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Top 9 Best Muffler for 4 Cylinder for Cars Reviews

There is a common misconception in the market regarding exhaust mufflers. Many people believe that mufflers are solely used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle. However, in reality, these auto parts have a wide range of capabilities beyond aesthetics.

Some vehicles can produce quite loud and unpleasant sounds during this process, and this is where the exhaust muffler comes into play as a silencer. But the muffler’s function goes beyond just reducing noise. It can significantly enhance the engine’s performance and control back pressure. It’s important to note that mufflers aren’t only used for silencing exhaust noise. In racing cars, mufflers are strategically employed to increase horsepower by regulating backpressure. Interestingly, this can even amplify the exhaust sound beyond its original level.

Now, let’s delve into some in-depth research and analysis we’ve conducted on 4-cylinder engines. We’ve identified some top-notch mufflers in the market. However, before we get into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand the key features you should always consider when searching for the best exhaust muffler.

  • Positions: As many of us may already know, there are numerous options available in the aftermarket when it comes to exhaust mufflers. Every manufacturer has their unique designs based on their innovation and research. However, some basic designs are commonly used across the board when it comes to positioning the inlet and outlet of the muffler. One of these common designs is the center inlet and center outlet configuration. This is considered one of the most balanced and widely used positions. Another option is the offset inlet and center outlet configuration, which is used when it’s not possible to fit the muffler in the center of the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable first to understand the location of your exhaust system and then choose the position of your muffler accordingly. This will ensure that it fits and functions optimally in your specific setup.
  • Sizes: Here, if we are talking about the Sizes of the exhaust muffler, it means Size includes the Inlet diameter and outlet diameter, which is a vital point according to the compatibility of the muffler, Both the inlet and outlet diameter need to match with the Exhaust system pipes. Other than these, size also includes the length of the muffler As the length of the muffler decides the output of the sound it also ensures your vehicle space buying extra inches in length more than your vehicle size will be a waste of resources for you. Some also consider the shape of the muffler like oval, rectangular, etc. in size aspect.

So, at the end of the above discussion, we can conclude that the best Muffler for you that fulfills all the properties of your vehicle exhaust system matches the muffler diameter, meets the length requirement of your vehicle, and last but not least, the quality of sound quality you want from the muffler. Still, to make your work easier here, we have mentioned our Top 9 Mufflers that meets all the primary requirements and offer you features too. We have also added a detailed “Buyer’s Guide” for better understanding as well.

Best Mufflers for 4 Cylinder Table

Muffler for 4 CylinderFitment SizeProduct Dimensions
Thrush Muffler for 4 CylinderInlet - offset
Outlet- Centered
Body Length – 14 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Overall length – 18.5 inches
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Flowmaster Muffler for 4 CylinderInlet - Center
Outlet -Center
Body Length – 6.5 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Overall length – 12.5 inches
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DC Sports Muffler for 4 Cylinder-Inlet Diameter – 2.25 inches
Outlet Diameter – 3.25 inches
Overall length – 16.25 inches
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MagnaFlow Muffler for 4 CylinderInlet - Center
Outlet - offset

Body Length – 14 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Overall length – 20 inches
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Cherry Bomb Muffler for 4 Cylinder-Body Length – 18 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Overall length – 23 inches
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Borla Muffler for 4 CylinderInlet - offset
Outlet - Centered
Body Length – 14 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Overall length – 19 inches
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Upower Muffler for 4 Cylinder2 – 2.75 inchesBody Length – 18 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.5 inches
Overall length – 22 inches
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ESPEEDER Muffler for 4 Cylinder-Inlet Diameter – 4 inches
Outlet Diameter – 4 inches
Overall length – 13.7 inches
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Walker Muffler for 4 CylinderInlet - Center
Outlet - offset
Body Length – 18 inches
Inlet Diameter – 2.25 inches
Outlet Diameter – 2.25 inches
Overall length – 21.5 inches
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Best Mufflers for 4 Cylinder Reviews

1. Thrush Muffler for 4 CylinderThrush Muffler for 4 Cylinder

Thrush has successfully completed the 50-year journey in the race for the best muffler in the market. So, trust and quality are where you can blindly trust this brand. This is Why Thrush Innovation has brought up this Muffler in the first place in our listing.

So Thrush has efficiently managed to give their best muffler that offers classic exhaust sound and reduces the unnecessary sound of engine crawling. This is possible due to its Muffler positioning, where the offset inlet and center position outlet are fitted. The only body length of the muffler is 14 inches, and if we consider the whole muffler, then it is nearly 18.5 inches. With such a long length, it manages to perform best in its segment. The Exhaust system that is compatible with this muffler should have 2.5 inches of inlet diameter, and you get the same 2.5 inches of diameter in the outlet.

While talking about the aesthetic appearance of this Thrush muffler, it has won the hearts of many users because it has a fully aluminized coated body that ensures the longevity of this product. The upper side has a spun lock for the robust design. The installation process is something that can give you trouble here as it is weld-on type so you need professional help to do so.

Best Features

  • The length offered by this Exhaust muffler is 18.5 inches long.
  • The fitting position for this muffler is one offset inlet, and the outlet is centrally located.
  • The Inlet diameter of this muffler accepts 2 inches of exhaust system pipe and outlet diameter also has the same diameter of 2.5 inches.


  • The entire body is coated with aluminized material, and the spun lock offers excessive security for this muffler.
  • It absorbs the engine’s sounds and provides a classic growl in exhaust noise.
  • The reverse flow is possible and enhances the customization option.
  • One of the best mufflers in this price range, No one beats this muffler when compared with the price aspect.


  • The exhaust noise is not as loud as required, so louder sound lovers may be disappointed with this Muffler.

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2. Flowmaster Muffler for 4 CylinderFlowmaster Muffler for 4 Cylinder

The next muffler on our top exhaust muffler list is designed by Flowmaster. Flowmaster offers more than 20 types of mufflers in the market. This brand was established in 1983 and has earned the trust of its customers.

Flowmaster mufflers have become quite popular in the market, mainly because of their aggressive exhaust noise and louder growling on highways. Both the inlet and outlet of this muffler are positioned in the center. This muffler is relatively compact, with a body length of only 6.5 inches, but an overall length of 12.5 inches. It’s important to note that the inlet diameter is 2.5 inches, indicating that your exhaust system pipe should also match this size.

Despite its simple oval shape design, this muffler comes with a range of advanced features and is built with high-quality materials. Flowmaster has used 409-grade stainless steel to ensure a longer lifespan and add anti-corrosive properties to the muffler. The type of muffler used by Flowmaster is the chambered flow type. In this design, multiple chambers tune the sound waves by canceling out reflective waves through the principle of destructive interference. However, in this single-chambered design, there are fewer obstacles for sound waves to face, resulting in a more aggressive sound output.

Best Features

  • This uses the latest Delta flow technology for effective performance.
  • The fitting position offered by this muffler for the inlet and outlet are both in a centered location.
  • The Flowmaster 842515 Super 10 is compatible with a 2.5-inch Exhaust system and provides an outlet diameter of 2.5 inches.


  • The material used for manufacturing this muffler is a high-quality stainless steel material.
  • This Muffler is designed especially for the off-road and racing vehicle type segment.
  • Limited restriction chambered design provided the most aggressive and deep exhaust sound.


  • Many users found difficulties while installing this Muffler.

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3. DC Sports Muffler for 4 CylinderDC Sports Muffler for 4 Cylinder

Next comes our favourite from the DC Sport Ex-5016 muffler. There is no doubt that auto or car lovers are unaware of this popular brand DC Sport. Their entry into the market was chaos everywhere as they came into the picture in 1987 working with American Honda.

DC Sport always comes with some innovative design in their product, Similarly, Their Ex-5016 Muffler qualifies for all the requirements of the best exhaust muffler. The longer-length muffler is the straight perforated pipe from the inside with a 16.25 overall muffler length. This effective length offers less restriction to the flow of the exhaust gasses, due to which more horsepower is added to the engine, and also, you will get deeper and louder sound compared to other types. Along with this, you will have an inlet diameter of 2.25 inches and an outlet diameter of 3.25 inches for extra sound amplification.

Let’s talk about the aesthetic appearance of this muffler. The shape DC Sport has designed is a rounded shape muffler. Which is totally made from American Standard T304 grade high-quality Stainless Steel material. Also, the tips are resonated at the end. The muffler type under which this came is a straight-through type muffler. The installation for this muffler is like a few minutes of work, all possible due to the Clamping mechanism based on 3 bolts only.

Best Features

  • The straight perforated pipe with a long length of 16.25 inches provides aggressive and deeper sound
  • The Inlet size Diameter is 2.5 inches, and the outlet is somewhat broader by 3.25 inches for effective sound quality.
  • This DC muffler can control the back pressure, which will add excessive horsepower and enhance engine performance.


  • The Entire body is made up of the American standard high-quality Stainless Steel material for more durability.
  • The resonant Tip offers an extra deeper sound.
  • The installation only uses 3 bolts built-in foundation mechanism for connectivity.


  • Depending on only 3 bolts, foundation sounds unsecure.

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4. MagnaFlow Muffler for 4 CylinderMagnaFlow Muffler for 4 Cylinder

This is one of the old-era manufacturers of exhaust auto parts with 35+ years of experience in the market. But now the cards have totally changed. This brand has adopted all the latest technologies and uses robotic automation for product development.

This Latest innovative design muffler looks like a turbo performance muffler, but actually, it is not. The design has a straight-through perforated core inside the muffler. Now, this perforated aluminium core has been covered with the high-temperature bearing packing material that maintains the seamless flow of the exhaust flow and provides a deeper and cleaner sound experience. The inlet is centrally located, and the outlet is designed to offset the location on this muffler. In terms of length, This is one of the longest in length mufflers, with a total of 20 inches in length and 2.5 inches of inlet and outlet diameter, respectively.

The shape that MagnaFlow has decided to come up with for their muffler is an Oval shape structure. But don’t be confused about it, This is a through-type muffler from the inside. The body uses the stainless steel material for more durability and avoids rusting of the material. They are popular for the deeper and resonated exhaust noise.The installation needed professional help as this support weld on connectivity.

Best Features

  • The magnaFlow muffler uses their Dyno-proven technology to enhance the power capabilities and performance of the engine.
  • The length offered by this muffler is 20 inches long for deeper sound generation.
  • The Exhaust muffler is compatible with a 2.5-inch inlet diameter exhaust system and provides 2.5 inches of outlet diameter.


  • The body of the exhaust muffler is made from a perforated stainless steel core and the outer body also uses SS material.
  • The Outer layer of the muffler is covered with acoustic fiber packing providing deeper sound.
  • The body of this MagnaFlow muffler is designed in such a way that it controls the exhaust pressure and improves the performance of the engine.


  • This muffler is a very expensive choice compared to other competitors.

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5. Cherry Bomb Muffler for 4 CylinderCherry Bomb Muffler for 4 Cylinder

The next performer here in the best muffler is the simplest but popular developed by Cherry Bomb. This brand was first designed for hotrods and muscle cars, and after some years, they introduced their first muffler in 1968. So they are old players in this race. Their other products include performance, Turbo, and almost all types of mufflers.

There are chances that you have never seen such a long Muffler, almost 23 inches long. There are the straightforward perforated stainless steel pipes designed to offer less restriction in the flow of exhaust gasses, which improves the performance of the engine and increases horsepower. Other than this inlet and outlet diameters of the exhaust muffler are 2.5 inches each. If you are more looking towards aggressive growling and deeper sound, then this muffler is a perfect match for you.

The type of muffler Cherry bomb design is a straight-through type muffler. The Muffler uses stainless steel material for a longer run and durability. Plus, It has a coating of red color that also prevents the rusting of material, an added safety layer. This muffler has capabilities of controlling the pressure so that the muffler can carry large flow exhaust and gives you extra aggressiveness. Due to its robust design, this muffler is quite suitable for off-road vehicles.

Best Features

  • The length of the exhaust muffler is 23 inches long overall for an aggressive and deeper sound.
  • The Diameter of the muffler for the inlet and outlet connection is 2.5 inches.
  • Controlling the back pressure and less restriction for exhaust flow improves performance and adds some extra horsepower to the machine.


  • The quality is maintained by using high-quality stainless steel material and coated with red color to prevent rusting.
  • Cherry bomb mufflers come in a very affordable price range.
  • The installation does not require heavy effort.


  • The design is very basic and the quality is not up to mark as compared to other high-end mufflers in this listing.

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6. Borla Muffler for 4 CylinderBorla Muffler for 4 Cylinder

Another underrated but powerful muffler we are introducing is the Borla 40358. Talking about the history of this Borla brand, it first came in 1978 when Borla developed the exhaust system for the Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. And from there, they have only one step toward success.

The simple design but premium segment Muffler has been designed uniquely so that any vehicle type can benefit from this muffler. You will see an offset inlet of diameter 2.5 inches and a center-located outlet of the same 2.5 inches. This arrangement is preferable where the exhaust system has less spacing. But this high-end Borla 40358 has a design especially for the truck’s vehicle type.

Looking at the shape of this muffler, it is an oval shape design. The most notable thing is they have used unnotched stainless steel, that high durable material and anti-corrosive too. Like others, Installation needs professional support as it supports the weld-on type of installation, but this is a more secure connectivity option available.

Best Features

  • The length of the exhaust muffler is 19 inches long including inlet and outlet.
  • The inlet is in an offset position with a 2.5-inch diameter and provides an outlet diameter of 2.5 inches
  • The design is reversible so can be used on any side for installation, improving product flexibility.


  • This Muffler uses unnotched stainless steel material for durability.
  • The body is resistant to corrosion.
  • Borla uses high-temperature bearing acoustic material sheets for better tuning of sound quality.


  • The 2.5 inches of inlet diameter sometimes gets too short for offroad trucks and big-size trucks.

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7. Upower Muffler for 4 CylinderUpower Muffler for 4 Cylinder

Our next product in the top exhaust muffler list is a product developed by Upower, Upower has completed 20-plus years in the automotive parts market. They are one of the biggest suppliers in America when it comes to auto parts.

When we see the dimensions of this Upower muffler it has a length of 22 inches overall and has 18 inches of muffler body. The inner diameter of the inlet side is 2.5 inches, and the inner diameter on the outlet side is also 2.5 inches. The muffler has a resonated body to provide better sound quality. The most notable feature that this Upower muffler offers is CRF technology that design absorbs unwanted resonance.

The installation here comes with two options either you can use weld-on or you can use clamp-on connectivity. Clamp-on installation is easy but not a secure one. The weld-on needs so much effort and also needs professional help, but it is secure against any shock and jerks while driving your vehicle. Apart from this Upower muffler is a straight-through type of muffler. The shape of the muffler is a round perforated pipe.

Best Features

  • The Entire length of this muffler is 22 inches long.
  • The inlet diameter is 2.5 inches, and the outlet diameter also has 2.5 inches of diameter.
  • Upower uses advanced CRF technology for absorbing unwanted resonance in the exhaust core.


  • The entire body uses high-quality stainless steel material for manufacturing and is also covered with stainless steel mirror coating.
  • This muffler core is covered with two extra layers of protection, including a Glass fiber sheet and mesh of stainless steel.
  • The price of this muffler is affordable compared to other options in this segment.


  • The joints of this muffler get rusty after a few times.

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8. ESPEEDER Muffler for 4 CylinderESPEEDER Muffler for 4 Cylinder

Next, let’s discuss the large-size muffler developed by the SYKRSS brand. This muffler stands out as one of the finest options within its price range.

It’s worth noting that this muffler offers a generous 4-inch inlet diameter and a 4-inch outlet diameter, with both measurements referring to the outer dimensions. While the overall length of the muffler is 13.7 inches, which may seem relatively compact, it doesn’t compromise on delivering a deep and satisfying sound. This muffler is particularly well-suited for 4-cylinder IC Engines, just like the aforementioned options. Its core is composed of perforated stainless steel material.

The muffler features a round pipe design constructed entirely from stainless steel both inside and outside. Additionally, a core made of glass fiber cotton sheet is integrated to absorb sound waves, ensuring a clean and rich sound quality. In terms of muffler type, it follows a straight-through design. Installation can be accomplished using one of three basic methods: bolt-on fitting, weld-on fitting, or clamp joint fitting.

Best Features

  • This Exhaust tip is very compatible in terms of size, only 13.7 inches in length
  • The Inlet diameter is 4 inches in area, and the outlet diameter is also 4 inches in size – But remember that both are outer side diameters, not the inner diameter of the outlet.
  • The Resonated design of the muffler offers smooth exhaust flow.


  • The design of the SYKRSS exhaust muffler is a fully shiny mirror finish and is made from stainless steel.
  • This straight-through type muffler offers less restriction to the flow. As a result, you get more aggressive noise output.
  • The price of the muffler is quite budget-friendly.


  • The Quality of this muffler is that this item lags, and the welding joints catch rusting.

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9. Walker Muffler for 4 CylinderWalker Muffler for 4 Cylinder

Our final choice for a 4-cylinder muffler comes from Walker, a well-known brand in the emission control industry. They specialize in designing a variety of products, including catalytic converters, pipes, resonators, and more.

This muffler features an innovative oval shape design, incorporating the latest generation features with high-quality materials. The design is notable for its centrally located inlet and offset outlet, covering a total length of 21.5 inches. The inlet and outlet diameters are both 2.25 inches, specifically designed for this muffler.

What makes this muffler unique is the use of OE-style louvered tubes, which effectively reduce noise levels compared to straight perforated tubes. Additionally, the muffler body is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability. Spun locks are present on the upper surface, enhancing its lifespan and overall robustness. The installation process is made convenient with a direct bolt-on mechanism provided by Walker. This typically includes OE-style hangers at the end of the pipe, allowing for greater flexibility in routing the pipe. All of these features combine to make installation a hassle-free experience.

Best Features

  • The length of the exhaust muffler is 21.5 inches long.
  • The inlet and outlet diameters are 2.25 inches each.
  • The application of OE-style louvered tubes lowers the noise effectively.


  • The body of the exhaust muffler is 100 % made of Stainless steel material, which also prevents rusting.
  • To install this muffler seamlessly special bolt-on mechanism with a hanger is provided.
  • Spun-locked improves the aesthetic appearance and provides extra longevity for the muffler.


  • Weld-on installation is somewhat troublesome in the case of this muffler.

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Buying Guide For The Best Muffler for 4 Cylinder

If you go through the individual specifications of each product, Then there is the possibility that you might get confused between 2 or 3 products at the end, No worries. We came up with the solution because we know that choosing the best exhaust muffler in an instant from thousands of options is not an easy task to do. The following buying guide has mentioned all the vital factors that are the root of one exhaust muffler and help you to direct the perfect match and best muffler for you according to your application.

1. Position

It is true that the position of the Muffler can also decide the quality and performance of the Exhaust muffler. As we may know, every vehicle manufacturer has designed their vehicle differently, There is a wide range of auto car manufacturers available that have their unique exhaust systems, so it is necessary to check your exhaust system positioning and choose the below options accordingly:

  • Centre Inlet and Centre Outlet: This is the primary use arrangement for the Muffler according to the Exhaust system. It is considered as perfect balance positioning for the muffler.
  • Centre Inlet and Dual Outlet: As the name defines, this arrangement has one Inlet and Two outlets on the last end. This type of muffler position is suitable for a Dual exhaust system.
  • Offset Inlet and Centre Outlet: This kind of design for the muffler with side Inlet fitting and Centre Outlet is very helpful in vehicles where there is no room for center fitting to exhaust is available. So check your exhaust placement to see whether it needs offset Inlet fitting or not.
  • Offset Inlet and dual Outlet channel: Similarly, for congested space location exhaust systems with dual exhaust, this type of position is advisable.

2. Sizes

The Size of your Muffler is not a single aspect. Multiple factors lie under this main parameter, We have mentioned them individually for your better understanding.

  • Total Length: The entire length that the Muffler offers, from the Exhaust system to the outlet diameter, can decide the sound Output and performance of the muffler. It is very simple to understand that the longer the length the more silent the sound output, and the shorter the length muffler generates louder sound comparatively. As a long-length design, Mufflers have large areas to absorb the sound waves.
  • Inlet and Outlet Diameter: The most vital Parameter while choosing the best muffler is the compatibility of your muffler Inlet diameter with the exhaust System diameter both numbers should match each other. Otherwise, it is a waste of your resources.

3. Material

The selection and Grade of the material will decide the durability of your exhaust Muffler. Commonly Manufacturer prefers these two material for exhaust muffler

  • Stainless Steel: We will always recommend our beloved user to go for a Stainless Steel muffler because it offers more durability against shocks and also has a longer life span. The notable feature of using this material is it is resistive against corrosion.
  • Aluminium Steel: If you are looking for a budget-friendly muffler, then an Aluminium muffler is good to go with. It has good durability but rusting of material is observed.

4. Muffler Type

There are various Muffler Types available in the aftermarket. But Not all are efficient and precisely designed. So We only suggest These Three types of mufflers, which are commonly and universally used everywhere in the world. Each has its different benefits and application areas. You can choose your type according to your application and the benefits you want in your vehicle.

  • Straight-Through: This is the simplest type of muffler which uses straight pipes with a perforated design and covers with absorbing material. The design has no restriction to the flow of the exhaust gases that produce more power, and also, there is less blockage to sound. As a result, you will get a louder sound. Car racers and street riders mainly prefer it.
  • Chambered Type: The Chambered Type muffler uses the Chamber arrangement from inside and is placed within a specific gap from each other. They reflect the sound waves within the same loop, and at a certain point, sound waves collide and cancel each other. This way, chambered-type mufflers are very efficient in reducing exhaust sound. It offers a clean, Throaty sound and is mostly used for Muscle Cars.
  • Turbo Type Muffler: This kind of design is often used for Turbo-charged engines. The inside body has perforated-shaped tubes that control the flow of exhaust gases in the muffler. There are a lot of restrictions that sound waves need to go through. So better quality of sound reduction seems in this type of muffler.

5. Shape

The Exhaust muffler has the most common shape of design, including Round shape, Oval Shape, and Rectangular Shape. You should choose the shape of the muffler according to the design and fitting location of your vehicle exhaust system.Also, the shape has relativity with the performance and exhaust noise.

6. Installation

The installation procedure includes the connectivity of your muffler with the exhaust system. The Installation should be easy and need minimal effort but on the other hand, it also should be more secure and robust against shocks and other jerks that the vehicle can face while off-riding.

  • Bolt or Clamp Fitting: The Easiest way of installation that doesn’t require any extra tools and professional support is based on a simple Bolt or Clamp foundation. Just tighten the bolts or screw, and it’s all ready for use. It is a more flexible way of installation, and you can add or remove your exhaust muffler in a few minutes.
  • Welding Fitting: If you are looking for long-term connectivity, Secure connection between exhaust and muffler. Installing both parts by using Welding between them is the more effective way. This will remove the fear of falling mufflers in any case for the user. The only effort needed is that professional support is always needed while installing weld-on type connectivity.

7. Warranty

The last but least and most important point to check is the exhaust muffler warranty period and coverage. The longer warranty period tells more about the trust of the manufacturers in their products. On the other hand, it is always recommended to check the terms and conditions and what coverage the manufacturer offers in their warranty.

Muffler for 4 Cylinder – FAQs

1. Can you put an exhaust on a 4-cylinder?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can do that. In fact, most of the exhaust systems available in the market are designed for 4-cylinder internal combustion engines. If you’re thinking about customizing your exhaust system by adding a muffler or an exhaust tip, all of these modifications are feasible for 4-cylinder engines.

2. How hot does a 4-cylinder muffler get?

Ans: As we may know, the internal combustion engine generates extremely high-temperature gases during the fuel combustion process. To remove these high-temperature gases, we use an exhaust system, which releases all the heat outside. Generally, car exhaust pipes can reach temperatures between 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some high-end or high-horsepower vehicles can exceed these temperatures, reaching a range of 800 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What is the difference between a resonator tip and a regular tip?

Ans: There isn’t an exact number, but the large 6.0L engine in big vehicles has experienced a 2% to 3% increase in horsepower. On the other hand, smaller 1.8L engines, commonly found in 4-cylinder cars, can see a more significant boost of 3% to 5% in horsepower. It’s crucial to understand that if we add more exhaust system units in parallel, it will definitely enhance the results.

4. How can I make my 4-cylinder faster?

Ans: There are multiple ways to lighten the load of your vehicle or car, which can help your 4-cylinder engine run faster. This can be achieved by removing extra tires and heavy materials, such as a jack, from the car. Another option is to use lighter wheels. Additionally, you can boost your car’s performance by adding a turbocharger for increased air intake into the engine. Basic servicing and tuning of the engine can also make it work faster.

5. Are 4-cylinder engines loud?

Ans: We can affirm that a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine is indeed quieter when compared to a larger engine with extra cylinders. The reasoning behind this is straightforward: 4-cylinder engines have fewer moving parts in contrast to their larger counterparts. However, there are instances where the health of the engine, particularly during rapid acceleration, can cause the 4-cylinder engine to struggle and produce more noise.


Let’s conclude our discussion about the best exhaust mufflers for 4-cylinder IC Engines. As you may already know, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best muffler. We’ve examined the specifications of the top 9 products individually. However, if you’re still having trouble deciding, we’ve got our top recommendation for you. You can also select the perfect muffler based on your specific needs, whether it’s a performance muffler, a turbo muffler, or a chambered muffler. Additionally, the inlet diameter is the first parameter you should match with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Once you’ve sorted through these primary features, you can explore additional features in an exhaust muffler.

  • For those vehicle users seeking an affordable exhaust muffler that meets all the requirements for a 4-cylinder machine, we suggest going with the Thrush Muffler for 4 Cylinder. This is a performance turbo muffler that features a fully stainless steel body and effectively reduces the unwanted noise produced by your 4-cylinder engine. It delivers a classic sound and also enhances your engine’s performance by providing extra horsepower.
  • If you’re someone who loves an aggressive sound, we recommend the Flowmaster Muffler for 4 Cylinder. This is a chambered design muffler with a single chamber inside the body. The chamber reflects sound waves internally, canceling them out, and providing you with a cleaner sound experience. Due to the single chamber, there’s less restriction, resulting in an aggressive growling and deeper sound as the key characteristics of this exhaust muffler.
  • Lastly, if you’re in the market for a premium-range exhaust muffler, then it’s a no-brainer to consider the MagnaFlow Muffler for 4 Cylinder. This is a straight-through muffler with a unique design, featuring a 2.5-inch inlet diameter and a mirror-coated stainless steel body. Special features, such as the use of dyno-proven technologies, enhance the performance of your 4-cylinder engine and provide additional horsepower.

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