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1280×720 Vs 1920×1080 – Which One Better?

When you are thinking about purchasing a monitor or TV and start checking out the products available, you will find that they have different resolutions. There are so many variations that you will be confused.

With the difference in resolutions, there is a significant difference in their prices. The most common resolutions of monitors and TVs in the current market scenario are 1280x720P(HD) resolution and 1920×1080P(Full HD) resolution. In this article, we will explain the pros and cons of both these popular resolutions and discuss the differences for a better purchasing decision.

What is HD(1280x720P) Resolution?

The 1280×720 resolution refers to the pixel density of a screen. In simple words, a screen with 1280×720 resolution can show 1280 pixels in width and 720 pixels in height. Therefore, a screen with 1280×720 resolution will have more width and less height. This resolution is referred to as High-Definition(HD) quality.

The aspect ratio for this resolution is 16:9. This resolution is suitable for regular works on computer monitors including watching photos and videos. As for TV screens, this resolution is suitable for watching videos that have HD or lower resolution.


  • Needs less computing for rendering.
  • Suitable for all regular works and streams.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Relatively cheaper in price.


  • Not suitable for high-graphics games.
  • Not suitable for Full HD videos and photos.
  • The sharpness and smoothness are not crisp.
  • Not suitable for large screen sizes.

What is Full HD(1920×1080P) Resolution?

The 1920×1080 resolution also refers to the pixel density of a screen. A screen with this resolution can show 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height. Therefore, in terms of pixel density, the 1920×1080 resolution has a relatively higher density than 1280×720 resolution. In terms of pixel count, 1920×1080 resolution offers more than two and a half times more pixels than 1280×720 resolution.

The 1920×1080 resolution is referred to as Full HD resolution. Some also call it 2K resolution, and there are screens available with 4K resolution as well. With more pixel density, the picture quality has less distortion and greater sharpness. Therefore, the detail in any picture or video will be more vivid. The difference is noticeable when the screen size is large enough.


  • Less distortion and detailed picture.
  • More pixel density for better picture clarity.
  • Suitable for high-graphics games.
  • Suitable for large screen monitor and TV.
  • Superior video quality for watching movies.


  • Need a high-end computer for smooth rendering.
  • Consumes more power and battery life.
  • Needs a high-speed internet connection for streaming.
  • Relatively more expensive than an HD resolution-based screen.

Comparison Between  1280x720P(HD) vs 1920x1080P(Full HD) Resolution

Here is the list of main differences between HD and Full HD resolution.

Picture Quality – There is no doubt that picture quality is better in 1920x1080P resolution than 1280x720P resolution. However, you may not understand the difference on small screens. But if you check the edges, there will be no blurry or fuzziness in Full HD in comparison to HD resolution.

Picture Clarity – There is less distortion in Full HD resolution, and hence, you will get better picture quality with 1920x1080P resolution. Besides, due to higher pixel density, the picture clarity is better in Full HD resolution. When you play HD and Full HD videos or play high-graphics games, you can understand the difference.

Content Availability – In the current scenario, HD videos and movies are widely available. In fact, most of the games have HD video quality as well. On the contrary, there are only selective Full HD videos available. However, if you think of the future, Full HD videos will become the common standard. Moreover, if you are going to use Blu-ray or any gaming console, Full HD should be your first preference.

Which One To Choose for Better Viewing Experience?

You may have already guessed the answer to this question if you have gone through the article. There is no doubt that 1920x1080P(Full HD) resolution offers a better viewing experience in terms of picture quality and clarity. However, you should buy a TV or monitor as per your requirements.

If you are buying a monitor for regular work, a 1280x720P(HD )monitor is good enough for you. Even if you buy a Full HD monitor, you will not understand any difference in viewing experience because your work does not involve any heavy graphics. Similarly, if you are buying a TV for watching regular satellite HD channels, HDTV is more than enough.

However, if you are buying your TV for playing games, watching full HD movies, and streaming full HD videos, you should buy a full HD TV. The same logic is applicable for monitors. Whenever you are going to use your computer for heavy graphics work which includes photo and video editing as well, you have to opt for Full HD monitors.


If budget is not an issue for you, you should opt for 1920x1080P(Full HD) resolution. If budget is a constraint and you are going to use your TV or monitor for regular purposes, 1280x720P(HD) is perfect. However, considering the future trends, full HD will be a better value for money purchase.

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