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10 Best Retractable Extension Cord Reviews

We always find ourselves struggling to find a perfect power outlet for the electronic items in our house and try to keep them as close to a wall outlet as possible to avoid further problems. But, it is not always possible, especially for portable devices that you may need to use everywhere in your house or office such as vacuum cleaners, power tools, laptops, portable coolers, and many others.

The best solution in such a case is a reliable extension cord that can power these units without any problem. What’s better is if the extension cord can be retracted when it is not in use. These cords do not make a mess even if you are going for a really long cable. Here are some interesting properties of retractable extension cords that you should know.

  • Length: The only reason you are getting an extension cord is to extend the connectivity of the wall outlet in your home or office to power your electronic devices. Therefore, it is important to think about how far you would like to extend the connectivity. You can check that by considering the length of the retractable extension cord you are going to buy. There are a lot of options when it comes to the length of the cord and you can find 3 feet to 100 feet long cords on our list.
  • Capacity: The electrical supply needed for all devices is not the same. If you are planning to plug heavy-duty electronics with the retractable extension cord, you should invest in a robust and high-quality unit that is capable of supplying the current needed to power these units. If the input is greater than the capacity of the cord, it can fry the cord and cause a short-circuit which can’t be good.
  • Gauge: The gauge of a wire is a technical term that relates to its thickness, or rather its measurement in AWG. As this number increases the thickness of the cable decreases. And with that, it’s capacity to carry a high voltage supply. If you are looking for a simple extension cord, any high gauge option will be fine for you. But for powerful appliances, you will need a low gauge retractable extension cord.

Apart from these factors, there is a lot more to a simple power cable or retractable extension cord that you should know before you buy one. Therefore, we have crafted this list of the best retractable extension cords to save you from the trouble of browsing hundreds of options. We will also mention all of their best features along with a short review of the product. If you want to know more about the qualities of retractable extension cords, take a look at our “Buying Guide” for the best retractable extension cords.

Best Retractable Extension Cord

Best Retractable Extension CordGaugeLengthCircuit BreakerBuy Now
DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Cord1625 feet13 ampsCheck On Amazon
Bayco Retractable Extension Cord1630 feet10 ampsCheck On Amazon
CopperPeak Retractable Extension Cord1450 feet---Check On Amazon
Link 2 Retractable Extension Cord1460 feet13 ampsCheck On Amazon
Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord1625 feet10 ampsCheck On Amazon
ReelWorks Retractable Extension Cord1665 feet15 ampsCheck On Amazon
Sarmert Retractable Extension Cord---3.3 feet13 ampsCheck On Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord1625 feet10 ampsCheck On Amazon
Suraielec Retractable Extension Cord1245 feet15 ampsCheck On Amazon
CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord14100 feet13 ampsCheck On Amazon

10 Best Retractable Extension Cord Reviews

1. DEWENWILS Retractable Extension Cord

DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel

If you are looking for an even more affordable option, take a look at our next choice from DEWENWILS. Compared with other options, the DEWENWILS extension cord would be a perfect choice for basic domestic applications.

In the 2nd place, we are putting the DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel. It is arguably the cheapest option on this list with a pretty exciting set of features. First of all, it comes with a 25 feet long power cord that can be retracted with ease via the hand-wind retractable reel. The cord itself has 16 AWG gauge rating and is rated for complete wear and tear resistance along with weather resistance.

You will notice a triangular rotatable grip on the reel that provides a firm grip while you are retracting the cable into the reel and offers you an easier and effortless way to do so. Unlike our previous pick, the DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel has 4 outputs so that you can power 4 devices at once with this extension cord. It is also rated for 13 amps, 12 volts, and 1625 watts power supply. Also, the outlets are 3 prong outlets to ensure proper earthing while you are using the cord.

Best Features:

  • It is a 16 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 25 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 13 amps rating
  • One of the most affordable options on this list


  • Triangular grip for easy handling
  • It weighs only 3.2 lbs
  • Cable length is pretty good


  • Not the best option for heavy machinery

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2. Bayco Retractable Extension Cord

Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord Reel

Even if the retractable cords offer a long length, they should be coiled into a compact reel in order to be portable. The following option from Bayco offers just that with its retractable extension cord.

Our 3r choice for the best retractable extension cord is the Bayco SL-800. It is a metallic extension cord of 30 feet length which is sufficient for almost all basic needs. You will get 3 grounded 3 prong outlets with the Bayco SL-800 that will ensure your devices’ as well as your safety while you are using the cord. The Bayco SL-800 is ensured against an amperage rating of up to 10 amps which is a bit lower compared to other options.

Along with the Bayco SL-800, you will find specific mounting brackets included in the package that lets you attach the unit to the wall for even better applicability. Since this is a compact option, the Bayco SL-800 measures only 3.3 x 6.5 x 10.4 inches in size. But, it is made up of alloy steel so there are no compromises made in terms of the build quality.

Best Features:

  • Metallic extension cord
  • Cord length is about 30 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 10 amps rating
  • Reel is made up of alloy steel


  • Great features at this price point
  • Compact and portable extension reel
  • 16 AWG gauge rating


  • It only has a year of warranty

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3. CopperPeak Retractable Extension Cord

CopperPeak Tools

Moving on to the premium range of retractable extension cords, we have a couple of great options such as the one from CopperPeak Tools. CopperPeak Tools products always stand out in the market with their distinct design and feature sets.

The CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord is one of the few premium picks we are including on our list of the best retractable extension cords. This is a 50 feet long extension cord with many desirable features that you will certainly like. First of all, it has a 14 gauge cord which is rated for heavier applications compared to standard 16 gauge cords. Plus, you will still get 3 power outlets for multiple applications.

The CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord is also a compact and portable option that can be mounted to the ceiling or wall for easy access. Thus, you can practically create a permanent wall outlet with the CopperPeak Tools Retractable Extension Cord near your electrical appliance. Even after mounting, the extension cord reel can be rotated within 180 degrees to ensure proper connectivity from all directions.

Best Features:

  • It is a 14 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 50 feet
  • One of the heavy-duty options on this list
  • Compact option compared to a few other choices


  • Rated for heavier applications in comparison
  • Reel can be mounted on a ceiling or wall
  • Reel can be rotated within 180 degrees


  • Mounting is necessary to properly use the extension cord

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4. Link 2 Retractable Extension Cord

Link 2 Home

Link 2 Home is also bringing a similarly great option to our list by offering the following extension cord reel. It is one of the longest options available on our picks today.

If the cable length is a deciding factor in your case, then consider going with the Link 2 Home Cord Reel. This is a 60 feet long extension cord which is longer than all other options we have seen so far. It is also rated for heavier applications with the 14 AWG gauge hard service cable. The Link 2 Home Extension Cord also has a built-in circuit breaker that protects your devices in the event of an overload.

Unlike most other options, the Link 2 Home Extension Cord features 4 grounded power outlets to allow the connection of multiple power tools or similar appliances at once. You will also notice a unique handle on top of the unit that is provided to make the device easier for carrying. And for reeling the cord, you will get a small cylindrical knob on the reel itself. The Link 2 Home Extension Cord is backed by a 3-year warranty period which is pretty good considering it’s a premium choice.

Best Features:

  • It is a 14 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 60 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 13 amps rating
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty period


  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge cord
  • Built-in circuit breaker
  • CSA certified cord reel


  • Comparatively heavier than other options

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5. Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord

Flexzilla Retractable Extension CordFlexzilla Retractable Extension Cord Reel is a versatile solution for your power needs. This compact reel is equipped with a 25-foot oil-resistant 16/3 AWG SJTOW cord, ensuring flexibility in low temperatures and resistance to oil, water, and sunlight effects. The lighted triple tap outlet provides ample capacity, and the built-in circuit breaker with a reset button prevents trips and blown fuses.

Designed for convenience, the reel features an adjustable cord stopper that allows you to customize the cord length in 1-foot increments. The power indicator light ensures you’re aware of the power flow, enhancing safety. The grounded plug includes a 5-foot lead-in cord for added reach. The swivel mounting bracket offers flexibility, allowing you to pivot the reel in the direction of your work.

Whether wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, this cULus-listed retractable extension cord reel is recommended for dry, indoor locations. Ideal for general, commercial, and industrial use, it offers a reliable and organized power supply. With its ZillaGreen color and durable polypropylene construction, this Flexzilla cord reel combines functionality and durability for your workspace.

Best Features:

  • 16/3 gauge cord
  • 25-foot cord length
  • 3 outlets for simultaneous usage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Convenient wall or ceiling mounting options


  • Flexibility and durability
  • Power indicator light
  • Oil-resistant cord
  • Adjustable cord stopper
  • Round grip for easy handling


  • Suitable for dry, indoor locations only

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6. ReelWorks Retractable Extension Cord

ReelWorks Extension

ReelWorks also has a great option present on our list for a long retractable extension cord. ReelWorks has many alternatives available for retractable extension cords that are worth checking out.

The ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel is our next pick for the best retractable extension cord. This is a 65 feet long extension cord rated for top-tier heavy applications since the cord used with this reel has a 12 AWG gauge rating. This heavy-duty commercial cable comes with triple tap connectors and supports up to 15 amps connections and 1875 watts power supply.

Similar to our previous pick, this unit can also be mounted on the wall or a ceiling to offer a permanent connection port for heavy appliances that cannot be moved around. It also has an adjustable cable stopper that lets you use the cord length you need for your application without needing to pull out the entire length. There are also 2 non-slang rollers to prevent cord abrasion after multiple years of usage.

Best Features:

  • It is a 16 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 65 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 15 amps rating
  • It features triple tap connectors


  • Cord is rated for heavy applications and supports up to 15 amps power supply
  • Device can be mounted on a ceiling or a wall
  • Mounting bracket allows 135 degrees movement


  • Not a suitable choice for domestic applications

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7. Sarmert Retractable Extension Cord

Sarmert Retractable Power Strip

It is difficult to find a multi-purpose extension cord that is as versatile as the one designed by sarmert. It is also one of the budget options we have chosen for this list.

The sarmert Retractable Power Strip is quite a unique option compared to the retractable cord reels we have seen so far. It offers 3.3 feet cord length which is perfect for a small room. However, you will find 5 standard AC outlets on the sarmert Retractable Power Strip along with an extra section provided for 2 USB outlets and a handy Type C USB port. These USB ports will allow you to charge your smartphone or any other USB-powered device right from the extension cord itself.

And with the smart IC technology, you will also have the advantage of fast charging. It automatically detects the type of devices connected to the USB port and supplies the necessary power. The sarmert Retractable Power Strip also acts as a surge protector for the connected devices, preventing any damage caused by overcurrent, overload, short circuit, overheating, and other similar problems.

Best Features:

  • It features 3 USB ports in total
  • Cord length is about 3.3 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 13 amps rating
  • 5 standard AC outlets are provided


  • One of the cheaper alternatives for a retractable extension cord
  • 900J surge protector circuit for safety
  • Smart IC technology for fast charging


  • Not the best choice for heavy appliances

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8. BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord


Since we are discussing affordable options for retractable extension cords, we should introduce you to the following option made by BLACK+DECKER. As you may already know, BLACK+DECKER designs a wide range of electronic products within an affordable budget category.

Looking for the cheapest yet highly reliable retractable extension cord? look no further. The BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord is the best option you could possibly find at this price point. Unlike other cheaper options, the BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord features a 20 feet long cord that is more than sufficient for basic applications. It also has 4 outlets to allow multiple applications at once.

Furthermore, the cord used with the BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord reel has a 16 AWG gauge rating which is perfect for basic applications like your home appliances. And to ensure utmost safety against electrical problems, the BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord also has a built-in circuit breaker that stops the flow of current as soon as it detects a problem with the supply. You will also get a 3-year warranty period on this retractable extension cord reel.

Best Features:

  • It is a 16 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 25 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 10 amps rating
  • Backed by 3-year warranty period


  • Comes with an easy rewind handle
  • An additional carrying handle is provided for portability
  • 16 AWG cable for basic applications


  • It does not have USB ports

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9. Suraielec Retractable Extension Cord

Suraielec 12 Gauge Extension Cord Reel

Coming back to industry-grade retractable extension cords, we have one more great option coming from Suraielec. This is one of the many electronic devices and peripherals designed by Suraielec.

The Suraielec Extension Cord Reel is yet another great choice that we have included on our picks for the best retractable extension cords. This is also a premium-grade cord reel that can be a perfect choice for workshops and heavy machinery since it features a 12 gauge extension cable. What’s better is the Suraielec Extension Cord Reel features a 45 feet long cord that lets you power electronic devices quite far away from the original power source.

It is also equipped with a 15 amps built-in circuit breaker that operates for all 3 triple-tap connectors available with the Suraielec Extension Cord Reel. And if you wish to install the cord reel a bit far away from the wall outlet, you can do that as it also has a 4.5 feet long lead-in cord. Since this is a premium choice, it features an automatic retraction system along with a stopper to save you the trouble of winding the cable manually once you are done using the extension.

Best Features:

  • It is a 12 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 45 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 15 amps rating
  • 180 degrees swiveling mounting bracket included


  • Great option for heavy applications
  • 45 feet long cord with 4.5 feet lead-in cable
  • Comes with a 15 amps circuit breaker


  • It only has a year of warranty

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10. CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord


If you haven’t found the perfect option for your application yet, worry not. We have saved the best retractable extension cord in terms of length for the last place on this list. The following option from CRAFTSMAN will be the best solution for your connectivity problems.

Finishing up our list of the best retractable extension cords, we have the CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord. It is also a heavy-duty option compared to many other standard extension cords on the market since it is paired with a 14 AWG cord. It also has 4 grounded outlets that you will find helpful while powering 4 different appliances at once. It also has a built-in circuit breaker with 13 amps rating which is sufficient for most standard electronic appliances.

Coming to the best feature of the CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord, it has a cord that measures 100 feet in length. It is almost twice as long as other options we have seen on our picks. Therefore, you will be able to power almost any device with the CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord irrespective of how far it is from the original power source. As for its portability, CRAFTSMAN has provided a strong handle on top of the unit and enclosed the reel in a metallic frame to avoid damage caused by outdoor usage.

Best Features:

  • It is a 14 gauge cord
  • Cord length is about 100 feet
  • Automatic circuit breaker has 13 amps rating
  • One of the most heavy-duty options


  • Paired with a 14 AWG cord
  • Coming from a reliable brand
  • Offering the longest extension cord compared to other options in the market


  • Cord might be too long for domestic applications

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Buying Guide For The Best Retractable Extension Cord

If you are not familiar with extension cords or electrical appliances in general, the list of the best retractable extensions presented here might be a little confusing for you. You will notice a lot of technical properties and specifications on these products which are hard to understand if you don’t know what they are and how they affect the performance of a simple cable.

To help you with that, we are bringing this helpful buying guide for the best retractable extension cord. Here, we will talk about the same factors and help you understand their importance in detail. This way, you can easily compare the options we have included on this list and pick up the one that serves you the best under your budget. Therefore, we will strongly recommend you to check out our buying guide for the best retractable extension cord before you make your decision.

1. Length of the Cord

It is hard to emphasize how important it is to check the length of the extension cord before you buy one. Since you are getting an extension cord to power up the devices that are far away from the power source, it would not be of any use if the cord is not long enough to connect these devices with ease. And it is always hazardous to have a cable that can barely connect to the power source and have constant tension as it can cause short circuits, if not worse incidents.

Therefore, we have mentioned the length of the extension cord with each of our picks to help you find the perfect option for your needs. A lot of users don’t prefer buying an overly long extension cable because it is also not safe if there is a lot of cables just lying around where you have to work. But since these are retractable cables, you should not worry about extra cables just lying around on the floor when you are using it.

2. Number of Power Outlets

Another important factor for a retractable extension cord is the number of outlets provided on the device. It is understandable if you want to power a single unit with extension cord that is farther away from the source. But, what if you had to power 2 appliances instead of one? What if you get some more power tools and you wish to use them simultaneously on your project? The answer to this question lies with multiple power outlets provided on a single retractable extension cord.

The more outlets you have on your unit, the more versatile it becomes in terms of application. In general, you should look for an extension cord with at least 3 power outlets, if not more. And it would be beneficial if there are different types of power outlets provided on the cord for even better compatibility with the devices.

Some great retractable extension cords also feature a USB port so that you can charge your smartphone or other USB-powered device directly even if the standard ports are occupied. Another detail that you should not miss is whether these outlets come with 3-pin grounded plugs or not for safety.

3. Reel Design

The reel design is only a considerable factor for retractable extension cords. Apart from the power supply, you should also check if the retractable extension cord you are buying is easy to use or not. For that, you should check the reel structure of the unit and see how it works to get an idea. A good reel design will offer faster cable retraction. But, a great reel also offers protection to the cord itself on top of that.

Most importantly, the reel base should be large enough so that the coil is not too tightly packed when it is completely retracted. Also, the reel should be weatherproof and free from problems like rust and corrosion which can potentially harm the cord and cause problems with the power supply. And lastly, there should be a handle on the reel in case it is not automatic to make it easier to retract when you are done using the extension cord.

If the reel is heavy, it will be a hassle to carry it around in case you want to use the unit outside. However, having carrying handles or gripping cavities on the unit certainly makes the job easy.

4. Automatic Circuit Breaker

If you are familiar with electric circuits, you must know what an automatic circuit breaker is and how important it is for an extension cord regarding its safety. This is basically a protective failsafe trigger that can avoid incidents caused by an irregular power supply. The automatic circuit breaker, as the name indicates, breaks the circuit automatically as soon as it detects an unusual flow of current through the unit. In most cases, it is triggered by sudden power surges which are more common than you would think.

These power surges can be bad for the extension cord and the electrical appliance connected to it. But more importantly, it becomes a fire hazard if the unit you are using is a heavy-electrical appliance. The current limit to trigger the automatic circuit breaker is different for different units. It also changes based on the cause of the cord used with the retractable circuit breaker. While you are picking up a retractable extension cord, make sure you check the amperage rating for the automatic circuit breaker installed on the unit to ensure its safety regarding your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do retractable extension cords work?

Ans: Retractable extension cords are designed with a dedicated reel which is simply a wheel that holds the entire length of the cord coiled around it. When you want to use the extension cord, you simply need to connect it to a power source and unwind the length of the cord that you need until you can reach your electrical appliance or place where you need the outlet. When you are extending the cord, there is a ratchet lock that prevents the cord from rolling back in. When you are done with the cable, simply give it a tug and it will be rolled back in automatically.

2. Are retractable extension cords safe?

Ans: Coiled cables have always been a concern for a lot of users. When electricity is passing through the cables, the medium heats up. And with coiled cables, the heat can become quite extensive, becoming a potential fire hazard. But, those days are behind us since the new and improved retractable extension cords have multiple layers or protections on the cable to prevent heat generation. Also, the external coating of the cord is very strong and it does not get worn off easily. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about getting shocked after touching the cord.

3. Is it possible to make a regular extension cord retractable?

Ans: The only difference between a regular extension cable and a retractable one is the reel that houses the cable. So, if you can find a perfect reel for your cable, you can convert your existing extension cord into a retractable one. With that being said, we will strongly recommend you to get a retractable cable from a trusted brand since you can’t be sure about a standard cord’s reliability when it is coiled around a reel. Brands that offer retractable extension cords use a high-quality coil to avoid safety violations altogether.


We hope that the information provided in our buying guide for the best retractable extension cord is enough to lead you towards the best product available under your budget. You will also find a FAQ section right here that will clear any doubt that you may have about retractable extension cords. If you are still not sure which option you want, worry not. We have handpicked some great options from our picks that can be a great selection for you. Since retractable extension cords aren’t exactly cheap, to begin with, you would want to go with one that will serve you for many years to come, just like our recommendations provided here.

  • As we all know, BLACK+DECKER Retractable Extension Cord has an affordable alternative available for all types of electronic devices and power tools including retractable extension cords. The Black+Decker Retractable Extension Cord is the cheapest option we have on this list and it still offers 20 feet cord length with a 16 AWG gauge rating. You will find 4 power outlets on this extension cord along with a carrying handle to make it a portable choice.
  • CRAFTSMAN Retractable Extension Cord on the other hand is bringing a heavy-duty option on our list that you will surely like considering its price range. It is a 100 feet long retractable extension cord which is twice as much compared to many other premium choices. Furthermore, the cable features a 14 AWG gauge rating that makes it suitable for heavier appliances. There are 4 grounded outlets present on this extension cord reel with a safety overload circuit breaker.
  • ReelWorks Retractable Extension Cord is more of an experienced brand in extension cords and its ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel is a preferred choice for professional applications. This is a 65 feet long extension cord that offers a 12 AWG gauge rating that is suitable for powerful commercial electronic appliances. The cord of the ReelWorks Extension Cord Reel is certified by cETLus, Intertek GS, and cull quality-tested for an assured guarantee of quality.

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