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10 Best Oil Additive Reviews

An oil additive is a crucial component designed to elevate the protective and operational capabilities of your engine’s oil to significantly enhance your vehicle’s overall health.

To navigate this complex market and identify the best oil additives, we embarked on a detailed journey of testing and evaluation, collaborating closely with automotive experts and mechanical engineers.

Our rigorous process aimed to sift through the myriad options, pinpointing those formulations that truly make a difference in engine performance. Three factors that helped us shortlist the final list of the best oil additives include

  • Friction and Temperature Resistance: Select oil additives that minimize engine friction and withstand high temperatures, typically available from premium brands.
  • Quantity: Consider buying a slightly larger quantity of oil additive to account for potential spillage and future maintenance needs.
  • Packaging Type: Choose oil additives with user-friendly packaging, such as tubes or containers with extended necks, to ease the application process.

This article not only guides you through the top 10 best oil additives selected through our comprehensive testing but also provides a detailed “Buying Guide” to aid in your decision-making process.

Best Oil Additive

Oil AdditiveQuantityPackaging TypeBuy Now
Archoil Oil Additive16 ozStandard ContainerCheck On Amazon
REV X Oil Additive4 ozSmall ContainerCheck On Amazon
Tribo TEX Oil Additive-Tube-type packagingCheck On Amazon
Lucas Oil Additive16 ozContainer with NozzleCheck On Amazon
XADO Oil Additive7.61 ozBasic canisterCheck On Amazon
Comp Cams Oil Additive12 ozCanister with elongated openingCheck On Amazon
ZDDPlus Oil Additive‎8 ozBasic canisterCheck On Amazon
Rislone Oil Additive16.9 ozBasic canisterCheck On Amazon
BG Oil Additive11 ozBasic canisterCheck On Amazon
Aircraft Specialties Oil Additive-Canister with elongated openingCheck On Amazon

Best Oil Additive Reviews

1. Archoil Oil Additive

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive

It is usually a good idea to go with a reliable brand for a product like oil additive for your expensive bike or car. Brands like Archoil are trusted by many for their maintenance products.

Coming in the 1st position, we have the most popular oil additive available for right now. The Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive is more of a friction modifier that can take care of basic engine issues like friction and performance along with some major issues like cold starts and even injector problems. This is the right option for large engines measuring up to 7.3 liters in size.

The Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive is assured to minimize the wear and tear occurring between moving engine parts as it reduces the friction between moving components. And with that, it also reduces the engine noises and other irritating problems. These oil additives work with both gas as well as diesel engines. Plus, it is also compatible with special machines like gearboxes, hydraulic, and other complicated mechanisms.

Best Features

  • 16 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a standard container
  • Preferred choice of a lot of buyers
  • Suitable for up to 7 liters engines


  • One of the most reliable options in the market
  • Takes care of severe engine problems
  • Reduces formation of harmful exhaust gasses


  • Bit of an overkill for basic engines

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2. REV X Oil Additive

REV X Oil Additive

REV X is also a popular choice of brand for automotive maintenance products like oil additives and lubricants. It is one of the most common products used by professional mechanics.

The REV X is yet another great choice present at the 2nd position on our list of the best oil additives. This is a rather premium compound as you will only get 4 oz of oil in a pack. But with the given chemical properties, it is probably more than enough for most applications. One bottle of the REV X Oil Additive is good enough for nearly 6 quarts of engine oil.

The REV X Oil Additive is created to offer many benefits like reduction in engine noise, cleaning of potentially harmful deposits, and reducing friction at a microscopic level. It can also remove stiction which is pretty common in HEUI injectors despite being free from any harmful chemical components. Therefore, the REV X Oil Additive will surely extend the life of your engine and increase its overall performance noticeably.

Best Features

  • 4 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a small container
  • Capable of reducing stiction
  • 1 bottle is enough for up to 6 quarts of engine oil


  • Suitable for multiple applications
  • Premium quality oil additive
  • Offers many great results


  • Quantity is too low for the price

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3. TriboTEX Oil AdditiveTriboTEX Oil Additive 

Unlike most other options present in the market for an oil additive, TriboTEX is offering a unique and even more premium solution for one right here. Even though this is a smaller unit, it is designed for special purpose applications.

The TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive is our 3rd choice for the best oil additives present in the market right now. It is more of an overall engine treatment solution offered in a compact tube-type package. And since this is a highly premium option, it is even more important to carefully apply the additive without any spillage or loss. The nanoparticles in the TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive offer the best results for a wide range of oil additive benefits.

First of all, it can revert your engine back to its original performance along with a noticeable decrease in engine noises. And, it can also effectively reverse the wear and tear in bearing by creating a diamond-shaped carbon coating around its surface. It is also universally compatible with all types of engine oils and can be used with older as well as newer engine models.

Best Features

  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Comes in tube-type packaging
  • It can reverse wear and tear on bearings
  • Nanoparticle formula for best results


  • Application is easy and safe
  • Little to no chance of additive loss
  • Universally compatible with all engine oils


  • Very expensive oil additive, especially for basic applications

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4. Lucas Oil Additive

Lucas Oil Additive

Now that you are familiar with what no budget limit can buy you, let us take a look at what’s good for you under a tight budget. This option from Lucas Oil is probably the cheapest oil additive you will come across today.

The Lucas Oil 10063 Oil Additive is one of the, if not the most, affordable options you will find on our list today. Still, you will receive 16 oz of oil in a package which is more than what many premium brands are offering right now. Plus, you will also notice a compact nozzle on the top of the Lucas Oil 10063 Oil Additive container, making it easier to apply for experienced as well as novice users.

This option is more suited for vehicles that do not face the hardships of a rough street on a daily basis. It is made up of extreme pressure additives and some important chemicals like zinc, assuring its results after application. You can also use it as an additive for the camshaft of your engine to improve its performance along with the fuel efficiency of the engine.

Best Features

  • 16 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a standard container with a nozzle
  • Includes zinc as one of the major chemicals
  • Made with extreme pressure additives


  • Easy to use for most users
  • Cheapest option on this list
  • Quantity is pretty good


  • Not an idea choice for routine transport vehicles

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5. XADO Oil Additive

XADO Oil Additive

If quantity is one of the important factors for you, stop right here. The engine oil additive set from XADO will offer you a great quantity of oil additives along with multiple packs to make it ideal for storage.

The XADO engine oil additive is also coming from one of the dedicated brands for oil additives and lubricants as you can find a variety of options from this brand, each one designated for a certain type of application. You will get a special oil additive for heavy vehicles, commercial SUVs, diesel trucks, and many others. This oil additive from XADO is capable of restoring the surface of internal engine parts by washing out the remains after the eventual wear and tear.

Apart from that, it can also repair the gas compression capacity of your engine chamber, ultimately increasing the fuel efficiency and being highly compressed is more potent than an improper air-fuel mixture. With that, you can also expect your engine to perform well and avoid overheating and overloading in spite of heavy-usage.

Best Features

  • 61 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a basic canister
  • Comes with revitalizant
  • Specially designed for specific applications


  • Quantity is pretty good for the price
  • Restores original surface of engine parts
  • Increases fuel efficiency


  • Only suitable for gasoline engines

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6. COMP Cams Oil Additive

COMP Cams Oil Additive

COMP, mainly popular for large quantities of engine components, also produces oil additives that can be a suitable choice for your vehicle. It is also a budget option compared to what we have seen so far.

The COMP Oil Additive is also one of the fine choices to take overall care of your engine. It is made up with both zinc and phosphorus as main components, offering great engine performance along with minimal friction levels needed for smooth running of the unit. For best results, make sure you apply the COMP Oil Additive on piston rings, valve guides, lifters, and other moving parts of your engine.

It can also prevent special engine parts like flat tappets and even valve trains. With the ZDDP chemical composition, it can easily remove even the most hard-settled corrosion. As for the compatibility, the COMP Oil Additive can be used with almost any type of engine, whether it is a gasoline, methanol, or even high-octane race fuel.

Best Features

  • 12 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a canister with elongated opening
  • Suitable for all engine parts
  • No additional additives are needed


  • Fully compatible with all types of engines
  • ZDDP chemical composition for great performance
  • Great quantity for the price


  • Some other options are a bit more affordable

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7. ZDDP Oil Additive

ZDDP Oil Additive

For storage, it is probably better to buy multiple canisters of oil additives at once and keep the additional ones for future applications. ZDDPlus is also offering a similar choice for an oil additive on this list.

The ZDDPlus Engine Oil Additive is also a great option if you are looking for frequent oil additive applications throughout the year. You will get a set of 2 oil additive containers in the package, offering 4 oz of quantity on each. So, you are probably set for a year or 2 as far as your oil additive needs are concerned. It also has zinc and phosphorus compounds to increase the potency of the compound.

Even with the small quantity, it is still a good option as a single 4 oz bottle of ZDDPlus Engine Oil Additive is good enough for 4 to 6 quarts of engine oil. The chemical compound used for ZDDPlus Engine Oil Additive is especially beneficial for older car models whose engine has seen better days. You can also use the ZDDPlus Engine Oil Additive on high-performance engines dating back to 1989.

Best Features

  • 8 oz total oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a basic canister
  • Suitable for very old engine models
  • Compatible with synthetic and standard motor oils


  • It has zinc and phosphorus chemicals
  • Suitable for older car models
  • One bottle is suitable for 4 to 6 quarts of engine oil


  • Not the best option for newer models that don’t need such a powerful additive

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8. Rislone Oil Additive

Rislone Oil Additive

Rislone is also offering a great option for an oil additive as far as the quality as well as quantity of the product is considered. Apart from the oil additives, Rislone also makes a variety of other maintenance products that you can check out.

The Rislone Nano Prime engine oil is also one of the fine options we have for general-purpose application within an affordable price range. This unit comes with 16.9 oz oil additive, making it arguably the best option today in terms of quantity. And for the quality, the Rislone Nano Prime engine oil is  synthetic motor oil that can be used for all types of vehicles without any drawbacks or limitations on results.

The base synthetic oil of the Rislone Nano Prime engine oil helps to improve the mileage of your engine along with its performance and decreases the overall harmful exhaust emissions. And if you are worried about compatibility, don’t be. The Rislone Nano Prime engine oil is compatible with almost all types of engine oils of varying viscosity levels.

Best Features

  • 9 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a basic canister
  • Compatible with most engine oils
  • Synthetic additives are included in the formula


  • Great in terms of quantity as well as quality
  • It is a synthetic motor oil
  • Takes care of most common engine problems


  • Not suitable for special-purpose engine issues

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9. BG Oil Additive

BG Oil Additive

BG is one of the lesser known brands present on our list today due to its limited coverage on maintenance products such as oil additives. However, it is pretty popular for other product categories such as fishing equipment and even home appliances.

The BG MOA Motor Oil Additive is yet another ideal option available on our list that is suitable for a long shelf life. It is possible with the BG MOA Motor Oil Additive since it arrives in a pack of 3 bottles of oil additives, measuring up to 33 oz oil additive in total. Thus, you can start using additives from one of these 3 units, keeping the remaining 2 bottles perfectly safe and sealed until needed.

The BG MOA Motor Oil Additive also manages to offer superior and long-lasting results when it comes to engine performance. Once mixed with the engine oil, the BG MOA Motor Oil Additive increases its oil pressure by making the compound thicker than before. So, you can trust the performance of your engine even under a heavy-load.

Best Features

  • 11 oz oil additive quantity available with each bottle
  • Comes in a basic canister
  • Comes in a pack of 3 bottles
  • Superior and long-lasting performance


  • Extends engine life
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Safe for future applications


  • Quantity might be too much for some buyers

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10. Aircraft Specialties Oil Additive

Aircraft Specialties Oil Additive

We will end our selection of the best oil additives with another budget option from ASL. This is a quite versatile brand as it distributes a wide range automotive as well as general-purpose maintenance products.

The CamGuard Oil Additive is yet another powerful oil additive available on our selection today. It is basically a mixture of multiple high-performance additives, created to provide the best protection to your engine. So, it can easily deal with common engine issues like internal corrosion, elemental deposits, and most importantly, internal wear and tear. What’s more important is that the CamGuard Oil Additive is specially designed for piston aircraft engines, so you can get an idea about its potency.

Once you have conditioned the engine with CamGuard Oil Additive, you don’t have to worry about its health, even if it is non-functional for a long period of time. The advanced anti-wear additives on the CamGuard Oil Additive can significantly reduce wear and tear commonly seen in components like cams, lifters, rings, and valve guides.

Best Features

  • 16 oz oil additive quantity available in the pack
  • Comes in a canister with elongated opening
  • Designed for piston aircraft engines
  • Prevents premature engine overhauling


  • Highly powerful oil additive
  • It is a mixture of multiple high-performance oil additives
  • Takes care of your engine completely


  • Quantity should have been a bit higher

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How to Choose the Best Oil Additive for Your Engine?

Choosing the best oil additive for your vehicle involves understanding your engine’s needs and the specific benefits that different additives offer. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Chemical Properties

The effectiveness of an oil additive largely depends on its chemical composition, with elements like zinc and phosphorus playing key roles. Zinc enhances engine performance, beneficial for older engines, while phosphorus reduces friction. Choosing a well-regarded additive, proven by widespread user experience, can ensure optimal performance enhancement.

2. Range of Effects

When selecting an oil additive, assess its promised benefits, ensuring they align with your vehicle’s needs. Effective additives can offer a variety of improvements, including reduced friction, cleaner engine components, enhanced performance, and corrosion prevention. Ideally, a versatile additive should provide multiple benefits, making it a cost-effective solution for boosting engine health without the need for additional products.

3. Fuel Efficiency

Oil additives play a crucial role in enhancing an engine’s fuel efficiency. As engines age, increased friction and internal wear can lead to higher fuel consumption. By reducing friction, the right oil additive ensures the engine operates more smoothly, potentially improving mileage and making even premium additives a cost-effective choice over time through savings on fuel.

4. Quantity

Before purchasing an oil additive, consider the required quantity for your vehicle, whether it’s a small bike or a larger truck or RV. Our recommendations include the quantity offered, simplifying your selection process. Additionally, oil additives often come in multi-pack options, ideal for those planning ahead for future maintenance. With a long shelf life, unopened oil additives can be stored until needed, ensuring you always have some on hand for your next oil change.

Oil Additives – FAQs

1. What does an oil additive do?

Ans: Oil additives enhance engine performance by reducing friction, cleaning deposits, and improving fuel efficiency, leading to smoother operation.

2. Can oil additives increase fuel efficiency?

Ans: Yes, by reducing engine friction, oil additives can lead to noticeable improvements in fuel efficiency over time.

3. Are oil additives compatible with all types of engines?

Ans: Most oil additives are designed for broad compatibility, but always check product specifications for any specific engine type restrictions.

4. How often should I use oil additives in my engine?

Ans: It’s generally recommended to use oil additives with every oil change to maintain continuous benefits, but follow the specific product’s guidance.

5. Can oil additives repair damaged engines?

Ans: While oil additives can improve engine performance and extend life, they cannot repair significant mechanical damage.

6. Do oil additives have any negative effects on engines?

Ans: When used as directed, high-quality oil additives should not have negative effects, but overuse or incorrect application can lead to issues.

7. How do I choose the right oil additive for my vehicle?

Ans: Consider your vehicle’s engine type, age, and specific needs like fuel efficiency or wear protection, and choose an additive that addresses those concerns.

8. Can I mix different oil additives together?

Ans: It’s not recommended to mix different additives, as their chemical compositions might not be compatible and could reduce effectiveness.

9. Will using an oil additive void my vehicle’s warranty?

Ans: Using oil additives generally doesn’t void warranties, but it’s wise to check your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure.

10. How much oil additive should I add to my engine?

Ans: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the additive package, as the correct amount varies based on the product and engine size.


Oil additives improve engine performance, cleanliness, and fuel efficiency. Key selection criteria include effectiveness, compatibility, and the specific needs of your engine.

  • Lucas Oil Additive offers an affordable zinc-based solution, enhancing performance with a generous 16 oz volume, ideal for bigger needs.
  • TriboTEX Oil Additive is a premium, nanoparticle-infused additive for quieter, smoother engine functionality, compatible with all engine types and oils, requiring minimal quantity.
  • BG Oil Additive, sold in a 3-pack, is great for long-term use, extending engine life and minimizing wear, catering to various application needs.

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