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Ravi Teja

Embedded Engineer

Ravi Teja is an Embedded Firmware Engineer who has more than 6 years of experience in hardware design and firmware development. After graduation, he joined as an Associate Software Engineer in a start-up but soon realized his love for electronics and joined a post-graduation course in Embedded System Design.

After post-graduation, he joined Multibyte Technologies, a small company that specialized in developing security systems and biometric authentication systems. There he led the hardware design team for all the attendance systems and was also responsible for writing the main application software.

Couple of years later, Ravi Teja joined Reyan Digital as Technical Consultant and started creating Basic Electronic Tutorials, which are aimed at students and young engineers. During this time, he was involved in designing and developing several DIY projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 8051, ARM7, ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers with a “learn it by making it” philosophy.

Over the years, he helped several trainee engineers with industry standards in multi-layered PCBs with EMI / EMC compatible designs, writing firmware as per MISRA standards and also with basic system design.

His technical expertise includes embedded systems (complete system design), PCB Design, RTOS Porting, Board Support Package (HAL and Device Drivers), wireless and networking.


Ravi Teja graduated in Electronics and Communications Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad and has a Post Graduate degree in VLSI and Embedded System Design from JNTU, Hyderabad.



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