Best Electric Weed Eaters 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

“An efficient tool to get rid of weeds effortlessly”

Electric weed eaters or string trimmers are the perfect option for handling weeds in a small to medium lawns.

Unlike their counterparts (gas weed trimmers), they are cheaper, economical to run, light in weight and environmental friendly as well.

And the main two reasons why people tend towards electric weed eaters are – quiet working and less vibrations.

If this is your choice as well, then consider the below factors to choose the best model.

  • Power Type

Electric weed eaters are available in two different power types – corded (wired) or cordless (battery) operated. Both of them are efficient. However, corded string trimer is used for small – medium sized garden and cordless string trimmer for large yards.

  • Motor Power

In order to cut the tough grass and weed, an electric weed eater needs to have adequate power. The power of corded models is usually measured in ampere and for cordless, it is measured in voltage. Choose the one with high motor power for efficient performance.

  • Cutting Width

It lets you know about the amount of weed a trimmer can cut or remove at a time. Prefer to use a model with higher cutting width (of 14-inch) rather than a model with small cutting width (less than 10-inch). So, that you can cut a lot of weed at once and save your time as well as effort.

In addition to these, you may have to consider several other factors as well. Check out our “Buying Guide” to know how to choose the right electric weed eater suitable for your requirements.

We have also taken the liberty to pick up the best electric weed eaters. Along with that, we have also provided a detail description of every shortlisted product in detail.

Best Electric Weed Eaters 2023

Electric Weed EatersMotor Power Cutting WidthWarrantyBuy Now
BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer6.5 amp14 inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Greenworks Electric Corded String Trimmer4 amp13 inch4 yearsCheck On Amazon
WORX Cordless String Trimmer20-volt10 inch3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Sun Joe Electric String Trimmer4 amp13 inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker20-volt12 inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer20-volt10 inch2 yearsCheck On Amazon
CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer6.5 amp14 inch3 yearsCheck On Amazon

Best Electric Weed Eaters for the Money

1. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer

Black Decker is one of the oldest and most popular brands of power tools out there. You can find a wide range of options from Black Decker, including an electric weed eater.

The Black Decker BESTA510 is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the most powerful option out there when compared with other products in this article. This is possible due to its large 14-inch cutting head that can be useful for removing a lot of weed at the same time. You also get a highly powerful 6.5 amp electric motor for powering this powerful head. It results in a motor speed of up to 8000 RPM for sharp and clean cuts.

Black Decker also offers a 2-year warranty with this electric weed eater that is quite standard when compared with other options out there. Its build quality is on par with any other highly powerful option out there. Apart from being highly powerful, you get various accessories with it, including a spool, handle, guard, and various other things that can be quite handy while cutting weed using this electric weed eater.

Best Features:

  • 5 amp electric motor
  • 14 cutting width
  • 2-year warranty
  • 8000 RPM motor speed
  • Decent build quality
  • Comes with various accessories


  • String trimmer
  • Spool
  • Handle
  • Guard
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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2. Greenworks Electric Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks String Trimmer

Greenworks is known to make a wide range of electrical power tools that can be useful for different kinds of applications. It even offers a great value for money electric weed eater.

Greenworks’ 21212 electric weed eater is present in the 2nd position in this article as it offers an excellent value for money to its users. Even though it is one of the cheapest options out there, you get a 13-inch cutting width tool head with it. It is powered by a decent 4 amp electric motor that offers decent performance when combined with its large cutting head. This tool uses a 0.065-inch dual cutting line for sharp and fine cuts while removing weed.

But the best thing about this Greenworks string trimmer is that it offers a great build quality along with a 4-year long warranty. This makes it the most reliable and durable electric weed eater present in this article. Another useful feature of this electric weed eater is that you get an adjustable telescoping shaft with it. It can be handy for changing the height of this electric weed eater as per the user’s height. You even get full rotation with this shaft for ease of use.

Best Features:

  • 4 amp electric motor
  • 13 cutting width
  • 4-year warranty
  • 065-inch dual-line for sharp cuts
  • Easily change height using its adjustable telescoping shaft
  • Rotatable shaft for ease of use


  • String trimmer
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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3. WORX Cordless String Trimmer

WORX String Trimmer

Workx is known for making affordable and value for money power tool options. This is also true for its electric weed eater model mentioned in this article.

This Worx WG154 electric weed eater is present in the 3rd position in this article as it can be a great option if you want a battery-powered one. It is one of the most portable and compact electric weed eaters out there because of its specifications. You get a 10-inch cutting width with this electric weed eater that makes it highly compact. And since it is powered by a 20-volt battery system, it does not need any power cord, making it highly portable.

Another great thing about this Worx electric weed eater is that you get a 3-year long warranty with it. Despite its lower price tag, the build quality offered by it is pretty good. Its battery takes around 5 hours to fully charge that provides a decent battery life afterward. You can convert this electric weed eater to an edger using its 90-degree rotatable tool head. The front handle offered by it is also quite comfortable and ergonomic to use for cutting weed.

Best Features:

  • 20-volt electric motor
  • 10 cutting width
  • 3-year warranty
  • 5-hour battery charging time
  • Rotatable head for extra flexibility
  • 100 percent automatic single line feed


  • String trimmer
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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4. Sun Joe Electric String Trimmer

Sun Joe

If you are familiar with gardening tools for backyard lawns and gardens, then you must have heard about Sun Joe in the past. It even makes a decent electric weed eater with various features.

The Sun Joe TRJ13STE electric weed eater is the cheapest option present in this article that makes it a great pick for users who are on a budget. Since it is a budget product, you only get a 4 amp electric motor in it. While it is not a powerful motor by any means, you get a 13-inch cutting head with this electric weed eater that is quite small. This makes it one of the more portable and compact options out there for taking with you on the go.

Since it weighs just 5.07 pounds, you can easily carry it in the back of your truck while being able to easily store it in your garage after use because of the smaller size. Another great thing about this electric weed eater is that it comes with a push-button start system for ease of use. Even though this is a budget option, you get a 2-year warranty from Sun Joe with this electric weed eater that is always great to have.

Best Features:

  • 4 amp electric motor
  • 13 inch cutting width
  • 2-year warranty
  • Push button for easy start system
  • Small and compact
  • Weighs 5.07 pounds
  • Ergonomic handle


  • String trimmer
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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5. BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

As mentioned earlier, Black Decker makes a wide range of products, including various electric weed eaters. Thus, we are here with another one in this article that is battery powered, unlike the previous one.

Black Decker’s LST300 electric weed eater is perfect for on the go usage due to its decent 20-volt battery system. This battery has a rating of 3.0 Ah for a very good battery life. Unfortunately, you have to buy this battery separately that can be an issue for some users out there. Although, you get a very good cutting performance from this electric weed heater because of its 12 inch wide cutting head. It uses a 0.065-inch string for decently sharp cuts while cutting weed in your backyard.

Just like the previous Black Decker electric weed eater, this one also comes with a 2-year long warranty. Its built quality is also pretty good and should last you for a long time. A great thing about this electric weed eater is that you can easily convert it into an edger within a few seconds. It even offers an adjustable handle for changing the height as per your wish and needs. The automatic feed spool of this weed whacker allows you to keep working without needing to stop and bump.

Best Features:

  • 20-volt electric motor
  • 12 cutting width
  • 2-year warranty
  • 3 Ah battery life rating
  • 065-inch string diameter
  • Easily converts to a edger
  • Adjustable height handle


  • String trimmer
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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6. Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer


Earthwise is another popular brand of power tools made for using in a garden or backyard lawn. And its electric weed eater can be a great option for the various features you get.

This Earthwise LST02010 electric weed eater is powered by a 20-volt battery system for using it on the go without being tethered by any power cords. Its battery is rated at 2.0 Ah for a decent battery life while using it for cutting weed. You get a 10-inch cutting width while using this electric weed eater that makes it a great portable potion for a lot of users out there. Its 0.065-inch nylon line results in pretty sharp and clear cuts while removing weed.

Even though this electric weed eater is a bit on the expensive side, you only get a 2-year warranty with it, which might be an issue for some users. Although, the build quality offered by is on a better side that is always great to have. Just like various other options present in this article, you can easily change it to an edger using its rotatable head. You even get a telescoping handle with this electric weed eater for easily changing its height as per your needs and requirements.

Best Features:

  • 2o volt electric motor
  • 10 cutting width
  • 2-year warranty
  • 065-inch nylon line for extra strength
  • Great build quality
  • Telescoping handle for changing height
  • Rotatable head for using as an edger.


  • String trimmer
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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7. CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer

CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer

Coming to the last option present in this article, we have Craftsman’s electric weed eater that is another highly powerful option available out there.

The Craftsman CMESTE920 electric weed eater is more powerful than most other options due to its 6.5 amp electric motor. This motor powers a large 14 inch wide cutting head that allows you to easily and quickly cut a lot of weed. As per its name, it even comes with a push-button feed system that can always be handy for cutting weed. A great thing about this electric weed eater is that you get 2 replacement spools with it.

Craftsman also offers a 3-year long warranty with it that is much better than most other options. The build quality offered by it is also pretty good, which means that it can easily last for a long time in the long run. Its wheeled edger option allows you to use this weed eater as an edger as well if needed. You can easily change the height of its handle as it comes with an adjustable telescopic handle for ease of use.

Best Features:

  • 5 amp electric motor
  • 14 cutting width
  • 3-year warranty
  • Single 0.065-inch line
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft for height adjust
  • Use as an edger quite easily
  • Push-button feed system


  • String trimmer
  • Replacement spools
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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What to Look for While Buying a Weed Eater?

Here we have provided you with a detailed buying guide with all essential factors and aspects of electric weed eaters, which you have to consider before its purchase. Just go through this guide to know how to select the right electric weed trimmer for your backyard, as per your requirement.

1. Electric Corded Vs Battery:

While searching for electric weed eater, the first thing to consider is the power supply. They are available in two types – electric corded or cordless battery. Both have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s know about them in detail.

Electric – Corded Models: It offers unlimited runtime, until and unless the machine gets overheat. Since there is no battery, these corded trimmers are lighter, durable, and efficient. Working close to a power outlet is the main drawback for this model. You need to use an extension cord for its proper functioning. This model won’t be the best option when you have to operate far away from outlet (or) not having outdoor outlet.

Battery-Powered Weed Trimmers: It is easy to carry cordless weed eater anywhere in the yard, as it is free from cord. But it has limited runtimes till the charging in their battery lasts. So, you need to charge the battery before and after using this weed eater. At times, it may slow down your work. It is advised to invest in the second battery to increase its runtime.

Verdict – Pick a corded electric string trimmer to remove robust weed or grass in a small-medium size garden, where there is not much obstruction to resist the movement of cable around. Whereas choose a cordless electric trimmer if you don’t have tougher weeds or grass in the garden.

2. Power:

To cut tough grass & weeds efficiently, an electric weed eater requires more power. In general, the power of the corded weed eater is represented in Ampere (Amp), while the power output of cordless weed eater is mentioned in Volts (V).

Make sure to pick the model that has high amps (corded) and high voltage batteries (cordless) for efficient and effective results.

The power of corded weed eater comes within the range of 1 – 10 amps. The higher the amps, the more powerful the electric weed eater. For small jobs, consider buying a weed trimmer with 1 – 4 amps. While for very tough weeds, choose a device with 7+ amps.

The power of cordless weed eater comes with an operating voltage range of 20 – 40 volts. The higher voltage offers more power yet quickly drain the battery. Looking for a weed trimmer with a higher power, then it is better to have a spare battery, particularly while having a large yard or planning to trim for more than 30 minutes.

3. Battery Capacity:

The battery size/capacity is measured in terms of ampere-hours (amp-hours). So, the gardener who wants to cut tough weeds or grass must invest in a weed eater that offers a minimum power output of 5 amp-hours to perform your tasks.

4. Battery – Runtime & Charging Time:

If you want to purchase a cordless electric weed eater, then consider its battery performance and charging time. Have a look at them to pick the right one.

Battery Runtime – In general, residential lawns do require 15 – 30 minutes of runtime (or even less). Some string trimmer has a lower voltage system to fall short of that mark. While larger lawn or commercial needs, pick up a battery with higher capacity (or) a backpack battery.

Battery Charge Time – The charging time of a battery depends on the battery type and power rating. Some high-end batteries (like a lithium-ion battery) gets fully charged within a few hours, while some others take several hours to get fully charged. So, it is suggested to pick a model with batteries and charger type that quickly gets charged.

5. Motor Speed:

The motor speed of electric weed eaters is represented in Rounds Per Minute (RPM), and it let you get an idea of its performance. It’s faster spinning will allow you to cut weed quickly and easily. For instance, if you have weed eater models with motor speed options like 6000 RPM or 8000 RPM. With these options, choose a higher 8000 RPM motor speed will aid in better performance. Also, it provides sharper and cleaner cuts while cutting grass/weed. Most electric weed eater models offer a variable speed trigger that let you change the motor speed, as per your cutting requirement.

6. String Line Material:

In general, a nylon string is used by most weed eaters/trimmers. Attach this string to a spinning head to whack weeds. They are considered as the cheap option, yet you require a new spool of spring overtime. If the string mechanism gets a break or clogged and thus results in spending many hours on its maintenance.

However, various weed eaters use plastic or metallic blades. They won’t require any quick replacement but a bit expensive (cost more). Also, replacing damaged blades is expensive than the actual purchase of a new spool of string.

7. Curved Vs Straight Shaft:

Usually, in curved shaft weed eater trimmer, we notice a bent of about halfway between the handle and head of a trimmer. This let the weed eater trim better in tight areas and is easy to control when compared to a straight shaft. They are lightweight, comfortable & easy to use, even around hard to reach areas like under the bush. It offers increased balance and comfort yet a little less powerful.

While a straight shaft weed eater is more powerful than a trimmer with curved shaft. It is used widely in commercial projects. This type of model is somewhat hard to control by some users (short users) but considered an ideal choice for tall users. They are longer than curved shaft models, which makes them the best option for taller people (no need to bend much).

Note – Pick the right type of shaft design, which is more comfortable to use for you, as per your need.

8. String Trimmer Line:

Thickness, feeder system and shape are the three main things a buyer has to consider while purchasing the string trimmer line. Let’s know about them in detail to make a perfect choice.

Thickness – To remove thicker grass, you need to use a thicker string trimmer line. For instance,

  • If you want to trim a regular type of grass, use a string trimmer line with 0.065-inch to 0.080-inch.
  • While trimming thicker grass & weeds, use a string trimmer line with a 0.080-inch to 0.110-inch.
  • While dealing with heavy-duty jobs, get the job done with a trimmer with a 0.110-inch line thick or more.

A general rule of thumb is – the thicker the string trimmer line, the harder a weed eater should work to clear the weed. So, make sure to use a trimmer with the thickness recommended by its manufacturer. Or else, it will lower the power and runtime of your weed eater.

Shape – The shape of a particular string trimmer line will let you know how fine a trimmer will cut the grass. The round shaped string trimmer lines are quite commonly used but don’t have a cutting edge. This will rip the grass instead of cutting it. So, choose a trimmer line with a square or star-shaped cutting edge to have a cleaner cut.

Feeder System – In general, the string trimmer line wear out eventually after it cut through the grass & weed. So, to make it work properly, there are 4 main ways weed eaters advance the trimmer line. Have a look at them.

Automatic Feed: This type of feed system will detect automatically whenever the string starts to operate short and release more line. It is quite popular for beginners, as they won’t know how to maintain the string quiet, and it let the user to do more job without any need to pause and adjust this line. The main drawback is that this system may quickly pass through too much line, which makes the operator unable to control whenever added more trimmer-line.

Bump Feed: Whenever you need to release more string, then simply bump the head of a trimmer on the ground. This type of system will provide more control to the user over its operating, even if more lines are added to the trimmer. Remember that repeated bumping may result in damaging the head of the trimmer over time. Also, it would be challenging while using this eater as an edger.

Fixed Head: This fixed line head need to have an individual/single line for its working. Using this single line will make it the best option for commercial trimmers used to trim a tough, thick string then the thin trimmer lines. One has to pause the work for replacing the string line every time, whenever it is worn out is considered as the main drawback of this type of systems.

Command Feed: This type of feed system will provide you with plenty of control. Here, whenever the appeared line is worn out, then to add more trimmer string, the operator can click a button or turns a dial.

9. Trimmer Line Cutting Diameter:

Based on the cutting feeder area and length of trimmer line, you have to check the cutting diameter of the lawn. So, you have to check the type of grass/weed you want to cut, and the size of the garden before selecting a string trimmer.

  • For clearing a small-medium sized garden, pick a trimmer line with a cutting diameter of 10 – 15 inches.
  • For clearing a large garden area/having thick weed or grass, select a trimmer with a cutting width of 15 – 18 inches.
  • You can use a single-line head for most types of yards. While a dual-line head will provide more excellent cutting power. Hence it is handy to use for tough weeds or grass.

10. Weight:

The weight of this weed eater will determine user-friendly operation. In general, the cordless weed eater models are a bit heavier than corded models due to their onboard battery. So, check the weight of the weed eater before its purchase to know whether it is manageable for you or not.

Lightweight weed eater models are easy to maneuver and let you use them easily in tight spaces. Its lighter weight will reduce the stress on the user’s arm while operating, and thus allows you to trim for a long time before feeling tired.

A heavyweight weed eater model can wear out. Make sure not to buy a heavy model, which is somewhat difficult to handle, as it slows down your working operation.

11. Height:

The user’s height and weed eater’s length has to be compared before making its purchase. This will let you know how comfortably you operate the tool. For instance, if you are tall, avoid picking a weed eater that let you blend while operating. If you’re short, then don’t choose a weed eater that is too long and difficult to control.

Always prefer to choose a weed eater which is comfortable in your hands and won’t let you feel pain in your knees, shoulders and back. So, it is essential to check whether the model has an adjustable shaft to accommodate/change as per your height before buying an electric weed eater.

12. Brushless Motor:

There are two main types of motors available in the marker – brushed & brushless motors. Choose the one based on your grass type and lawn size.

  • For a small yard, a model with a brushed motor will work fine in completing your task.
  • For legitimate gas replacements/medium-large yard, opt for a model with a brushless motor for efficient working.

Brushless motors are always considered the best option due to their more runtime, power, longer life and less maintenance when compared to brushed motors. So, prefer to use an electric weed eater with a brushless motor.

13. Vibration:

One should check how much vibration does a weed eater makes in your hands when pulling its trigger. Also, how rough the drive seems to be while purchasing the model. In case, if you feel rough and hard to handle in a few seconds, then it makes you really miserable while trimming the entire yard. So, test the model and select the one with accepted vibration levels.

14. Shoulder Strap:

However, it is an optional feature for people trimming a small garden, yet a compulsory add-on feature for those who use the electric weed eater for medium-large sized yards. As one has to hold this string trimmer for a longer time, which makes you feel tired/achy. Then this shoulder strap option will let you feel comfortable while doing your job.

Though, the electric weed eaters are lighter in weight, which may not need this shoulder strap. But while using a powerful electric string trimmer or heavy-duty task, then it is advised to pick a model with this shoulder strap. It makes it easy to hold the trimmer, and move it around without getting back pain.

15. Trimmer Safety Guard:

This trimmer safety guard is placed near the cutting head to prevent the rocks and debris from flying out while removing the grass/weed. Thus, it prevents getting any injury to bystander (or) damage to the property. Though it let you stay safe, yet it makes it difficult to observe the cutting area.

Also, a trimmer with larger guards unable to clear everything, but perform a better job. So, as a safety precaution, try to remove any big rocks before you start trimming around the area.

16. Compatible Tools:

One has to consider this feature while purchasing a cordless battery powered weed eater. Most people want to use a single battery system for all of their battery-powered lawn equipment. If you’re one among those people, then look for the battery-powered weed eater, which is made from the same house (same manufacturer) as other lawn tools. So that, they are compatible with the same battery.

Hence having 2 – 3 batteries will let you finish the job quickly and easily at an affordable price (rather than having a different battery for each tool). This will definitely increase your savings and let you use the batteries completely.

17. Versatility:

Most string trimmer models can easily convert from a trimmer to an edger, which makes it quite helpful for users to save their money and time. So, look for multi-task weed eater models that can convert easily into edger or leaf blower.

18. Noise Level:

When compared with gas-powered models, an electric string trimmer is less noisy. But you may observe noise from the string shaft or the motor. In that case, it is suggested to wear protective noise cancellation headphones to protect your ears. Or else continuous long-term exposure will affect and damage your hearing ability.

19. Accessories: 

Some models offer options to change the cutting line and spools. Some extra attachments like wider edging heads or brush cutting blades will let you use the trimmer effectively and efficiently.

20. Safety Features:

To ensure that your device is safe to use, you have to follow these safety features for a safe and effective operation.

  • Wear protective clothing while you’re using an electric weed eater.
  • Protect your ear from noise by wearing noise-cancellation headphones while using this electric weed whacker.
  • Prefer to use a string trimmer that has a straight shaft. This will let you maintain a reasonable distance between the user and the weed.
  • The emergency cut-off switch is placed as a safety feature to prevent any incidents.

21. Handling Ease:

Selecting a model having an ease of handling features will let you carry/pull the electric weed eater all over the yard. This tells you how comfortably you can use your weed trimmer by swinging it back and forth. For this, you have to take the weight, head size, shaft length and the number of handles & grips into your account. As they will impact the way the weed eater handles.

22. Other Features:

Here are some additional features that let you use this electric weed eater safely and comfortably.

  • Some models offer extra speed regulators to set your desired speed while working.
  • A few models have dual blades to perform the work efficiently.
  • To prevent you from getting quickly exhausted, then prefer to use models that offer anti-vibration handles. This will reduce the exhaustion while handling this machine.
  • Make sure that your starter switch is placed where it won’t be accidentally switched on/off.
  • A model having ergonomic handles will provide proper grip and thereby efficient handling.
  • The trimmer with smooth and well-placed controls will let you use/operate it easily.

23. Price:

Based on the power and nature of a particular electric weed eater will determine its price. Generally, a decent quality electric weed eater that comes within the price range of $40 – $150.

24. Warranty & Support:

A 1-year is the minimum/standard warranty period provided by the electric string trimmer industries. Looking for a high-quality trimmer, choose the model that offers an extended warranty period.

The manufacturers of these string trimmers provide service or repair centers with location, phone or email support till the warranty lasts on the product. Check the user manual to know all about its warranty and support provided by the manufacturer on their product. Also, it is a must to check the reviews and ratings on a given product before making its purchase.

Advantages of Using Electric Weed Eaters:

Here are some of the benefits which you can grab by using this electric weed eater. Have a look at them.

  • They operate quieter (with less noise) than gas-powered weed eaters.
  • These are eco-friendly, as they won’t run on gas/oil and thereby won’t generate any harmful fumes into the environment.
  • They are easy to start, as simple as pushing a button. All you need is to – insert a battery and start for cordless models (or) while for corded models, plug the trimmer’s cord into an outlet and push the start button.
  • Due to the usage of too much gas & oil, the gas-powered weed eater is expensive and provides pre-mixed solutions. But electric weed eater won’t require those things and are affordable.
  • One can easily use/share the battery for this cordless trimmer with other lawn equipment. Unlike gas trimmer, which performs a simple job of trimming.
  • Its maintenance is easy than gas-powered models. Simply, remove the cord or battery after done with this trimmer and set them wherever you want. While for gas trimmers, you need to mix fuel in all seasons, and it won’t want the fuel to leak.

Safety Tips While Using Electric Weed Eater:

The improper usage of an electric weed eater may result in damage or injury to a person or property. So, here we are providing some useful safety tips, which you have to follow while using this trimmer/eater. Let’s check it out.

  • While operating the string trimmer, one has to wear noise cancellation earplugs or safety glasses to protect their eyes and ears.
  • In case, if using a corded model, then ensure that your extension cord is plugged properly to prevent any issue of electrocution. If you notice any exposed wires, then purchase a new cord (or) use electric tape to fix the issue.
  • It is a must to use protective gears like shoes, gloves and long pants to protect your hands (from being cut), legs (to prevent any injuries), and body (prevent itching after moving around in thick grass).
  • It is essential to maintain a safe distance while using this string trimmer around people.
  • Keep your children and pets away while trimming to prevent any accidental hits by weed particles, dust or small rocks.
  • Make sure to unplug the weed eater (or) remove the battery while not using this trimmer.
  • Use the right power rating to charge or power up your electric string trimmer.
  • Check the weed eater before using it to make sure there is no damage or loose screws. Also, it is a must to check the trimmer line to know that it is not broken or cracked.
  • Never use this electric weed eater after consuming alcohol (or) taking medication (or) late nights.
  • Remove any rocks or loose objects before you start trimming. This will reduce the chance of flying these particles while cutting.
  • It is a must to read the instruction manual before you start operating the trimmer. This will let you know how to handle the trimmer properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are an electric-powered weed eater works as powerful as gas-powered models?

Several electric weed eater models perform like gas trimmers. While some gas weed eater models outperform electric models, and these are reserved for performing heavy-duty commercial jobs.

2. Is it ok to swap the battery pack with another brand?

No, we don’t recommend you to practice it. Though, various machines operate by using battery packs from other brands. Yet they damage the machine, why because the design of the battery pack will affect the machine’s balance in the user’s hand while operating and may lead to injuries. You can use the same brand battery pack in various other same brand lawn equipment.

3. How efficient is this electric weed eater?

Generally, an electric weed eater is efficient and effective for various reasons than gas-powered models. These are eco-friendly and help limit pollution, as they won’t emit any fumes/gas while operating. They are quiet (less noisy) that won’t affect your hearing aid. Also, you won’t run out of power till the trimmer is plugged into a power outlet.

4. How does an electric trimmer work?

Usually, a microfilament string in a trimmer will let it cut through grass and weeds. As long as the motor runs, the cord stiffens to trim everything you need. While the line slices through the grass, the trimmer won’t damage hard surfaces.

5. How to maintain an electric string trimmer?

Though it won’t require much maintenance, you can easily extend their life with some proper care and maintenance.
Make sure to keep the machine clean and dry after every use. Always use clean water to rinse off the weed/grass particles and other debris from the device. Store the machine indoors to prevent the motor from getting wet or shaft corroded.

6. Shall we use blades for straight shaft weed eaters?

It all depends on your electric weed eater model. A few models will let you use a different head with a blade. But most of the standard models, won’t allow you to replace the string with a blade. So, check the models and choose as per your requirement.


Weed growth can be a big issue if you have a backyard lawn with grass and various other plants growing in it. If you want to get rid of such weed, you can simply use an electric weed eater. Thus, we have mentioned some of the best electric weed eaters in this article. As you would expect, we have mentioned all of their important features and options along with a detailed buying guide. This buying guide has everything related to electric weed eaters that you should know before buying one. Although, if you are still not able to pick the perfect electric weed eater, you can simply go with one of the following recommendations:

If you are on a budget, you can simply go with the Greenworks 21212 electric weed eater. Despite its affordable price tag, you get a 4-year long warranty with it that is much better than other options in its class. Since Greenworks is a reputable brand of power tools, its build quality is also pretty good. You get a large 13-inch wide cutting path with this electric weed eater. While the motor is only rated at 4 amps, it is quite decent for most users out there. It uses a 0.065-inch dual-line for cutting weed in your backyard.

On the other hand, you can try out the Black Decker BESTA510 electric weed trimmer if you want a powerful option. It comes with a powerful 6.5 amp electric motor that powers its large 14-inch cutting width tool head. In other words, you can use it for cutting a lot of grass in a short period of time. Since its motor can go up to 8000 RPM, you get clean and sharp cuts while using this electric weed eater. You also get a 2-year warranty with this Black Decker electric weed eater that is always handy to have.

Although, if you want a battery-powered and portable electric weed eater, then the Worx WG154 electric weed eater can be another great option. It comes with a 20-volt battery system that allows you to use this electric weed eater without being tethered to a power cord. As it has a 10-inch cutting width, you get a pretty small form factor with this weed eater. You can easily fit it in almost any place, whether you are using it or not. A great thing about Worx is that it offers a 3-year long warranty.

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