to purchase Arlo plans like Arlo Secure, Secure Plus, Safe and Secure Pro to gain access to Arlo cloud storage, animated video clip notification, smoke and gas detection, emergency contact and alarm prompt as per the plan style. You will have to pay extra for continuous recording for a single camera. You can choose the plan depending on your house and home monitoring requirements. This article provides essential details for each plan. For further clarification, you can get in touch with Arlo representatives or visit their official website, which can help you make the right decision.

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