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Acpotel BNV21 Binoculars Review

A decent set of night vision binoculars for campers, security, bird/nature watchers, etc. You can easily capture object/target that are as far as 500m during low-light conditions, thanks to multi-level IR Light Fill.
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Night vision binoculars can enhance visibility in low-light conditions and darkness. The ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars are one such piece of equipment that can change the way we look at the world after dark. It has a compelling list of features such as 3” internal display, 4.5” viewing display, large eye shield, dual IR Sensors, 5X Optical and 8X Digital zoom, and many more. With all these features and the overall performance it offers, the ACPOTEL Binoculars seem like a decent choice.

As a wildlife photographer on a quest to capture the enigmatic snow leopard in the Himalayan wilderness, the midnight hour had settled upon the world. Hours of tracking had yielded nothing but footprints in the snow, and with a weary heart, you decided to pause and regain your composure. It was time to employ your secret weapon — the night vision binoculars.You scan the forest, looking for the snow leopard. Suddenly, you see a movement in the bushes. You focus your binoculars on the spot and see a pair of glowing green eyes staring back at you. It was the snow leopard!

You watch in awe as the leopard stalks through the forest. It is so close that you can see its fur and whiskers. You snap a few photos, but you are careful not to make any noise.After a few minutes, the leopard disappears into the forest. You lower your binoculars and take a deep breath. You have just seen one of the most elusive creatures on Earth, an encounter made possible by the ethereal glow of night vision technology.

This is a bit dramatic but so is the experience of you watching nighttime through night vision binoculars. We recently got our hands on ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars, an interesting product that redefines the way we perceive the world after dark. With a generous 4.5″ IPS display screen (the internal screen is 3”) and a decent7°× 5.2° field of view, these binoculars offer a wider visual canvas, creating an immersive experience like no other. The built-in eye shield provides comfort and uninterrupted viewing even for eyeglass wearers, while the 5x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom maintain view integrity.

There are several more interesting features on this device, which we will talk in the review of the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars. We will see how easy it is to use/operate the device, the performance during day time and night time, different modes, battery life, and many more. Continue reading the review to find out more about our thoughts and impressions of using the ACPOTEL Night Vision Binoculars.

We will begin the review by taking a look at the contents of the package. Opening the main box, we have a carry case with the binoculars in it. The box also has a couple of straps for the case as well as the binoculars. Then we have the USB-C cable for charging the device and an 18650 Lithium Battery.

Acpotel BNV21 Binocular Unboxing

Focusing on the carry case, opening it reveals a simple user guide, a cleaning cloth, and the main event i.e., the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars. We will take a closer look at the design and I/O of the binoculars in the next section, but that’s it for the unboxing.

If you look at the overall design aspect of the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars, it looks and feels like a traditional binoculars. But technically it is a monocular in the sense that it has a single “lens” even though everything is digital. The front (where the lens would be) has an opening for the main image sensor on the right side while there are a couple of IR Sensors on the left. Just beside these IR Sensors, we have a slot to insert the battery.

Just above the eye shield, there is an opening that houses the USB-C Port and a microSD Card Slot. The top section of the binoculars is certainly the busiest side. There are six buttons (Up, Down, ON/OFF, Menu/Settings, Mode/Function, IR) and a wheel to adjust the lens focus. On the bottom, there is nothing much but a standard tripod mounting point. The side with the eye shield also has nothing.

The ACPOTEL Night Vision Binoculars offer a compelling blend of advanced features to revolutionize nighttime viewing. It has a 3″ IPS internal screen. This may seem smaller but the front 4.5” Display Screenenhances this image slightly so everything looks big and clear.The field of view (FOV) determines how much of the scene you can see through the binoculars at once. A wider FOV is generally more desirable, especially for tracking moving objects. With a 7°× 5.25° field of view, these binoculars present a broader and more immersive visual experience.

Traditional binoculars typically have two eyepieces, providing a binocular vision experience. But if you look at the front of the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars, there is a single large eye shield with no gaps.This makes them more comfortable to use for extended periods and provides better depth perception.Additionally, the generous eye shield ensures comfortable wear for both eyeglass-wearers and regular users. The one-touch operation simplifies the operation whether you wear glasses or not.

Acpotel BNV21 Binocular Features

The main sensor is a 1/3” CMOS sensor. It has the ability to capture decent quality video and photos with a resolution of 1280×720p and 40fps. Storing the footage and images is very easy, thanks to the 32GB microSD Card. The binoculars also support playback and pause functions for added convenience.These binoculars also excel in professional optical capabilities, offering 5X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom while preserving image integrity. The device boasts an impressive 8-hour continuous runtime, with the ability to adjust infrared light levels to conserve power.

In total darkness, these binoculars offer a viewing distance of up to 200m (656ft), making them highly adaptable for both short- and long-range observations. They are particularly well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts, wildlife observers, security professionals, and those engaging in activities such as hunting, surveillance, camping, navigation, and more.

After powering the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars on, the screen comes to life and immediately displays the image.You need to press and hold the on/off button to either turn the device on or off. Short pressing this button with either start or stop the recording.During day time, the visibility can reach beyond 500m (above 1,640ft). The daytime visual aspects of the binoculars is decent but you will soon realize that our digital cameras and even smartphone cameras have excellent zoom capabilities. So, if you need a binoculars for simple daytime viewing, you are better off with a regular optical binoculars or even a digital camera with decent zoom.

But for nighttime viewing, the ACPOTEL BNV21 Binoculars is an entirely different beast.The IR button switches between different IR Levels in the night modes with each press; Night Mode No Light, Night Mode First Fill Light, Night Mode Second Fill Light, and Night Mode Third Fill Light. With each increase in the fill light, the intensity of the IR light increases and the scene brightens. This is possible due to the dual IR Sensors that emit near-beam IR (the bottom sensor that supports the first level) and far-beam IR (the top sensor that supports both level 2 and level 3 IR light fill).

Acpotel BNV21 Binocular In Action

With the help of this IR Light fill, you can clearly (relatively) see things in dark at a distance up to 500m. Depending on your target distance, you can choose between the IR levels and effortlessly capture both short and long-distanceobjects. Even with 100% darkness, the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars can be useful up to 200m. The quality of recording/images is decent but keep in mind that the resolution is only 720p. We are waiting for a product that can record excellent 1080p and 4K night vision.

The mode button switches between three modes; Game Mode, Professional Mode, and Pure Mode. These modes can enhance your immersion based on the specific observation scenario, ensuring that you feel as though you are right there on the scene.

Acpotel BNV21 Binocular Action

In game mode, the binoculars are optimized for recreational and leisurely activities. This mode is perfect for adventures like camping, wildlife observation, or bird watching, where you want to enjoy a more relaxed and engaging experience. It provides a visual environment that’s well-suited for these activities.Professional mode, on the other hand, caters to those who require precise and detailed observations. It is an excellent choice for experts in fields like wildlife research, surveillance, or security. This mode ensures that you get the highest level of clarity and detail when you need to scrutinize your surroundings.

Pure mode offers a balanced and neutral visual experience. It is a versatile choice for a wide range of scenarios, whether you’re out exploring the wilderness, navigating in the dark, or just enjoying the tranquility of the night. Pure mode ensures a clear, natural view, making it an all-around option for various situations.

Acpotel Binocular Action

We have already spoken about the display but once again, the ACPOTEL Night Vision Binoculars are designed to offer an exceptional viewing experience. They feature a decent 4.5″ HD IPS display screen (near the eye shield), providing a broader viewing window to the 3” Internal Display. These binoculars streamline your operation with a user-friendly interface, where a single touch is all it takes to capture your view. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to make adjustments like exposure and ISO settings effortlessly.

One thing that might need some time adjusting is the focus wheel. It is on the left-hand side, so you have to adjust it using your left hand. You can zoom up to 5 times using the lens while the digital zoom has a reach of 8x.

The ACPOTEL Night Vision Binoculars take precision and immersion to the next level with horizontal and vertical markings, along with a cross front sight. These features make it easy to adjust your angle, track targets swiftly, and engage in your pursuits with a professional level of precision.

Acpotel BNV21 Binocular UI and Battery

You can make all the settings and adjustments through the screen and the buttons on top. There is no separate app or smartphone connectivity. But thanks to the USB-C connectivity, you can connect the ACPOTEL Binoculars to any computer and view the image/feed directly on the computer screen.

The USB-C port also charges the 2,000mAh 18650 Lithium Battery. We really like the removable battery. This way, you can bring extra batteries, if you need. But the default battery has a good runtime of approximately 7 hours without IR Light. But depending on the level of IR Light Fill, the battery life will fall. So, keeping spare batteries is always handy.

: ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars
Video Resolution
: 1280× 720p
Continuous Water Pressure
Frame Rate
: 40FPS
: 7°×5.25°
Max. Optical Magnification
: 5X
Max. Digital Zoom
: 8X
Internal Screen Size
: 3”
Display Screen Size
: 4.5”
Lens Focal
: 35 mm
Observation Mode
: Infrared, Visible Light
Observational Distance
: 500m (1640Ft.)
IR Sensors
: Dual (Near and Far IR Sensors)
IR Light Fill
: Three Levels
Operation Modes
: 3 (Game, Professional, Pure)
Operating Time
: ≤6.5h
: Rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium Battery
USB Port
: 820g
Ingress Protection Rating
: IP65
What’s Included
: ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars, 18650 Lithium Battery, Carry Case, Strap for Case, Strap for Binoculars, USB-C Charging Cable, User Manual, Cleaning Cloth

The listing price of the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars is $224.99 but the selling price is $149.99. With coupons (some coupons have discount of $50), you can essentially get the product for less than $100. For this price and the performance it offers, especially the night vision mode, we felt that the binoculars are really worth it.

Overall, we really liked the ACPOTEL BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars. It is fairly simple to use and even beginners (who are interested in bird/animal watching or hunting) can easily pick one up and start using it. The large eye shield can easily accommodate eyewear as well so people with spectacles don’t have to worry about that.

The daytime performance is decent but the nighttime performance is very good. We can adjust the IR light fill depending on how far the object/target it. And the binoculars are capable of 5X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom.

If you are in the market looking for a decent and affordable gadget that can enhance your night viewing, then the ACPOTELBNV21 Night Vision Binoculars are definitely worth considering.