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Arlo Security Cameras vs Abode Security Systems – Which is Most Secure?

When it comes to protecting your homes, the word “compromise” does not fit at all. A home security system could be the last wall of defense against your home and intruders. These systems are designed to demoralize the burglars, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind. Brands like Arlo and Abode stand out among other manufacturers of home security systems.

Both Arlo and Abode started in the year 2014 and quickly rose to the list of reliable home security brands. The reason behind this popularity is a wide range of security products which are easily paired with modern homes. The users are also provided additional benefits and features with these products to improve home security. However, a user naturally gets confused while selecting a home security product from Arlo and Abode.

In this article, we will have a proper discussion about Arlo and Abode. With a comparison of some important features, we will understand how products from both brands differ from each other.

Overview Of Arlo Security Cameras

Founded in 2014, it was the year 2018 when Arlo finally transitioned into an independent brand. Since its inception, Arlo has focussed on using the latest technologies to develop its product range. As a result, almost every product is compatible with the smart home and its integrations. Amongst its popular products, the security cameras are known for their segment-best features.

The Arlo security cameras were introduced in all types of segments, from low-budget to premium ones. With features like high-definition surveillance and internet-based functions, these cameras become the eyes of your home security systems. To make its camera range unique, Arlo also includes features like app connectivity, WiFi support, and installation-friendly designs.

Pros Of Arlo Security Cameras

  • The security camera can record videos in 4K resolution, a feature that is rare for this segment
  • They use smart detection features to distinguish between humans and other things
  • These units have a weatherproof built, making them suitable for outdoor applications
  • The security level of the camera can be customized as per the user’s preferences
  • The bundle pack of Arlo security cameras is priced lower
  • Arlo offers several types of user-specific discounts for its security camera

Cons Of Arlo Security Cameras

  • Users do not get multiple motion sensors with these units
  • The battery optimization of wireless cameras is not good which results in lower battery backup
  • These units are not shipped internationally which makes it difficult for some users to get their hands on these cameras

Overview Of Abode Security Systems

Abode also shares a similar story of being found in 2014. To compete with some experienced brands, Abode recruited a team of experts from the security and tech industries. This helped it develop a wide range of home security products that felt more modern than its competitors. A higher degree of customization is offered in these security products to get excellent coverage for your homes.

The products range from door sensors to surveillance cameras, each of them tuned for specific applications. With simplified subscription plans, users can enjoy additional features with these home security products. Adobe also ensures that the users won’t have to go through a frustrating installation process. Hence, its products are designed to promote DIY installations.

Pros Of Abode Security Systems

  • Abode offers flexible subscription plans that include several features as standard
  • These systems get easily paired with various smart home integrations
  • The motion and smoke detection offered by the sensors is accurate
  • The majority of the security systems are priced aggressively compared to their competitors
  • It offers international shipping of its products for the user
  • The systems are available with price-matching policies, making them affordable for users

Cons Of Abode Security Systems

  • Shipping of the Abode security products comes with additional charges
  • The security app for smartphones is not optimized and hence frequently freezes
  • It does not offer 4K resolution for video recording

Arlo Security Cameras vs Abode Security Systems: Features Comparison

Both Arlo and Abode offer reliable and efficient security products and hence choosing one brand amazing these two will be a difficult task for users. However, when we compare some standard features of both brands, a noticeable difference can be seen. For the same reasons, we will compare some features between Arlo security cameras and Adobe security systems to understand how both differ from each other.

1. Installation

Installation is crucial for security systems or products to ensure good performance. Units like doorbells or cameras are mounted at specific locations to get a better view of the surroundings. To ensure proper installation, Arlo and Abode offer a user-friendly design on their product range. Hence, DIY installation is offered on Arlo security cameras and Abode security systems. To get a professional installation, users will need to choose third-party services.

2. Equipment Costs

Pricing of the home security products also matters for the majority of the users. The equipment cost refers to the cost of a single or combo pack of home security products. This cost applies to the basic products of Arlo and Abode. They also offer add-on equipment so that users can further modify their home security set-up. Arlo has priced its equipment between $280 to $1300 while the add-ons cost $19 to $100. Similarly, the equipment cost for Abode products starts from $230 to $400 while add-ons cost only $3 to $95

3. Monitoring

Arlo and Abode offer various monitoring plans for their products. The monitoring level changes according to the type of subscription. Self-monitoring feature is offered on the basic subscription plans while professional monitoring is offered on advanced subscription plans. In self-monitoring, users will view live feeds and manually raise an alarm over suspicious activities. In professional monitoring, a team of professionals is assigned to alert the user and authorities. Self-monitoring is available in basic plans of Abode and Arlo products. Professional monitoring for Abode systems requires $20 per month. Arlo charges a minimum of $25 per month for the same.

4. Resolution

The resolution of the home security system plays an important role during live viewing. The streaming of video must be done in better resolution to help the user identify crucial details. Similarly, the recorded video must show accurate details while replaying it. Hence, home security products can record in higher resolutions. The resolution on Abode security products is limited to 1080p HD settings. Arlo products offer an impressive resolution of 4K in its camera range.

5. Camera Options

Being the eyes of a security system, the camera options must be given preference. Different types of cameras can be used to serve selective applications. As a home security brand, Arlo and Abode are expected to offer a wide range of cameras in their portfolios. Arlo offers a diverse range of cameras, equipped with colored-night vision features. Abode also offers a limited range of cameras with better motion detection. Both brands offer support for multiple camera setups with their cameras.

6. Pricing of Subscription Plans

The systems are loaded with various features which are accessible via active subscription plans. These subscription plans are further divided into different levels to distribute the features. Hence, a user with a premium subscription plan will get more features compared to the user with a basic subscription plan. This classification of plans helps in directing useful resources to the consumers who need them the most. Subscription plans for Abode start from $0 (free) and go up to $20 per month. Similarly, Arlo charges $5 to $26 per month for active subscriptions.

7. Smart Home Integration

The majority of the homes are connected to a smart home integration or shared system. Pairing the home security system with this type of integration helps in the automation of home security. Users can control the home security products with voice commands. Similarly, automation of the monitoring, recording, alert, etc. functions can be done. Arlo cameras can be used with Google Home, SmartThings, Alexa, Apple Home, etc. Abode security systems support Alexa, Google Home, Zigbee, etc integrations.

8. App Support

Arlo and Abode also offer a dedicated app for devices like smartphones. With this app, users get centralized access and control for home security products. Features like remote control, live feed, talk-back, zoom, battery status, etc. are offered via the app. The app is a useful tool for the users of both brands to get full control of their products, with comfort. The Abode app is used for all security products from Abode. Similarly, the Arlo secure app is used to connect Arlo cameras.

9. Power Source

Home security systems need a stable power supply to run efficiently. Depending on the products, the power source changes. For a wired product, the regular power supply of the house will be sufficient. These products are connected to an electrical outlet, via a power cable. Similarly, wireless products are powered by batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and hence can be instantly swapped. Arlo offers both wired and wireless power options on its products. Adobe also offers high-power charging cables and rechargeable batteries with its products.

10. Connectivity

To transfer data between home security products and users, connectivity plays a crucial role. Without reliable connectivity technology, the products will not be able to communicate with the user. Connectivity options like WiFi, cellular, Ethernet, and others are popularly used for home security products. Abode offers WiFi or Ethernet connectivity for all of its products while cellular technology is offered on limited products. Arlo offers WiFi, Ethernet, cellular, and Bluetooth connectivity for its camera range.

Arlo Security Cameras vs Abode Security Systems – FAQs

1. Are Arlo products a reliable choice for home security?

Ans: Yes, the Arlo products are a reliable choice for home security applications. These products come with the best cameras in their segments. Apart from the excellent video-capturing abilities, Arlo products also offer additional features like colored night vision and multiple connectivity options. These points are enough for any user to trust Arlo.

2. What is the average battery backup of an Arlo camera?

Ans: The average battery backup of Arlo cameras depends on their usage and battery capacity. The wire-free units operate for 4 to 6 months on a single charge. Some of the cellular connectivity products have. Battery life of only a couple of months due to higher usage.

3. Is it possible to record via Arlo camera without an active subscription?

Ans: Yes, a user can record via Arlo cameras without any active subscription. Arlo offers this feature in its basic plans. However, the videos cannot be stored on the cloud servers. Arko allows users to locally store the recorded videos with a base station.

4. Can you use the Abode products without the internet?

Ans: No, it is not possible for a user to access functions of Abode products without the internet. These products are internet-connected units and hence basic features like life feed are dependent on a good network connection. For the sole reason, Abode offers multiple connectivity options on its products to reduce dependency on a single connectivity technology.

5. Is it possible to use the Abode products without an active subscription?

Ans: Yes, if a user wants to use Abode products without an active subscription, they can. Abode offers a plan-less option to its users where basic functions are available at zero costs. However, users miss out on advanced features like video storage, smart home integration, activity timeline, etc.

6. Does Abode offer outdoor cameras in its portfolio?

Ans: Yes, Abode offers outdoor cameras in its product range. The Cam series includes outdoor cameras with special abilities making them suitable for indoor applications. Users can enhance home security with features like colored night vision, two-way communication, smart motion detection, etc

7. Can Arlo’s camera record without sending notifications?

Ans: Yes, Arlo cameras can record a video without sending notifications. The user will have to modify the settings for the camera. With the app, users can access and create custom settings for silent recording.


A home security system is a must-have product to secure your home. These units offer complex and effective features to keep intruders away from your homes. Brands like Abode and Arlo offer good security systems which creates confusion for the user. To improve your selection process, we have compared Arlo and Abode with each other based on some important features. Using this discussion during the selection process will help you pick an ideal home security system.

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