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How To Return Spectrum Equipment?

Spectrum is a telecommunications company that offers a variety of services, including cable television, internet, and phone services. It’s part of Charter Communications, one of the country’s largest cable operators. Recently, a lot of users have shifted from traditional cable services to options like Spectrum. Spectrum and similar providers offer a range of extra features that traditional cable companies often can’t match. These features include on-demand content, streaming apps, and DVR services that allow users to record and watch shows at their convenience. They also offer bundled packages that combine TV, internet, and phone services for added convenience and cost savings.

But, if you are shifting to another service provider or an OTT platform based on your preferences, you will have to return the Spectrum equipment received when beginning the service. This is a standard practice among most service providers to ensure the proper functioning of their equipment for other customers and to avoid unnecessary charges for unreturned devices. In this guide, we will go over the procedure and details about returning Spectrum equipment, including the allotted time frame and ideal method to send the equipment.

How Does Spectrum Work?

With the growing demand for high-speed internet, Spectrum has also invested in its broadband infrastructure to provide fast and reliable internet connections. This has made it attractive to consumers who increasingly rely on streaming services, online gaming, and other data-intensive activities. They deliver their services through a combination of coaxial cable and fiber-optic networks. Cable lines are laid underground and connected to individual homes and buildings.

These cables carry data for TV, internet, and phone services in the form of electrical signals. When you subscribe to Spectrum, they install a cable modem and a set-top box for TV service at your location. The cable modem connects to the internet, while the set-top box decodes the cable TV signal for your television. Phone services are also provided through this network.

Is It Compulsory to Return Spectrum Equipment?

In the majority of cases, it is compulsory to return Spectrum equipment when you cancel your Spectrum services or switch to another service provider. This is a standard practice among many cable and internet service providers to ensure the proper functioning and reuse of their equipment for other customers.

Failing to return the equipment may result in additional charges or fees on your final bill. The specific details and procedures for returning Spectrum equipment can vary, so it’s essential to contact Spectrum’s customer service or visit their website for instructions on how to return the equipment properly and avoid any potential charges. It’s a responsible and necessary step when discontinuing your Spectrum services.

What Spectrum Accessories Must be Returned?

When canceling your Spectrum services or switching to another service provider, you typically need to return the following Spectrum accessories and equipment:

  • Cable Modem: This device connects your home to the Spectrum internet service. Returning the cable modem is essential as it is Spectrum’s property, and keeping it could result in additional charges.
  • Set-Top Box: If you have cable television service from Spectrum, you’ll need to return any set-top boxes or cable boxes that were provided to you. These devices decode the cable TV signal and are required for viewing Spectrum’s TV channels.
  • Wi-Fi Router: If you rented a Wi-Fi router from Spectrum as part of your internet service package, you should return it. Spectrum may provide separate instructions for returning routers.

It’s crucial to follow Spectrum’s specific instructions for returning equipment, which may include packaging the items securely and returning them to a designated Spectrum store or shipping them back using a provided return label. Failing to return these items as instructed may result in equipment charges on your final bill, so it’s essential to complete this process correctly when discontinuing your Spectrum services.

When Should You Return the Equipment After Closing the Connection?

The specific timeframe for returning equipment may vary depending on Spectrum’s regional policies. Still, typically you should return the equipment within the fixed timeframe, which is around 10 to 30 days in most cases. Spectrum may also specify a timeframe within which you must return the equipment at the time of cancellation, such as 15 to 20 days after cancelling your services. Be sure to check your account agreement or communicate with Spectrum’s customer service to determine the exact timeframe applicable to your situation.

On the other hand, If Spectrum terminates a user’s services due to non-payment or other reasons, they may request that you return the equipment immediately or within a short period after the termination date. In some cases, Spectrum may also request that you return the equipment immediately, especially if you’re cancelling services due to moving to a new location or switching to another provider. They might provide you with a return kit or instructions on how to drop off the equipment at a Spectrum store or a pickup location.

Best Methods to Return Spectrum Equipment

Returning Spectrum equipment can be done through various methods, and the choice often depends on your convenience and the options available in your area. Here are the best methods to return Spectrum equipment:

1. Using UPS Return

  • Contact Spectrum customer service to initiate the return process.
  • They will provide you with a UPS return label and instructions on securely packaging the equipment.
  • Take the labled package to a nearby UPS drop-off location.
  • Ensure that you keep a copy of the tracking number for reference.

2. Using FedEX Return

  • Similar to the UPS method, contact Spectrum customer service to initiate the return.
  • Spectrum will provide you with a FedEx return label and packaging instructions.
  • Visit a FedEx drop-off location and send the package.
  • Keep the tracking number for your records so that you can stay updated about the status of your return.

3. Using Drop off Spectrum Store

  • Find a Spectrum store location near you by visiting Spectrum’s official website or contacting customer service.
  • Package the equipment securely as per Spectrum’s instructions.
  • Visit the Spectrum store during their operating hours.
  • Hand over the equipment to a representative at the store.
  • Request a receipt or confirmation of the returned equipment for your records.

4. Using USP Services

  • In some cases, Spectrum may provide USPS return labels.
  • Package the equipment as instructed and attach the provided USPS label.
  • Drop off the package at your local post office or schedule a USPS pickup if available.
  • Keep the tracking information for your reference.

5. Equipment Pick Up

  • In certain situations, Spectrum can offer equipment pick-up services.
  • Schedule a pick-up appointment with Spectrum’s customer service.
  • Be present at the agreed-upon time and location with the equipment ready for collection.
  • Confirm the return with the Spectrum representative and obtain a receipt if possible.

Spectrum Equipment – FAQs

1. Is it possible to return Spectrum equipment to any retail store?

Ans: No, you cannot typically return Spectrum equipment to other retail stores. Spectrum usually requires you to return their equipment to specific Spectrum store locations or follow their designated return procedures. These Spectrum stores are set up to handle equipment returns and other customer service-related tasks associated with Spectrum services.

2. Do cables have to be returned as well?

Ans: No, cables, remotes, or splitters are not required to be included when you are returning Spectrum equipment. These are additional accessories which may or may not be added in the return package. However, it is necessary to make sure that modems, routers, or a Spectrum receiver is included in the return package.

3. Is a return label needed to initiate the return?

Ans: Generally, Spectrum provides a return label or specific instructions on how to initiate the return process when you contact their customer service to request equipment return. This return label is necessary in case you wish to return the Spectrum equipment via FedEx, UPS, or other similar transportation service. But, if you are using a Spectrum drop-off store, you will not need a return label.

4. What are the charges if Spectrum equipment is not returned?

Ans: The charges for unreturned Spectrum equipment can vary depending on the specific equipment and the terms outlined in your service agreement. Spectrum may charge you a fee for each piece of unreturned equipment. The exact fee amounts can vary, but it’s typically based on the replacement cost of the equipment. This fee will appear on your final bill. If you do not return the equipment within the specified timeframe provided by Spectrum, they may also charge you additional late return fees on top of the unreturned equipment fees.

5. How to cancel Spectrum internet connection?

Ans: You can directly contact Spectrum’s customer service department to cancel your Spectrum internet connection. You can find their customer service phone number on your billing statement or their official website. Before you make the call, ensure you can provide your account information, including your account number, service address, and other relevant details as it will be asked at the time of cancellation.
Here, Spectrum can guide you through the cancellation process, which may include providing information about equipment return, final billing, and the timeline for service termination.
Ensure you understand any instructions or steps required on your part to complete the cancellation.


Cancelling your Spectrum internet connection is a straightforward process, but requires careful attention to detail to ensure a smooth transition. You can start by contacting Spectrum’s customer service, providing your account information, and informing them of your intent to cancel. Follow their instructions closely, which may include details on equipment return, final billing, and the timeline for service termination.

Returning any rented Spectrum equipment is also a crucial step in the process, so make sure to comply with their instructions and keep records of the return. After cancellation, you can review your final bill to confirm its accuracy and pay any outstanding balances. Remember that the specific cancellation procedures and policies may vary depending on your location and service agreement, so it’s essential to contact Spectrum’s customer service for precise guidance tailored to your situation.

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