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AiDot Enhulk 930CFM 58V Cordless Leaf Blower Review

A very powerful cordless leaf blower. The Cruise Control option is very useful to lock the speed and avoid hand fatigue. Battery life is also pretty good.
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The AiDot Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower is a simple yet powerful no-nonsense battery-operated device. You can control the speed of the brushless motor and thereby the air flow of the machine using the variable speed trigger. You can lock the speed with a single push of the Cruise Control Button. Want even more power? Just press the Turbo button and unleash the 200MPH air flow. Runtime on a fully-charged battery is decent but the charging speeds are even impressive. Although the machine (main unit + battery) doesn’t weigh that much (just around 4.25Kg or approx. 9.4lbs.), a shoulder strap should have been included in the package.

Leaf blowers have become indispensable tools for maintaining a neat and tidy outdoor environment, especially during the fall season when yards are covered in a blanket of fallen leaves. These devices have evolved significantly over the years, offering homeowners and landscapers efficient ways to clear debris. Traditional leaf blowers typically rely on gasoline or electric power, providing robust performance but sometimes sacrificing convenience. However, with advancements in technology, especially in motor and battery-related, cordless leaf blowers have emerged as a popular and user-friendly alternative, offering the same power without the restrictions of cords or the environmental impact of gasoline.

Cordless leaf blowers are powered by rechargeable batteries, providing users with the freedom to move around without being tethered to a power outlet or carrying a heavy gasoline blower. This portability makes them ideal for tackling yard work in various settings, from small lawns to larger landscapes. The absence of cords not only enhances maneuverability but also reduces the hassle of untangling and dragging cords, making these tools more accessible for users of all skill levels.

Power and battery life is always a concern with battery-based devices but as technology continues to improve, cordless leaf blowers are becoming more powerful and energy-efficient, offering a greener solution for outdoor maintenance without compromising on performance.

We recently came across an interesting piece of kit from AiDot; the Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower. If you aren’t familiar with AiDot, it is company that provides smart home solutions for control, automation, and security. Their AiDot App allows homeowners to effortlessly manage a diverse array of smart devices (especially with a label “Works with AiDot”), from lighting and climate control to security systems and appliances. Enhulk is a sub-brand of AiDot that focuses on power tools.

Coming to the Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower, as the name suggests, it packs a pretty punch with its 930CFM air flow and 200MPH air speed. It has a lot of interesting features, which we will cover in this review. We will look at the ease of setting up the device, using it, checking its power, battery, charging, and many more. Continue reading the review if you are interested to know more about one of the most powerful cordless leaf blowers in the market.

Let us kick off this review by taking a look at the contents of the package. Opening the box, we have three types of nozzles (a tapered nozzle, a spread nozzle, and a special Siphon nozzle). Then we have the Blower Tube, an attachment that sits between the actual machine and the nozzle. Next in the box is the main unit of the leaf blower. It contains the motor, trigger, a slot to connect the battery, some basic UI (combination of buttons and LED indicators), etc. We will take a closer look at the leaf blower and the attachments in the next section.

Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Unboxing

After the leaf blower, we have the battery charger. In a separate box, there is a large battery. And last but not least, we get a bunch of user manuals (one each for the leaf blower, the battery, and the charger). That’s all for the contents of the package.

When we say leaf blowers, the backpack variants come to mind first. The motor or engine is in the backpack and a hose connects the blower and a long tube which we can maneuver to blow leaves. While the cordless leaf blowers have a similar design approach, everything is connected as a single piece (even though you can detach some parts for storage purposes) and importantly, you can carry the whole machine with a single hand.

This is exactly the design element of the Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower. The main unit of the leaf blower is compact without any attachments and weighs just 2.2kg (4.85lbs.). It has a carry handle on the top with easy access to the trigger button in the spot where we rest our index finger. There are also a couple of buttons on top of the handle which we can press with our thumb.

Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Design

The buttons have markings of TURBO and CRUISE on them, which obviously mean they activate the Turbo Mode and Cruise Control Mode. Just above the two buttons, there is an LED panel with a couple of indicator symbols. These indicators mean different things depending on the color and mode of the LED (which we will look in a later section). Enhulk calls the whole UI (the combination of buttons and LED indicators) the EZ HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Design.

Below the backend of the handle, we have the slot to insert and connect the battery. There is also a hook on the left side of the handle to fix a shoulder strap. Rest of the body houses the motor, intake, and exhaust vents. We have to attach the Blower Tube to the outlet of the blower and a nozzle at the other end of the blower tube. Everything just snaps into place with latches and quick release buttons.

AiDot Enhulk 930CFM 58V Cordless Leaf Blower Design

Speaking of nozzles, we get three types of nozzles with the Enhulk 930CFM Leaf Blower. Spread Nozzles has a tighter opening in an elliptical shape. This nozzle will focus the air pressure on a relatively smaller but wider area helping us clearing slightly heavy or wet debris. The Tapered Nozzle is a more traditional round nozzle which can offer great volume of air to cover a relatively large area. We’ve saved the best for the last. The Siphon Nozzle has a special engineering design that can direct air in the most effective manner.

Cordless Leaf Blower Design

The battery and its charger are the final two pieces of the kit. The Enhulk 930CFM Leaf Blower uses a 58V Battery Pack with a capacity of 5Ah and weighs just over 2kg. The top section of the battery has an array of 5 LED indicators that show the level of charge of the battery and a power button.

AiDot Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Design

There are ample vents on the battery for air flow. The charger is roughly the same size as the battery and it can charge the battery with a current of up to 2.3A. There is a carry handle on the back of the charger and you also have a provision to wall mount it. The top of the charger has a bunch of LED indicators to indicate charging, fully-charged, etc.

Setting up the Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower is very simple and straightforward. The first step is to make sure that the battery is fully charged. While the battery is charging, we can connect the blower tube and a nozzle to the main unit. To assemble the blower tube, match the groove on the tube with the knob on the main blower unit. Slide the tube onto the blower unit until the latch securely clicks into place. Similarly, we have to install the nozzle on to the blower tube. We used the Siphon Nozzle primarily in our testing and used the other two nozzles relatively less often. Once the battery is fully charged, we can insert it into its position on the main blower unit. It snaps into position and we are ready to go.

In order to start the blower, we just have to depress the trigger button. The air flow and speed will depend on the amount of the pressure you apply on the variable speed trigger. The more you depress, the faster the motor spins and higher the air speeds. The opposite is also true. To turn off the blower, just release the trigger.

Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Action

Even though variable speed trigger is very useful, if would hurt our hand or finger if we have to continuously depress the trigger while using the leaf blower. Thankfully, the Enhulk Leaf Blower comes with a Cruise Control Button that solves this problem beautifully. Depress the trigger to turn the blower on and adjust the speed of the blower using the variable speed trigger. Once you reach the desired speed, click the cruise control button. The LED Indicator just above the CRUISE button (which looks like a speedometer) will become solid green and the blower is locked at that speed. You don’t have to depress the trigger after this action and it will continue to work at that speed until you release the cruise control (which you can do by clicking the cruise control button once again).

If you want to momentarily increase the air speed to maximum possible level, just press and hold the turbo button. The TURBO LED indicator will become solid green. When you release the turbo mode, the blower will continue to operate with the previous speed. You can use the combination of both cruise control modes and turbo modes. When in Cruise Control Mode, if you press and hold the TURBO button, the blower will operate at maximum speed. In this case, the TURBO LED indicator will turn solid green and the Cruise Control LED will be off. When you release the TURBO Button, the blower will go back to the cruise control speed (the TURBO LED will be off and the Cruise LED will turn back on). Apart from indicating turbo mode, this LED will also act as a low battery indicator (turns solid red) and even to indicate any trouble (flashing red).

So, how was the performance of the Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower? We will start with the initial setup, which was just installing the blower tube, nozzle, and the battery to the main blower unit. This is a very simple process and it hardly takes a couple of minutes of your time. Coming to the actual performance, we were blown away (pun intended) by the power of this leaf blower.

Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Performance

Having a powerful brushless motor is only one part of the picture. It is the turbine that rotates in tandem with the motor and generates air flow. Modern turbine systems have a lot of R & D behind their design. The air propulsion system in the Enhulk 930CFM Leaf Blower utilizes an aviation-level turbine with advanced aerodynamic design. As a result, it can generate high-speed and high-volume air in an effective manner. We can clearly see the result in operation as we tried this leaf blower on different types of debris (dried leaves, slightly wet leaves, small twigs and branches, and even tiny pebbles)and it worked flawlessly. So, you can use this leaf blower to clean your yard, patio, driveway, etc. with all sorts of debris.

Gas Leaf Blowers and Electric Leaf Blowers are generally considered to have stronger blowing power. But with 930CFM airflow volume and a maximum air speed of 200MPH, the Enhulk Leaf Blower proves that even cordless leaf blowers can be powerful. Although we couldn’t measure the air speed, we have to pull a “trust me bro” with this one. As we mentioned before, we used the leaf blower mostly with the Siphon Nozzle and the reason is that it has a specially engineered design (based on AIRGALE SIPHON) that can direct the airflow in an effective way.

AiDot Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Performance

We already talked about cruise control mode and turbo mode. We feel that the cruise control mode is particularly useful as it helps in avoiding hand/finger fatigue after using the leaf blower continuously.

Enhulk incorporated a very clever way to cool the battery, motor, and the overall blower as a whole with the design of the unit. They call this the Enhulk 930 COOLBLAST System. With this design, the motor draws air from the rear of the unit over the battery and pulls it through the inlet. The air then enters the main blower unit cooling the motor as well. So, both the battery and the motor run a little cooler without any additional setup.

AiDot Enhulk 930CFM 58V Cordless Leaf Blower Performance

The leaf blower doesn’t run too loud. The weight of the leaf blower (main unit + battery + blower tube + nozzle) is over 4.2kgs (over 9.4lbs.). This might not be that heavy but if you intend to use the leaf blower continuously for more than 30 minutes, you will definitely feel some hand fatigue. While the Enhulk 930CFM Leaf Blower has a provision to attach a shoulder strap, it doesn’t come with one in the package.

Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower uses a unique 58V battery system. It also has a huge 5Ah capacity. Enhulk took special interest in the design of the battery pack so that it can provide a high-discharge current, if necessary. Runtime wise, in variable speed mode (at relatively low speeds), we got around 110 minutes of operation. This is good as you can use the leaf blower for more than 100 minutes on a single charge. Things are slightly different with high-speed mode and turbo mode. In continuous high-speed mode, we got around 19 minutes runtime and in continuous turbo mode, the run time was around 14 minutes.

Enhulk Cordless Leaf Blower Battery and Charging

Charging wise, we could charge the battery in just over two hours. Considering the battery has a large 5Ah capacity and the charger provides a maximum of 2.3A charging current, we thought this is an excellent charging speed. But the charger gets slightly hot (a little bit more than what we expected).

If you purchase some other power tools from Enhulk with the same voltage rating, then you can share the battery among all those devices.

: Enhulk 930CFM 58V Cordless Leaf Blower
Maximum Air Volume
: 930 CFM (with Siphon Nozzle)
Maximum Air Speed
: 200MPH (With Tapered Nozzle)
Maximum Blowing Force
: 27N (Without Nozzle)
Machine Weight
: 2.2kg (4.85lbs.)
Battery Voltage
: 58V
Battery Capacity
: 5 Ah
Battery Weight
: 2.05kg (4.52lbs.)
Charger Input
: 120V ~ 60Hz, 2.2A
Charger Output
: 58V Max 2.3A
Charger Weight
: 1.12kg (2.47lbs.)
Form Factor
: Handheld
Special Feature
: Cordless
Noise Level
: 73 dB
Manufacturer Warranty
: 4-year Tool Warranty and 2-year Battery Warranty
What’s Included
: Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower, 3 × Nozzles (Siphon Nozzle, Tapered Nozzle, Spread Nozzle), Battery, Charger, Blower Tube, User Manuals (for Main Blower, Battery, Charger)

The price of the Enhulk 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower is $299.99. But with some coupons and discounts, you can get it for much less than that. When you combine the powerful performance of the blower along with the warranty from Enhulk (which is 4-years for the main tool and 2-years for the battery), we feel this is a very good price.

For a limited time, our readers can get the Enhulk 930CFM Leaf Blower for $189.99 (this includes the battery and the charger). You can use the code mentioned at the top to avail the discount.

Overall, we were really impressed with the power of the AiDot Enhulk 58V 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower. A battery-operated blower producing such high amount of airflow and airspeed is something new (at least to us). The combination of a high-quality brushless motor, aerodynamic turbine, specially designed Siphon Nozzle, and the surprising 58V battery really does a very good job.

The operation is very simple with the variable speed trigger while the cruise control and turbo buttons come in handy for long cleaning jobs and pushing tough debris. The battery life is also decent considering the power it generates. Charging is also very quick (note that the battery is 58V and 5Ah).

If you are looking to invest in a cordless leaf blower to clean your yard or patio from leaves and other debris, the Enhulk 930CFM Leaf Blower is definitely a worthy choice.