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How To Find Discord Servers?

Finding the right Discord server can be tricky but rewarding. Discord servers are communities where you can chat, share, and connect with people who share your interests. Whether you’re into gaming, music, or learning new skills, there’s a server for you. This guide explains simple steps to discover and join Discord servers that match your interests. By following these steps, you’ll easily find active and engaging communities. Let’s get started on finding your perfect Discord server!

Where Are Discord Servers Located?

Discord servers themselves aren’t located in a single physical location. There are two key components to consider:

1. Gateway Servers: These handle the initial connection and real-time communication between you and the Discord service. Discord primarily uses gateway servers in South Carolina, USA.

2. Voice Servers: These handle voice chat for servers. Discord strategically places voice servers around the world to offer lower latency (response time) for users in different regions. Confirmed locations include:

  • US Central: Chicago, Illinois
  • US South: Dallas, Texas
  • US East: Likely New York City, New York (exact location not publicly confirmed)
  • EU Central: Frankfurt, Germany

There are likely other voice server locations as well, but Discord doesn’t publicly disclose all of them.

Is There A Way To Search For Discord Servers?

Yes, there are absolutely ways to search for Discord servers! Here are two methods:

  • Discord Server Discovery: Discord itself has a built-in feature called Server Discovery. You can access it by clicking the compass icon at the bottom left corner of the server list on the desktop app. This allows you to browse by category or use a search bar to find communities based on your interests.
  • Keywords: You can also search for Discord servers using keywords related to your interests on platforms like Google or Reddit. For instance, searching for “dog lovers Discord server” might lead you to forum posts or websites with server invites.

How To Find Discord Servers On PC?

You can find the Discord server you want through the guild directory on your PC. The directory lists all servers by category. Here’s how to find and join a Discord server:

  • Open Discord and sign in.
  • Click the “Explore Discoverable Servers” compass icon on the left.

Explore Discoverable Servers-discord find server

  • To filter servers, select a category on the left, or use the search bar in “Home” to search by name.

select category-find discord server

  • Click on the server you want to join to see more details.

click on server-discord search for servers

  • To join, click “Join (server)” at the top of the screen.

click join-search discord

How To Find Discord Servers On Mobile?

“Discord’s mobile app lacks built-in search functionality. However, you can use their web-based services like ‘Disboard,’ ‘DiscordServers,’ and ‘Discord Me’ for comprehensive Discord server searches.”

  • Open your web browser and go to Disboard.
  • Log in or create an account if you haven’t already.
  • Once logged in, go to the homepage and click on the “Servers” tab to see a list of Discord servers. You can also browse servers by tapping on “Categories.”

servers-discover discord server

  • Alternatively, use the “Search” feature to find a specific server by name.

search-discord search server

  • When you find the server you want to join, click on “JOIN THIS SERVER.” If you’re not logged into Discord yet, you’ll be prompted to sign in. If you’re already signed in, you may just need to accept the invitation.

Join this server-discord servers search

  • Click on “Accept Invite” to join the server.

Accept Invite-finding a discord server

Other Ways To Find Discord Servers To Join

Besides Discord’s built-in “Explore Public Servers” feature, there are several other ways to find Discord servers to join:

  • Third-Party Server Directories: These websites list thousands of Discord servers across various categories, making it easy to find one that interests you. Some popular options include Disboard,, and
  • Social Media: Many communities and groups on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter have their own Discord servers. You can often find links to these servers in the community sidebar or by searching for the group’s name followed by “Discord.”
  • Games And Apps: Many games and apps have official Discord servers where players and users can chat, share tips, and find each other to play with. You can usually find links to these servers on the game’s website or app.
  • Friends And Followers: If you know someone who uses Discord, ask them for recommendations on servers to join. You can also check the bios of people you follow on social media to see if they list any Discord servers they’re in.

By using a combination of these methods, you’re sure to find a Discord server that’s the perfect fit for you.


Is there a search feature for finding Discord servers?

Yes, Discord has a “Discover” feature that allows users to search and find public servers by category, popularity, or specific interests. Use the “Explore Public Servers” option.

Can I join Discord servers through invitations or links?

Yes, you can join Discord servers through invitation links. Simply click on the link, and it will redirect you to join the server if you have a Discord account.

How do I know if a Discord server is active and suitable for me?

To know if a Discord server is active and suitable, check member activity, recent posts, engagement in channels, and the server’s focus or rules to match your interests.

How can I promote my own Discord server for others to find?

To promote your Discord server, utilize social media, forums, and Discord server listings. Engage with your community and offer unique content to attract new members.


Finding Discord servers matching your interests enhances your online experience. Utilize search tools, community platforms, and directories to discover diverse communities. Active participation fosters valuable connections, whether for gaming, networking, or hobbies, on Discord’s vibrant global platform.

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