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Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera

An excellent combination of floodlight and security camera. The camera can record crisp HD video from its dual lenses and the 3,000 Lumen LED Floodlight illuminates a large area.
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4.6 stars
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The Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera is a well-made and easy-to-use product that is perfect for home security or simply keeping an eye on your pets or children. The camera provides crisp day and night wide-angle HD picture/video. You can also set up motion activation or record on a schedule. The camera can record to a cloud recording service (subscription) or to a microSD Card. The only downside is that the camera is not battery-powered and must be plugged in to an electrical outlet. Overall, the security light-camera is an impressive product and highly recommended.

Security cameras, also known as surveillance cameras, play a crucial role in safeguarding properties, individuals, and public spaces. These devices are designed to capture video and sometimes audio footage for monitoring and recording purposes. They find widespread applications in home security, business protection, public safety, and various other domains. Security cameras come in various types, including analog, digital IP, wireless, dome, bullet, PTZ, thermal, license plate recognition, and smart cameras, each with its specific features and applications.

A Floodlight Camera is a versatile security device that combines the functionality of both a bright floodlight and a surveillance camera. First and foremost, floodlight cameras provide powerful illumination, often triggered by motion sensors. When they detect any motion in their periphery, the floodlights automatically turn on, illuminating the area and deterring potential intruders.

Floodlight cameras are equipped with surveillance cameras that capture high-resolution video footage of the surrounding area. This footage can be viewed in real-time or recorded for later review. The cameras usually have special features like wide-angle lenses and night vision capabilities to ensure clear and detailed footage, even in low-light conditions. Many floodlight cameras also offer two-way audio, allowing users to communicate with visitors or potential intruders through a built-in speaker and microphone.

The Winees F2 Pro is one such crazy product that seamlessly combines a floodlight with a security camera. It can record very high quality 2K video with 180° panoramic FOV and the floodlight has an output of 3,000 Lumens. It also has other crucial features such as motion detection, loud siren, two-way audio, IP65 Rating, and many more. But how does all this translate in real-world usage? How easy is it to install the Winees F2 Pro? What’s the quality of the footage? How effective are the motion sensor and floodlight?

This is the review of the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera. We are writing this review after using and testing the device for its ease of installation, app experience, performance of the camera as well as the floodlight. If you are searching for a way to enhance the security of your home, shop, or garage, then continue reading the review to find out our thoughts on the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera.

Let us quickly take a look at the contents of the package. Opening the box, we have the main event i.e., the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera. It is in its folded form to save space in the package. We will take a closer look at the unit in the next section. Continuing further, there is a small box that contains some essential things.

Winees F2 Pro Unboxing

It has the quick start guide, some stickers, and an accessories pack that has some tools for you to install or mount the floodlight camera on a wall or a ceiling. That’s it for the unboxing. Let us now see the design of the floodlight camera.

If you are familiar with floodlight cameras in general, then the overall design of the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera is not far from a traditional design. On the top, we have the floodlight component of the device. It consists of three sections of high-intensity LED lights that provide powerful illumination. The center LED section is fixed but you can adjust the outer two sections up to 90° away from the standard position (all the three sections facing front). Apart from this horizontal adjustment, you can also move all the three LED section down up to 30°.

Just below the floodlight compartment, we have the security camera compartment. Unlike most floodlight cameras that have one wide-angle lens camera, the Winees F2 Pro has two lenses that are strategically placed for an effective 180° FOV. Just like the floodlight compartment, you can also adjust the camera compartment. You can turn the camera section 90° either left or right. Additionally, you can tilt the camera down up to 30°.

Winees F2 Pro Design

The bottom section presumably contains the hardware for motion detection. There are microphones next to the camera lenses and even an indicator LED. Just below the floodlights, there is an opening for the speaker/siren. The back of the device has a slot for microSD Card and a setup button next to it. The housing looks like a weatherproof casing, designed to withstand various environmental conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Using the adjustable mounting mechanism, you can mount this floodlight camera on walls or ceilings, allowing for optimal positioning to capture the desired surveillance area.

Setting up the Winees F2 Pro is fairly simple. Note that this floodlight camera module runs on 120V Mains AC Power. So, pick a place to mount this camera and make sure you have access to mains outlet nearby in order to insert the plug. As the power cable comes with a regular household plug, you can perform the initial setup at a more convenient location before installing the camera permanently. You need a junction box to install the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera. The quick start guide and the app has all the instructions on how to install the camera.

Speaking of app, as Winees is a sub-brand of AiDot, you can simply download the AiDot app to setup and control the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera. After powering on the camera and installing the app on your smartphone, connecting the floodlight camera to Wi-Fi and pairing it with the app is very simple and straightforward. Just like most of the “smart” home devices out there, even the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera supports only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band.

After successful Wi-Fi connection, you can immediately see the video feed on the app. Using the app, you can record video, take snap, speak through the device, activate alarm, turn on or off the lights, and access the album (saved content).

Winees F2 Pro Setup

The app lets you adjust the brightness of the floodlight LEDs, control night vision, motion sensing, and many more. There is a lot of control from the app and you can explore all the features and settings and set the device as per your requirement.

The Winees F2 Pro is a versatile and powerful floodlight camera designed for comprehensive day as well as nighttime security. It has two high-performance 4MP cameras that captures HD footage, offering a panoramic 180° view for comprehensive outdoor surveillance without any blind spots. It excels in nighttime visibility with both IR night vision and powerful floodlights, ensuring clear monitoring even in the darkest conditions. This camera’s innovative combination of image stitching and dual-lens technology provides unmatched clarity, while advanced AI algorithms enable precise detection of people, vehicles, and pets, delivering relevant alerts to users. With customizable sensitivity settings and alert delays, it minimizes false alarms and keeps users informed about what truly matters for their security.

With 3000-lumen floodlights covering up to 270° horizontal area, it delivers exceptional night lighting, ensuring the safety of wide and dark spaces within a 66ft radius. Boasting a rare lifespan of over 25,000 hours, thanks to a collaboration with a global illumination manufacturer, it stands out in the industry. Equipped with advanced Smart PIR motion detection and two motion detection sensors, it provides precise and customizable alerts, sending real-time notifications when motion is detected within a range of 40ft.

Installation of Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera is easy with a quick-release mounting system, and it offers flexibility for both ceiling and wall installation. Furthermore, it features a 110dB high-volume siren with various built-in sound modes for enhanced security and deterrence. With customizable light modes, including Motion Mode, Security Mode, Slight Mode, and Scheduled Mode, the Winees F2 Pro offers tailored and energy-efficient lighting solutions for different needs throughout the day and night.

So, how was the overall performance of the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera? First of all, the dual lens camera system works really well. In traditional floodlight cameras, we usually get just one camera with wide-angle lens for a FOV of up to 140°. What Winees F2 Pro does is quite interesting. It has two 4MP cameras and the software takes data from both these cameras, stiches the images and produces a single panoramic image/video with a very wide 180° FOV.

The camera system has IR Sensors that aid in night vision for recording or capturing in low-light or night time. But when you combine the 3,000 Lumen Floodlight, you can illuminate a large area and take very clear images/videos even during night time. Speaking of the floodlight, it has three sections that you can adjust horizontally as well as vertically, and in the process, you can effectively create an illumination angle of up to 270°. You can also adjust the camera section and it is sad that both these adjustments are only manual. Winees F2 Pro also has two PIR Sensors that help in motion detection. They can detect motion up to 40ft.

Winees F2 Pro Performance

While the hardware of the Winees F2 Pro is very good, the software or app experience is also a breeze, thanks to the tried and tested AiDot app. Setting up the device in the app and using the app to control the Floodlight Camera is very simple. The app lets you control or customize several functions of the camera. The Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera supports both local and cloud recording. You don’t get any microSD card in the package (as expected) and you have to purchase a subscription from AiDot in order to use the cloud storage feature.

The Winees F2 Pro has IP65 Rating. This means, you can use the device outdoors in rain and snow without any worries. The only con we have with the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera is it runs on AC mains supply and doesn’t have any built-in battery. So, in the event of a power failure, you cannot use the device to record anything.

: Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera
: Dual Lens 4MP Camera
: Up to 2K
AI Detection
: Yes. Can detect People, Vehicles, and Pets
Field of View
: 180°
Floodlight Brightness
: 3,000 Lumen
Floodlight Dimmable
: Yes, Through App
Lighting Modes
: Motion Mode, Schedule Mode, and Security Mode
: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Connection @ 2.4GHz
: Up to 256GB MicroSD Card or Cloud (Subscription)
Power Supply
: 110V~240V AC, 50~60Hz
Installation Method
: Ceiling or Wall Installation
Two Way Audio
: Yes
Timed Light On/Off
: Yes
: 110dB
What’s Included
: Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera, Screw Packs, Installation Hook, Quick Start Guide, Power Cord, Metal Bracket, Wire Nut, Rubber Stopper

The listing price of the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera is $199 but the selling price is $180. With some coupons, you can get this product for even less than that. When you look at the performance it offers, the app experience, and 1-year warranty, this price seems reasonable.

Readers of ElectronicsHub can get the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera for just $119 by using the code “winees9d” during checkout.

Overall, we really liked the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera. It has an excellent camera system that can record high quality HD footage in day or night time, thanks to the integrated IR night vision system. It also has PIR Motion Detection sensors that help in detection any movement in front. There is AI integrated with the camera system to detect vehicles, pets, and people.

Coming to the floodlight part of the unit, it has a very bright 3,000 Lumen LED floodlight. Both the camera and the floodlight systems have several adjustments that help you in precisely positioning the camera. Note that all these adjustments are manual and there is no motorized control.

If you are looking to invest in a decent floodlight camera system for your house, then you can definitely consider the Winees F2 Pro Floodlight Camera. Being a sub-brand of AiDot, you can expect reliable performance from this module.