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10 Best Welding Shirts

Welding shirts are made for high temperatures, sparks, and flying debris. They protect against burns and injuries. They have flame-resistant fabrics, strong stitching, and button-up collars for safety and durability.

Here’s what you need to know about welding shirts:

  • FR-resistant Shirts: When buying FR-resistant shirts, check for the “FR” tag indicating its safety standards. Without this tag, it’s not safe for welding.
  • ATPV Rating: Look for an ATPV rating of at least 7 cal/cm2 to ensure protection against fire hazards. ATPV measures a garment’s heat resistance.
  • Fabric and Construction: Opt for pure cotton or cotton twill shirts, avoiding synthetic fabrics like polyester. Choose shirts with long sleeves, adjustable cuffs, Nomex thread stitching, and quality buttons. Longer tails help shirts stay tucked in.

These are the primary factors to consider when buying welding shirts. We also provided a “Buying Guide”  to help you make informed decisions.

Best Welding Shirts: Table

Welding ShirtsMaterialATPV Rating/NFPABuy Now
Titicaca Welding Shirts7.5 oz of cotton twillATPV 9.2 cal/cm2Check On Amazon
BOCOMAL Welding Shirts6.25 oz FR treated cotton twillATPV rating of 8.2 cal/cm2Check On Amazon
KONRECO Welding Shirts7.5 oz cotton twill9.2 cal/cm2Check On Amazon
TICOMELA Welding Shirts6.5oz Cotton FR TwillNFPA2112,ASTM F1506,CAT IICheck On Amazon
PTAHDUS Welding Shirts7.1 oz 100% cottonATPV 15 cal/cm2Check On Amazon
Wrangler Welding Shirts7.5 oz cotton8.5 Calories/cm2Check On Amazon
Just In Trend Welding Shirts9 oz of cotton twillAPTV rating 13 cal/cm2,
NFPA 2112
Check On Amazon
Black Stallion Welding Shirts9 oz of cotton---Check On Amazon
Lincoln Welding Shirts9 oz of FR retardant cottonNFPA 21112Check On Amazon
Knox Welding Shirts---NFPA2112 Check On Amazon

Best Welding Shirts Reviews

1. Titicaca Welding Shirts

Titicaca Welding Shirts

Titicaca flame-resistant work shirts come in sizes small to 5X large which is a huge range to choose from and you are more likely to find your perfect fit. The flame-resistant shirt comes with a clear FR tag on the sleeves and a small tag on the front pocket, which shows NFPA 2112 and CAT 2 certification.

It’s made from 7.5 oz of cotton twill. It’s cut from a 100% cotton fabric treated for fire resistance. We love the extra long tail for keeping it tugged in. It also features FR-treated snap closure and an adjustable calf design. You will get two large pockets at the front with pen slots which is great.

Titicaca flame-resistant garments meet the standards set by ASTM 1506 which makes it acceptable for use in industrial workshops regulated by OSHA. It’s also HRC2, Arc ATPV rated 9.2 cal/cm2. It’s pre-shrunk and wrinkle free and it’s machine washable.

Best Features:

  • Made from 5 oz of cotton twill
  • NFPA 2112 and CAT 2 certified
  • ATPV rated 9.2 cal/cm2
  • Pre-shrunk and wrinkle-free
  • Machine washable
  • Two large pockets at the front
  • Size: Small to 5X large
  • 11 color options


  • Excellent quality
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • The shirt looks great and is Durable


  • Some color variants have buttons instead of snaps

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2. BOCOMAL Welding Shirts

BOCOMAL Welding Shirts

Made of 6.25 oz FR-treated cotton twill the BOCOMAL is a lightweight, breathable shirt that is great for summer wear. While no shirt can keep you nice and cool in the heat during welding, this can at least make it more breakable. Since it is 100% cotton and machine washable, its maintenance is quite easy.

The BOCOMAL flame-resistant shirts feature an Arc ATPV rating of 8.2 cal/cm2 which is excellent for a 6.25 oz fabric. The shirt has enough room which allows more space to work around. It features 4 snap-adjustable cuffs and a big long length to tuck behind your pants.

These are pre-shrunk, pre-washed, and completely wrinkle-free. It has a clear FR tag on the sleeve and the left-side front pocket. It meets NFPA 2112 standards and ASTM F1506 plus CAT II requirements. The product has amazing ratings on Amazon, but a few people have reported that it runs a size smaller while others said it fits perfectly.

Best Features:

  • Made of 6.25 oz FR-treated cotton twill
  • Size: Small to 5X large
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable snaps on the cuffs


  • Great for summer wear
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • ATPV rating of 8.2 cal/cm2


  • The sleeve length is not proportioned correctly for the size of the shirt

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3. KONRECO Welding Shirts

KONRECO Welding Shirts

KONRECO FR Shirts are a great choice for safety, comfort, and style. They are made from 100% cotton twill, weighing 7.5oz per square yard. These shirts provide mid-weight protection.

They meet important safety standards, like ASTM F1506 for Arc Flash and NFPA 2112 for Flash Fire. They have a minimum Arc Flash rating (ATPV) of 9.2cal/cm² and comply with HRC 2.

The fabric is soft, comfortable, and prewashed to prevent shrinkage. The loose fit design with a long length allows for a great range of motion, making them perfect for tall people. These shirts are ideal for various industrial workers, such as welders, fitters, ironworkers, and electricians.

Best Features:

  • Made from 7.5 oz cotton twill
  • ATPV rating 9.2 cal/cm2
  • Size: S to 5X large
  • YKK pearl snaps
  • Two pockets at front


  • Reasonable and durable
  • Plenty of size and color options
  • Machine washable


  • Too warm for summer

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4. TICOMELA Welding Shirts

TICOMELA Welding Shirts

If you are looking for safety, comfort, and durability, the TICOMELA FR Shirts are one of the best options available today. Made from 6.5oz printed plaid cotton twill, these shirts are flame-resistant and meet strict safety standards like NFPA2112 and ASTM F1506.

The fabric is soft, pre-washed, and preshrunk, so it fits comfortably right out of the box. The shirt also has FR buttons and sewing threads for added durability.

Designed for many industrial workers, including welders and electricians, the shirt can withstand up to 100 washes without losing its flame-resistant properties. This makes it a cost-effective option for long-term protection.

Best Features:

  • Made from 6.5oz cotton twill
  • NFPA2112 and ASTM F1506 certified
  • Pre-shrunk and wrinkle-free
  • Machine washable, up to 100 washes
  • Durable FR buttons and sewing threads


  • High safety standards
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Pre-shrunk for a better fit
  • Machine washable


  • Flame-resistant properties may diminish over time

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5. PTAHDUS Welding Shirts

PTAHDUS Welding Shirts

When it comes to comfort and safety, PTAHDUS FR shirts are the best choice. These shirts are made from 7.1oz flame-resistant fabric that’s not only soft and breathable but also offers crucial protection against burns and heat. They comply with industry safety standards such as HRC 2, NFPA 2112, and NFPA 70E.

The shirts have a loose fit design, allowing better arm movement and keeping the shirt tucked in. This protects the torso and arms. This design is also good for other jobs, like electrical work and chemical handling.

Best Features:

  • Made from 7.1oz flame-resistant fabric
  • Meets HRC 2, NFPA 2112, and NFPA 70E standards
  • Loose fit design for greater mobility
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking
  • Extra pocket design for small tools


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Meets high safety standards
  • Comfortable loose fit
  • Versatile for various industrial uses
  • Extra pocket for convenience


  • Inconsistent sizing

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6. Wrangler Welding Shirts

Wrangler Welding Shirts

Wrangler FR Shirts are essential workwear, blending classic style with modern safety features. Made from 100% FR cotton, these shirts are designed to self-extinguish, reducing burn risks. They meet safety standards like NFPA 2112 and ASTM 1506, ensuring you stay protected at work.

These shirts have a relaxed fit through the torso and arms, making them comfortable for long hours. They include two button-closure flap pockets and a pencil stall, adding practicality. The safety orange ID increases visibility in busy work environments.

Best Features:

  • Made from 100% FR cotton
  • Meets NFPA 2112 and ASTM 1506 standards
  • Comfortable, relaxed fit
  • Two button-closure flap pockets and pencil stall
  • Safety orange outside ID for enhanced visibility


  • Reliable flame resistance
  • Comfortable and relaxed fit
  • High visibility with safety orange ID
  • Practical utility pockets
  • Good value for the price


  • May not hold up under intense welding

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7. Just In Trend Welding Shirts

Just In Trend Welding Shirts

Just In Trend is a fresh brand making waves among welders. It’s a heavy-weight shirt made to keep sparks at bay. These shirts are cut from 9 oz/cm2 fabric and have an ATPV rating of 13 cal/cm2 which is excellent. It comes at a fair price and works better than many expensive choices.

It’s thick and stiff. It will take a few washes to loosen up the fabric. It’s not a summer-wear welding shirt but it will keep you nice and warm during the winters as 9 oz/cm2 is quite heavy for a shirt. It’s available from size small to 7XL which is a wider range than most of the shirts in our list. It’s mercerized cotton which is meant to prevent shrinkage.

However, a few customers have noticed shrinkage which is normal for a pure cotton welding shirt. We love the pearl snaps that are provided inside of buttons. You can choose from 5 color options. They also feature reinforcements on the neck and shoulders. There are two pockets on the front with a flap open which prevents the sparks from getting in. It’s also ASTM F1506 certified to protect you from Arc flash and NFPA 2112 certified from flash fire.

Best Features:

  • Made from 9 oz of cotton twill
  • APTV rating 13 cal/cm2
  • NFPA 2112 certified
  • ASTM F1506 certified
  • Size: S to 4X large
  • Two roomy front pockets


  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly flame resistant
  • Thick and warm


  • The material is thick and rough
  • Not good for summers

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8. Black Stallion Welding Shirts

Black Stallion Welding Shirts

Up next, this welding jacket from Black Stallion, meant for both men, and women is one best options for those who want style and protection. Made from 9oz flame-resistant cotton, it guards against sparks and heat. It features a standup collar, adjustable waist straps, and snap closures at the front and wrists for a secure, comfortable fit.

This jacket stands out with its design. The royal blue color with flame graphics looks great and makes you more visible at work. It also has dual scribe pockets and an inside zippered pocket for convenience.

Best Features:

  • Made from 9oz flame-resistant treated cotton
  • Standup welder’s collar with adjustable snap options
  • Adjustable waist straps and snap front/wrists
  • Royal blue with contrasting flame graphics
  • Dual scribe pockets and inside zippered pocket


  • Stylish and protective design
  • Excellent flame resistance
  • Convenient pocket features
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable fit for better comfort


  • Not ideal for overhead welding

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9. Lincoln Welding Shirts

Lincoln Welding Shirts

Though these shirts are expensive, the Lincoln Electric welding shirts have always been a welder’s choice because of their exceptional quality and durability. Made of 9 ounces of FIRE retardant cotton these shirts feature ample room for improved maneuverability and protection against flames, welding spatters, and heat.

The shirt features an additional layer of reinforcement in the shoulders, neck, and cuffs. This double lining adds an extra layer of prevention in the high-contact areas. Even it has chrome-plated metal snaps which are adjustable and protects your wrists from heat and spatter. The ergonomic design adds strength in the most vulnerable areas while keeping you cool in the torso region where you need it the most.

These shirts are anti-static treated and resistant to mildew growth. The stiff collars can be flipped up for better neck protection. It also features two large front pockets with metal snap closures. These shirts are not pre-washed so they will shrink after the first 2-3 washes. So, you better keep this in mind while deciding on the size. The only disappointment is there’s no more color option.

Best Features:

  • Made of 9 ounces of FR retardant cotton
  • Reinforcement in the shoulders, neck, and cuffs
  • Chrome-plated metal snaps
  • Mildew and anti-static treated
  • Machine washable
  • NFPA 2112 certified
  • Size: Small to 3X large


  • Great quality and durable
  • Good for work
  • Resistant to mildew growth


  • Expensive

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10. Knox Welding Shirts

Knox Welding Shirts

Knox FR Shirts are safe, comfortable, and stylish. Made from soft twill fabric, these flame-resistant shirts meet the NFPA2112 standard. They protect against flash fires and electrical arcs.

Reinforced snap buttons and double stitching make these shirts durable for industrial use. The shirts have greater arm mobility technology, keeping the cuffs down and improving movement. This is helpful for welders who need to move freely while working. The flame-resistant properties are inherent and won’t wash out over time, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Best Features:

  • Made from soft twill fabric
  • Meets NFPA2112 standard
  • Reinforced snap buttons and double stitching
  • Greater arm mobility technology
  • Inherent flame-resistant properties


  • High-quality and durable
  • Comfortable with good mobility
  • Reliable flame resistance
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for various industrial uses


  • Limited size options

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Best Welding Shirts: Buying Guide

Welding shirts have a special purpose, they are no ordinary shirts, and hence the selection process is also different.

If you don’t know it already, FR means fire resistant and not fireproof. Fire resistant means the shirts can catch fire but they can resist it or slow down the process to some degree which lets you time long enough to get to safety or remove the clothing to avoid or minimize the chances of burn injuries.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind while buying a welding shirt.

1. FR Welding Shirts or “FLame retardant” Welding Shirts

If you’re browsing online, you’ve probably seen many stylish welding shirts. However, if you don’t see the “FR” or “flame retardant” tag, it’s not suitable for welding or industrial work. Without the FR tag, it’s just a regular shirt for casual wear, lacking the necessary safety features.

A welding shirt with an FR tag has undergone rigorous tests to meet safety standards. This tag indicates it meets safety requirements set by authorities. Shirts without the FR tag can catch fire easily and don’t offer any protection.

2. ATPV Rating

ATPV is the abbreviation of  Arc Thermal Protection Value. ATPV is the amount of heat resistance capacity of a garment to prevent a second-degree burn which is measured in calories per centimeter square. It is based on the total weight of the garment.

An ATPV rating of 7 means that the garment can resist catching fire when exposed to a heat level of 7 cal/cm2 for 2 seconds. These results are based on laboratory experiments and in real life can vary depending on the workplace. The motive behind setting these safety standards is to buy you time as you notice some hazards and take measurements to eliminate any injuries.

3. Fabric

Welding shirts are mostly made out of pure cotton. Look for a flame-retardant cotton welding shirt. The reason most welding shirts are made of cotton is that cotton is breathable and comfortable. However, some shirts may use some nylon or polyester mix. Whatever material you buy, make sure it’s flame-resistant. Also, check every detail regarding the material so you don’t end up wasting your money.

4. Design And Construction

Welding shirts have some specific features

  • Nomex thread stitching which is fire-resistant
  • They have long sleeves for better protection
  • multiple adjustable cuff fasteners
  • Made of anti-static treated fabric
  • Uses natural materials like cotton, denim, and twill
  • They have metal, wood, or shell for buttons
  • Heavy-duty buttons or spans. Snaps are preferable because they are easier to use
  • Welding shirts have flaps on pockets to keep things protected
  • Feature longer tails to keep them tucked in

5. Size

Another thing that you must check is the right fit for your body type. It would be best if you could wear a tailor-made shirt. But that might not be possible. So you need to carefully check the dimensions from the description box. The best way to decide on your size is to take the measurement of any casual shirt that you wear.

It’s always a good idea to keep some extra space for a range of motions which welders need a lot. Also, keep in mind that cotton shirts can shrink a bit after a few washes. So, you also need to keep that in mind.

Usually, welding shirts come in a variety of sizes from S to 3X and sometimes more. If you a brand runs one size smaller in size choose a size that is larger than your actual size and vice versa.

6. Design And Other Considerations

There are plenty of different types of welding shirts that feature different styles and designs. But when you buy a welding shirt, it shouldn’t be only because of its design. You should also look for the material, fabric, and FR certifications which are more important factors than design and style. Remember. safety is above all. Here are some more factors to keep in mind:

The breathability of your shirt is important as it helps you keep you all cool and comfortable. Look for reinforcements like double-line stitching and double layering at stress points. Some shirts have moisture-wicking technology to help you keep dry. You might also want to look for fabric treatments like treatments for mildew growth and anti-static treatments. Choose a design that’s consistent with the rest of the style. And choose an appropriate color and style according to your uniform.

Welding Shirts – FAQs

1. What fabric shirt is most recommended for welding?

Ans: So far cotton is the best material for welding. Pure cotton FR-treated welding shirts are resistant to molten splashes, spatters, and flames. They are chemically treated to withstand the heat and flames which occur during welding. Moreover, cotton is breathable, lightweight and a comfortable alternative to leather.

2. What fabric is not recommended for welding?

Ans: During welding, a welder should always avoid clothing made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and polyester blends since they catch fire very easily and can cause serious burn injuries. Instead, choose fire-resistive fabrics like cotton, twill, leather, and Nomex.

3. Can You weld in a 100% cotton shirt?

Ans: Pure cotton shirts that are labelled as Fire Resistant or “FR” are safe to wear while welding. However, you cannot wear any cotton shirts available in the market. For a cotton shirt to be called safe for welding shirts it has to be chemically treated to be fire-resistant or flame resistant.


When it comes to welding, your safety gear should be your top concern. Make sure to choose protective clothing carefully, keeping both safety and comfort in mind. Look for welding shirts with an “FR” tag and made from natural fabrics like cotton, denim, or twill. Safety should always come before style.Here are some top recommendations:

  • Titicaca Welding Shirts: These shirts are made of 100% cotton and are FR certified, meeting NFPA 2112 and CAT II standards for OSHA-regulated workshops. They offer excellent overall protection.
  • BOCOMAL Welding Shirts: These shirts are lightweight and breathable, perfect for summer welding. Made of 100% cotton, they have an ATPV rating of 8.2 cal/cm2, providing reliable protection.

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