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Apple Watch Size Guide – What Size Should I get?

Since 2015, Apple Watches have evolved from 1st generation to 6th generation with the additional SE versions. Many features have evolved through these watches, but one question is consistent when looking for an Apple Watch. The question is, what size should I get for my Apple Watch?

Choosing the perfect fit for your wrist is quite easy if you follow the size guide. Read on to select the perfect fit for your wrist.

Measure your Wrist Size

When Apple first introduced solo loop watch bands in 2020, it became difficult for its users to decide their band size. The solo loom bands don’t have any buckle or clasp, which means they cannot be loosened or tightened, and you have to wear it like you would wear a normal hand band.

It made people confused because everyone’s wrist size isn’t the same. What if the watch doesn’t fit your wrist?  And how to know what’s the right fit for your wrist?

How to Measure your Wrist? 

Method 1: Using Apple’s Printable Size Guide

Using Apple’s official size guide is the easiest and safest way to get the perfect fit. All you need is access to a printer.

Here’s how to get the perfect Apple Watch fit using Apple’s official size guide:

  • Select your favorite Apple watch or belt, braided or solo loop.
  • Under ‘band size’ click on the option “start your band measurement”
  • Click on download the printable tool.
  • Make sure your printer is set to print at 100% scale. Do not fit to scale. Print the document on an A4 size paper.
  • To ensure you have downloaded the correct size, place a credit card or any standard size card on the designated place over the printed document.
  • Carefully cut out the sizing tool from the document.
  • Place the ‘case’ shape

Method 2: Using a measuring tape

  • Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist where you usually wear a watch.
  • Don’t pull it too tight. It should feel comfortable on your wrist, but it shouldn’t be loose either.
  • Add half cm to the measurement to be on the safer side.
  • Go on to the order section. You will find an option to put your manually taken measurements. Put your measurements in cm or inches as you prefer.

Measuring Band without Tape?

If you don’t find a measuring tape, a ruler will do the job as well.

  • Cut a paper strip about ½ inch wide and wrap it around your wrist in the same way.
  • Mark the spot where one end overlaps the other. It shouldn’t be too tight. Should be a snug fit onto the wrist.
  • Lay the paper strip on a flat surface.
  • Use a ruler and measure the total distance.
  • Go to the order section and select the loop you like. Put your measurements, including the fraction of an inch. And you are done.

Which Apple Watch Band Should you go for?

Once you have figured out your wrist size, it is time to decide the perfect watch size for your wrist. There is always an Apple Watch Band Size guide on all the product pages; this will help you find your perfect fit.

Before the next step, you must double-check your wrist measurements to be sure. When it comes to Apple Watch leather bands, choosing the right size is quite easy. Apple watches come with genuine leather bands, which are rather adjustable and are a great fit on wrists of variable sizes.

The company makes the process easier as you just need to pick a broad category for your wrist, depending on small, medium, or large. Men and women should ideally go for the medium-sized band.

Two more band sizes, Apple Watch XS and XL band sizes, are also available for those who have a little less or more wrist built.

Apple Watch XL Band

You will need a large Apple Watch band if your wrist size is more than or equal to 21cm. Large Apple bands are ideal for wider wrists. It gives you more room to adjust as the XL band wraps around comfortably around the hand.

One of the most common questions is how to fit watch bands for larger wrists after having them? It is easy. You need to use the one-finger rule. You can fasten the band around the wrist, and you just need to push one finger between your skin and butterfly clasp.

It should be such that your finger should fit comfortably, but should not be able to fit two fingers. The extra space means that the band is loose. You need to position the metal pin a hole tighter in the strap.  You have to repeat the process till you get that perfect fit for the wrist.

Small Apple Watch Band

If the size of your wrist is around the 14cm range, we would suggest you go for Apple Watch bands of the small size. That size will make your wrist look stylish, and you will feel comfortable wearing it. All the Apple watch bands come in XS sizes for the perfect fit on your wrist.

As for the larger size of the Apple Watch, the rule of the finger helps you select the perfect fit; for the smaller size, you can use another trick. For this trick, you need to make sure that the watch should prevent any spun movement in the wrist.

Moreover, it should not damage your skin on the wrist or leave any imprint. Another trick to check whether the wrist is the perfect fit for you is by holding your wrist perpendicular to the ground. The perfect fit watches will just slide one or two centimeters down the wrist.

What Apple Watch Case Size is Perfect?

The wrist power is very crucial for several daily activities. It impacts your driving skills, gambling, cooking, and also it determines the size of your Apple watch.

The types of watches you like or dislike are completely up to you, but for any watch, you need to know your wrist size. The right watch fit for your wrist is essential, or you will look like a child playing with your parents’ bracelet.

The perfect watch case size should preferably cover 75% to 80% of the surface of your wrist, with the lug to lug distance covering up to 90% of the whole surface of your wrist. Apple Watches come in four different sizes generally, and all of them are available in the official Apple store.

Let us now look at each Apple Watch band in detail.

1. Apple Watch 38mm bands

The first, second, and third-generation Apple Watches come in several standard sizes for the cases. As the series 3 Apple watches are such stellar gadgets. For choosing the 38mm Apple Watch band, you need to press on the 38/40 option. This case fits perfectly for wrist sizes ranging from 130mm to 200 mm.

2. The 40mm Apple Watch bands

For the 4th, 5th, 6th, and SE series watches, the 40mm Apple Watch band is the standard size. This case also fits perfectly for wrist sizes ranging from 130mm to 200mm. You just need to follow the measuring size guide mentioned on the company site or the store. For the company site, you need to pick the 40mm size option at checkout.

3. The 42mm watch band

This 42mm watch band is the bigger variant of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation watches. You need to choose the 42mm/44mm option at the checkout process for this watch band. The 42mm watch band is ideal for wrist sizes from 140mm to 220mm.

4. Apple 44mm watch band

The 44mm Apple Watch band is the largest watch band of the Apple company. This is a standard size that is available for the 4th, 5th, 6th, and SE Apple Watch models. This watch band is the perfect fit for wrist sizes ranging from 140mm to 220mm.

These watch bands look stylish and classy for the larger wrists. However, this Apple Watch band might feel too big for smaller wrists due to the difference in sizes. According to your personal choice, the perfect fit Apple Watch can prove to be your unique style statement.


Men and women usually have several sizes of wrists and might prefer larger or smaller straps. The different sizes of the Apple Watch bands help you choose the perfect fit which is neither too tight nor too loose for your wrist. While choosing your perfect fit watch, you must keep some things in mind.

The band must not be so tight that it restricts your blood flow. Also, it must not be so loose that it falls off your wrists or keeps spinning around. To use the blood oxygen meter, and other apps, you need your smart gadget to be in skin contact, so choosing the right fit for your wrist is essential. We have tried to list all you need to know to choose the perfect fit for your wrist.

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