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TOZO GoldenX1 Earbuds Review

A very good sounding TWS earbuds with okay ANC feature and Bluetooth Multipoint to connect with two devices at the same time.
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4.4 stars
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If you are looking for a pair of TWS earbuds that offers great sounding experience, then the TOZO Golden X1 are a worthy contender. It has ANC feature but the performance is decent and not great. Bluetooth Multipoint Connection is a very useful feature.

In the market flooded with TWS earbuds, you have to present something special and unique to standout among the rest. TOZO did exactly that (or at least tried to) with their Golden X1 Earbuds. Unlike their usual “budget-friendly” offering with great sound quality, TOZO tried to step up their game and integrate certain advanced features in the Golden X1 such as ANC and Bluetooth Multipoint Connection.

We recently got our hands on the TOZO Golden X1 TWS Earbuds.Specs on the paper are excellent. But how do they perform in real life? Let us find out in the review of the TOZO Golden X1. We are writing this review after using and testing the earbuds for their sound quality, touch controls, ANC, Companion App, battery life and many more. Continue reading to find out our thoughts and impressions of the same.

Let us quickly go through the unboxing experience of the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds. The packaging and the overall quality of all the material is very good. The entire box is black with text in gold. Opening the box, we have a folder with couple of booklets in it. One is the user manual and the other is the quick start guide.We recommend you read the documentation as it neatly mentions the important specifications and controls of the earbuds (touch controls).

Below the documentation, we have the earbuds laid out neatly in a special cutout. Next to that, we have the charging case. Both the case and the earbuds continue the Gold on Black theme.

TOZO GoldenX1 Earbuds Unboxing

In an adjacent slot, you get 5 pairs of additional ear tips. If you include the one that are already attached to the earbuds, we have totally 6 pairs of ear tips. Below the ear tips box, there is another box with the charging cable in it. The cable is a USB Type-A to USB Type-C. That’s it for the contents of the package. It is a neat little box with everything laid out in a proper way.

Taking the earbuds out of the package and holding them in hands for the first time, they do not feel heavy even though they look quite big. Instead of a traditional round design, TOZO made the Golden X1 slightly oval. On the outer side of the earbuds, we have two gold contacts for charging. Both the earbuds have clear “L” and “R” markings on it.

Coming to the case, it is an oval pill-shaped box with “TOZO”branding on top and some specifications on the bottom. Just below the lid opening, there is a multi-color LED strip. This will indicate the status of charge of the case and battery left.

Opening the case, we immediately notice a display between the slots for the earbuds. It is an OLED display that shows the charge percentage of the case as well as the charge levels of both the earbuds. Inside the lid cover, there are some markings: Knowles, LDAC, and Hi-Res Audio Wireless.

As the lid acts as a switch to turn on or off the earbuds, it is important that it closes even with the slightest push, thanks to the magnet on the lid. Some may like it while others may find it annoying.

The back of the case has a USB-C Port for charging. An important feature of the TOZO Golden X1 is the case supports wireless charging. You can’t see anything but if you place the case on a wireless charging pad, it will charge.

Pairing the TOZO Golden X1 to any Bluetooth device such as a smartphone or laptop is very simple. Place both theearbuds in the case and close the lid. This will turn off the earbuds. Next, open the lid of the case. This will turn on the earbuds and put them in pairing mode.

Just turn on the Bluetooth and look for “TOZO Golden X1” on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If everything goes well, the pairing will be successful. We paired the barbuds with several devices and the pairing process was seamless.

Once paired, you can take the earbuds out of the case and use them. Make sure to use the right-sized ear tips as it becomes important for ANC.

We started playing some standard mp3 music on different smartphones and laptops. The audio quality of the TOZO Golden X1 is very good. If you are a bass-lover, then you will be slightly disappointed as the lows are okay and not punchy.

But the strong point of these earbuds are vocals and instruments. The reproduction of both mids and highs exceeded our expectations and you can clearly listen and differentiate all the elements.

We feel that playing standard mp3 files isn’t the best way to experience the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds. As it supports LDAC and High-Res Audio, you have to play high bit rate and lossless audio to properly enjoy music. We did exactly that and the listening experience is really good. You can clearly experience the difference between playing an mp3 and a flac audio.

Additionally, we installed the “Alternative A2DP Driver” for Windows and boy did it perform better.This is definitely an advanced option and many users who buy TWS earbuds won’t install any drivers but we thought of mentioning it in this review as we were really impressed with the audio quality.

The TOZO Golden X1 makes some sounds every now and then even if we don’t touch them or do anything. We are not sure about the meaning of those sounds. If this a bug, then TOZO can fix it with a simple firmware update.

Next, we played some mobile games with the TOZO Golden X1. There is a small delay in transmission and if you put your mind to it, you can clearly notice the delay. This clearly says that the TOZO Golden X1 aren’t gamer centric earbuds but rather for listening to music or watching movies.

TOZO Earbuds

As the TOZO Golden X1 has Bluetooth 5.3, it supports Bluetooth Multipoint Connection. What this means is you can pair and connect two devices, say a smartphone and a laptop as the same time. We really liked this feature. If you are on a Skype or Teams call on your laptop and you got a phone call, the earbuds automatically switch to the phone. Once you disconnect the call, it will switch back to the laptop.

Earbuds TOZO

Another advanced feature that the TOZO Golden X1 pack is ANC. The performance is okay but considering the price tag, we are slightly disappointed. If this is your first ANC experience, then you might like it but if you tried premium ANC from Sony, Bose or even Apple, then definitely you can tell the difference.However, we are impressed with TOZO as this is their first ANC products. Even though there is room for improvement, we feel they are heading in the right direction.

When you enable ANC, you will notice a slight improvement in the low-frequency (bass) performance of the earbuds.

You can disable the ANC Mode by single taping on the left earbud. This will activate the Transparency Mode, where you can hear the external audio through the earbuds. If you triple tap the left earbud, it will disable both ANC and Transparency Mode and set to Normal Mode.

Speaking of tapping things, both the earbuds of the TOZO Golden X1 support touch controls and have dedicated functions associated for single tap, double tap, triple tap, long press, etc. You can get a clear idea by looking at the user manual.

An important point about using ANC is its effect on battery life. With ANC on, we were getting anywhere between 4-1/2 to 5 hours of playback. Without ANC, you can extend this to roughly 6-1/2 hours. As you have to place the buds in the case to turn them off, they keep topping up every time youput them in the case. That said, you can charge may 2-1/2 to 3 times with the case.

Comingto charging, as we said before, the case of the TOZO Golden X1 supports wireless charging. If you already own a wireless charging pad to charge your smartphone, you can use it to charge the earbuds as well.

Note that it will take a little more time to fully charge the case when using wireless charging. If you want to quickly top it up, then USB-C is the way to go. If you want to use the TOZO Golden X1 while working out or in drizzling rain, then you can comfortably use it as it has IPX6 Waterproof protection.

Apart from a great sounding hardware, TOZO also released a companion app to make additional customizations. The app is simply known as “TOZO” and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once you install the app, it immediately detects the earbuds (if already paired and connected).

The first thing we did was make the app create an earprint, which will customize the audio as per your ear and hearing capabilities. For this, you have to pick the right size ear tips.

Next, we have tab for Noise Cancellation. You can choose between 5 preset patterns: Noise Cancellation (ANC), Transparency Mode, Reduce Wind Noise, Leisure Mode, and Normal Mode. Additionally, you can set a custom pattern as well.Then we have the equalizer settings. You can choose between several presets.

TOZO Earbuds App

If you click the cog wheel, you can access couple of important settings. One is the touch controls, where you can customize the touch patterns of both earbuds. The next setting is firmware update. TOZO Golden X1 supports OTA update and if they release a new firmware, you can update it through the app.

: Golden X1
: 28Ω
Frequency Range
: 12 to 44.1 KHz
Driver Size
: 12mm
: Yes (Bluetooth 5.3)
: Yes
Noise Cancellation
: Yes (ANC)
: Yes (IPX6)
Earbud Battery Capacity
: 55mAh (each)
Charging Case Battery Capacity
: 500mAh
Earbuds Charging Time
: 1-1/2 Hours
Charging Case Charging Time
: 2-1/2 Hours
: Wired and Wireless
Supported Codecs
What Do We Get
: TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds, Charging Case, USB Type-A to USB Type-C Charging Cable, 6 Pairs of Ear Tips, User Manual, Quick Start Guide.

The listing price of the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds is $259.99 but the selling price is $149.99. With offers, coupons, and discounts, you can get it for even less. This is certainly a premium price for a product that comes from a brand which often focuses on budget-friendly earbuds.You get 1-year warranty on the earbuds from TOZO.

Overall, we liked the music listening experience of the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds.It produces a very balanced output that isn’t bass heavy. Bass lovers will not be impressed with this but there is enough bass for all regular listeners. Just that it isn’t punchy.

While TOZO tried to implement ANC on the Golden X1, we would say that there is definitely room for improvement. ANC worksin indoor conditions but in busy and noisy environments, you will not be impressed.If ANC is your priority, then there are better alternatives.

If you are looking for a good music listening earbuds with optional ANC feature, then the TOZO Golden X1 are definitely worth checking out.