The 6 Best Welding Tables Reviews and Buying Guide

A high-quality welding table will definitely improve the safety and efficiency in your workplace. It allows you to smooth welding on a stable and flat surface at a comfortable height with various features in a healthy and balanced position.

The welding tables come with all different sizes, shapes, designs, and heights. This makes it quite challenging to find the right table. So, to figure out the best option, you have to keep these 2 main points in your mind when purchasing this welding table.

Material – The welding table is made with various materials like carbon/steel, angle iron, & square tubing rather than wooden welding table (have fire hazard). Among them carbon steel is most commonly used material for tabletops.

Table Size – One should select the table by considering the need of the welder, environment, welding tasks for the particular project, etc. For instance, choosing a large tabletop will work well for industrial and heavy-duty tasks whereas the small tabletop is used for light duty and medium duty household tasks. Also, a compactable table will help for easy movement and storage.

Apart from these 2 main points, there are various other factors you have to consider while purchasing this welding table, which are clearly mentioned in the below Comprehensive Buying Guide. We also provided a list of some best-selling welding table in the market (after thorough research).

Scroll down to know more about welding table and purchase your best one from the list.

To reduce your searching and shopping time, we came up with a list of some best-selling welding tables in the market. Just go through them and select your best and most suited one, as per your requirement.

Best Welding Tables

Welding TableDimensions ( inches)Weight Bearing Capacity (LBS)MaterialBuy Now
Kastforce Welding Table37.3 X 18.8 X 3.61200Stainless Steel Check the Price
Klutch Welding Table36 X 24 X 33 ¼600Steel Check the Price
Strong Hand Tools Welding Table30 X 20 X 27350Steel Check the Price
Hobart Welding Table35 X 19.4 X 34350Rust-proof steel Check the Price
Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table24 X 32 X 6 ¼350Steel Check the Price
Miller Electric Arc Station Workbench50 X 30.3 X 7.3500Iron Check the Price

6 Best Welding Tables Reviews

1. Kastforce Welding Table

kastaforce table

This KASTFORCE KF3002 is a portable welding table that works best for light welding and rolling machine cart. It has robust quality and build to have smooth performance along with right locking wheels. This welding table comes with four bearing heavy-duty 3-inch caster wheels that allow you to move the table around the workshop easily. The stable stopping system locks the wheels to make it stay fix while operating.

This portable table comes with a tabletop that measures 18 X 36 inches and designed for welding purpose with a thickness of 10 gauge (3 inch). One can find the number the holes in this heavy-duty welding top, which is perfect for clamping and are measured each 16 mm in diameter.

The table is 3 feet tall and comes with a convenient storage tray underneath the table. The table is made with durable steel and used for light duty or medium duty welding tasks but won’t get folded and weighs about 55.8 pounds but comes with 1200 lbs weight bearing capacity.

Things we liked:

  • Comes with a storage tray for storing materials and tools.
  • Has 4 bearing heavy duty 3-inch swivels with perfect brake function.
  • Value for money and cost effective.
  • It is a solid table with high-quality casters.
  • It is easy to assemble, use and maintain it.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Need to have good ventilation while welding, why because the workplace gets warm while welding.
  • The 35 inches height makes it not suitable for some people.
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2. Klutch Welding Table 

klutch table

This Klutch welding fabrication table comes with dimensions of 36 (L) X 24 (W) X 33 ¼ (H) inches and 24-pieces metal fit up kit for using in both round and square stock. The fit includes 4 stop bases, 4 threaded adapters, 8 V-blocks, 4 magnetic rests & 4 inserted clamps. The table is made with steel material with 4mm thickness on top and 2 mm thick steel frame. This allows the table to handle a weight capacity of about 600 lbs.

The standard 16 mm diameter of holes are spaced evenly with 2 inches apart to provide excellent flexibility in fixture setup. It comes with benchtop or stand-alone configuration.

Things we liked:

  • It is easy to assemble and built with sturdy quality steel material.
  • Value for money.
  • Comes with 24-piece metal fit up kit.
  • Can handle a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Won’t come with any storage space or caster wheels to move around.
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3. Strong Hand Tools Welding Table

Strong Hand Tools

This Nomad TS3020 welding table is an excellent product from Strong Hand Tools that makes it suitable for metal working and hobbyist applications. This is a lightweight and versatile table that allows you to adjust the height of tabletop (from 26 to 32 inches) and tilts to three different positions (horizontal, 30-degree and folded for mobility), as per your convenience to work.

It is compatible with all kinds of Strong Hand welding tools and accessories. This portable table can be moved easily on its 2 sturdy casters. The flexible capacity will provide for proper positioning of the tabletop with +/- 90-degree about one axis with 3 lengthy ports to affix the clamps. The three 1.1 inches slots in this tabletop will allow you to insert clamps to reach any point on the table.  Comes with two retractable, perpendicular steel guide rails, in which you can use them as stops, guides or clamping edges.

It comes with dimensions of 30 (L) X 20 (W) X 27 (H) inches and made with durable steel material with 14-gauge thickness. The table size is 20 X 30 feet that allows you to work in a wider space. It weighs about 42.9 pounds. It is a user-friendly and easy to assemble product.

Things we liked:

  • It is completely portable and foldable.
  • Easy to adjust the height and tilt to perform work comfortably.
  • Made with high quality steel that provides durability.
  • Can accommodates clamps in any position.
  • Cost affordable / economical choice.
  • Comes with a load capacity of 350 lbs

Things we didn’t like:

  • Need to improve the design of tension handle nut.
  • It is difficult to level.
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4. Hobart Welding Table

hobart table

This Hobart 770786 folding welding table is made with high quality steel that comes with welded legs and base. This allows you to fold it easily, portable and easy to store. The tabletop measures 35 X 19.5 inches and weighs about 47.5 lbs. It can easily hold up to 350 lbs of weight. The table height is 34 inches and thickness of table top is 20 gallons. It won’t require any assembly, as it comes in fully assembled state. It comes with rust resistant steel top. The product comes with a warranty or return policy within 30 days.

Things we liked:

  • Not need to assemble the table
  • It is easy to fold and move around.
  • Lightweight and cost effective.
  • It is a solid and its built-quality is good.
  • Comes with warranty of 30 days.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.
  • Not suitable for medium to larger projects but works well for small projects.
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5. Strong Hand Tools Nomad Welding Table

noomad table

This is another best product from Strong Hand tools. This TS3020FK is one of the budget friendly welding table with simple design that includes a table and clamps. The dimensions of the tabletop are 20 (L) X 30 (W) X 27 (H) inches. However, the user can adjust the height from 26 to 32 inches (as per your convenience). You can also adjust the tilt in either horizontally or 30-degree angle to make it suitable for any challenging welding work.

It features zinc-plated 14 gallons steel construction and 1020 carbon steel frame. The table top with three 1.1-inch slots that allows you to insert the clamp at any point. This portable welding table comes with 3-inch capacity MagSpring clamp along with magnetic V-pad jaw and spring-loaded arm that allows you to adjust to hold round, flat or angled steel surfaces with 500 pounds clamping pressure.

It is lightweight, portable and easy to carry around. Also, it is easy to fold flat for easy storage in you home sheds or garages without any problem. It also comes with locking mechanism to keep the table secured while operating.

Things we liked:

  • It is lightweight, portable and foldable.
  • It is easy to assemble and easy to store.
  • Cost affective.
  • It is adjustable and flexible.
  • It comes with weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It can’t handle heat and comes with poor assembly instructions.
  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark / unreliable.
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6. Miller Electric Arc Station Workbench 

ArcStation Workbench,

The ArcStation welding table is one of the best products from the Miller Electric band. This table comes with a 29 X 29 inches working surface and a weight bearing capacity of about 500 lbs. It has various features like foldable x-pattern legs, hidden casters for mobility and X-pattern clamp slots on the counter to clamp down material in any position on the table, which makes it as a perfect table for both hobbyists and professionals.

The overall height of this table is 48 inches (when folded) and 35 inches (unfolded). The overall depth is 6 inches folded. It is lightweight of about 75 lbs and portable that allows you to move this table from one place to another place. It is made with sturdy and durable steel material in which you can fold them easily to store and transport it. It won’t have any storage shelves but features a holder for a welding gun.

Things we liked:

  • It is a durable and reliable welding table
  • Value for money
  • Comes with weight bearing capacity of 500 lbs
  • It is portable, compact and foldable.

Things we didn’t like:

  • There is no shelves or counters to store the parts.
  • Not that much suitable for professional welders who deals with medium or large projects.
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Buying Guide For Welding Table

Welders (either professional or hobbyists) working on the ground is not at all convenient and safe. It results in various health problems like chronic back injury. So, a welding table is must to have in your workspace that allows you to weld easily and effectively. But buying a welding table is not an easy task from various models in the market. To help you purchase the best and most suited one, here we are providing a guide.

Read on to know all the essential information about welding table and purchase the best one, as per your requirement.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Welding Table

Here we have listed a few key factors which the buyer has to take into account before buying welding table to grab the best quality table.

1. Table Size

One should select the table by considering the need of the welder, environment, welding tasks for the particular project, etc. Choosing a larger tabletop will work well why because it allows the user to place all the essential materials on it. The only drawback is we can’t able to move the table from one place to another.

However, there are a lot of accessories (like guide rails, vice or dust collectors) available to increase the size of the table, in case if it is needed. So, always choose a compactable welding table for easy movement and storage for workplace, while a bigger size is suitable for heavy duty and industrial welding in a larger worktop.

2. Height of the Table

The height is another key factor to consider why because if the table height is not suitable / comfortable with the welder’s height then the welder has to work in an awkward position. This may result in horrible back & shoulders pain. So, purchase the table that comes with adjustable height to adjust the height of the table as per your convenience and thereby work effectively. The legs which are made with square tubing are considered as most suitable one for optimal adjustability.

3. Weight

For those people who give priority to mobility/portability, should consider purchasing welding table which are lightweight, compact and foldable. In case, if you’re operating in different locations, then the heavy weight table will make you unable to move it easily. If you already purchased a heavier model, then avoid worrying about it, as wheels will give you a best solution for portability.

4. Stability

Working on an unstable table will always be a risky job. The strength, density, construction material and the length of the table legs will determine the stability of the table and allow the user not to experience slight shakes or movements. So, always choose the welding table whose legs can support the weight of the table and materials on it.

5. Construction Quality

While considering the construction of the welding table, you should consider its durability, safety, quality of material, and performance. So, pick the table that is made with sturdy and quality materials (like steel). But never ever compromise on quality to save cost. Consider purchasing the best quality for the longer run to make it work for a lifespan, even if it is a little bit pricey product. Also, the design of the construction should be easily assembled and has a user-friendly operation.

6. Material

The welding table is made with various materials like carbon/steel, angle iron, & square tubing rather than wooden welding table (have fire hazard). Let’s know about them in detail before choosing the material of the table, that suits perfect for your project.

7. Carbon Steel

  • This tabletop is perfect for working with a wide range of metals.
  • Simply attach a welding clamp to connect various parts on the table surface electronically.
  • It is affordable, easy to use and maintain.
  • Also, one can easily repair the table and use it effectively for a long time.

8. Angle Iron

  • Angle iron is considered as a critical component in the frame of any high-quality welding table.
  • It is a metal piece that comes with a L-shaped cross section.
  • This L-shape will increase structural integrity and reduces the possibility of bending or flexing.
  • This iron is also suitable for legs of welding table due to its L-shaped profile.
  • Also, some models come with angle iron frames all around its sides as edge guides.

10. Square Tubing

  • This square steel tubing is mostly used in the construction of welding table either as mounting point for fittings (like a vice) (OR) as structural reinforcement.
  • It is also used for guide rails or surface frames.
  • The square cross section will provide essential strength to the tube.
  • The models which possess this square tubing will have high load bearing capacity.
  • It is also considered as the best option for table legs due to its sturdiness and provides easy height adjustment.

11. Movement

Always ensure the table with minimal movement to get stability while working on this tabletop. The length, thickness and structural strength of the table legs will play a key role in stabilizing the welding table. Even, if your feet securely anchored to ground then still, they may be a movement due to swaying. In case, if the tabletop is large and bulky, then check the legs of the table that withstand the weight, particularly when the table is fully extended.

Other than movement, one has to consider motion variation. So, it’s best to pick welding tables that allows the user to use it 360-degree movement and thereby help you to work on any piece of all sizes and shapes. The usage of horizontal clamping or X-pattern slots will help to secure the workpiece on the table / bench in any position. With this optimal motion variation will let you to weld several joint types, which includes edge joints and cross joints.

12. Location / Place

The place where you are using the table will definitely decide what type suits best for you. For instance, larger space will give options of using either larger table or smaller but for smaller areas, small tables are used. Also, the location will determiner whether you need castor wheels to move the table around the workshop or outside.

The place will determine the quality of the table as well. For industrial usage, consider purchasing heavy duty durable table to withstand a beating and while using for outside then consider light or medium duty table with a coating on it or lightweight aluminum structure. So, it’s always best to consider the location before purchasing.

14. Horizontal Size

Although, the size of the welding table is determined by the place where you work, which accessories you’re using and your budget. A bigger surface area of the table suits best if you don’t want to table for portable use. simply, the space availability will determine how big the table is used.

In general, the large table in small space will provide no space to move around. If you’re using a small welding table then you may ground off some projects. So, smaller table for small areas and big size table for large areas. Also, if you want to carry around (portable) then smaller table will suit better whereas if you want to keep the table at particular place (not portable) then larger and heavier tables is suitable (even though, they come with caster wheels to roll around easily).

15. Load Capacity

It is termed as the weight that the worktable can handle effectively. So, the choice of load capacity will depend on your particular welding needs (of particular project). If you’re working with light-duty to medium duty welding tasks, then choose a welding table that comes with weight bearing capacity of about 300 – 500 pounds. In case, if you’re using welding table for heavy duty industrial welding then simply choose a table that has load capacity on or above 1000 pounds.

16. Welding Table Accessories

Here are a few accessories available for welding table in the market, which helps to perform your work effectively.

  • Table Vice It is used to secure the workpiece in proper place while carrying out a welding job. If your welding table has small surface area then this vice will take up too much space and thus reduce the efficiency. In case, if the jaws of the vice reach to the height of the chest then it is also high to allow the practical use.
  • C-Clamps It is a versatile alternative to the table vice. It allows you to clamp down any item on the table that have clamp slots, which are bigger enough for c-clamps. Also, use these c-clamps to secure the workpiece for various different joint types.
  • Corner Clamps It is perfect for welding corner joints. Want to fuse any two metal pieces at a right angle, then corner clamp is the best option. There are different types of corner clamps and any of these types won’t fasten to the work place.

17. Portability & Flexibility

Always choose a portable welding table, if your projects require frequent movement around the workplace. Also, go for the models that are lightweight and compact in size along with easy to foldable. So, this portable table will allow you to easy to move and store. Or if you have models that is not portable then simply invest in table with wheels that enhance portability and allow you to push the table with ease.

18. Price / Budget

For smaller welding tasks (OR) DIY welding, choose a good welding table that comes under $200 is effective, why because they have small work surface, portable and fordable. Make sure not to sacrifice the quality. Some models are specially meant for industrial purpose / heavy duty welding. They use durable construction material to have higher load capacity.

Additional Features

There are some unique aspects that differ from one welding table to another. So, you can narrow down by choosing the welding table which has all essential features required for your project.

  • Fixture Points – This is a part of the table that helps to secure the project when you’re cutting or welding. It comes in either clamps or vises form and they are bolted or self-locked to the table. When the fixture points are bolted to the table then they secured tightly that won’t give any option to change or adjust the location easily. Whereas, the self-locking clamping system will get fitted into holes or slots works like bolts but allow you to adjust or move it easily.
  • Welding Screen – This screen is used to protect the eye of the people from the weld while there are welding nearby. It comes as single product and used to move around to anywhere you need to complete your task. It is affordable and essential feature for welding table.
  • Castor Wheels – They are specially designed to move the table easily by withstanding the table’s weight. It acts as a contact point between the ground and the table and comes with brakes to stay stable while operating. Also, they can move up and down to take the table’s weight while moving and when they left stationary, then they adjusted and allow the table to sit on their legs instead.
  • Storage – Generally, tables comes with storage options in the form of drawers, cabinets or shelves. It is useful to keep the consumables clean and dry. So, one has to keep these things in their provided convenient place without leaving it lye around on the table. This storage can be done either above the table or under the table. Choose it, as per your preference.
  • Hangers – They are used to hang various items required for your welding in the form of either hooks, rings, slots or holes, in which the common one is tube or ring. This ring attaches to table and allow you to set the torch in between welds. Useful when you need to move or adjust the project by using both hands and this hanger will keep the torch clean and protected. So, you can pick the torch and weld again. Other forms of hanger can used to keep pliers, hammers, chippers, etc.
  • Table Surface – Most of the welding table surfaces (sustain heat, grit and other residues) are made with steel. It should be strong and durable. So, this welding table is coated with zinc to prevent rust or corrosion. Also, the table surface should have both holes and slots. The slots used for clamping, heat reduction and measuring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the functionality of this welding table?

Here we are providing some of the primary functions of welding table, in which a welder can find this table is useful for various activities.

  • Electrical grounding
  • Welding
  • Measuring
  • Clamping (due to holes on the table’s surface)
  • Squaring corners
  • Gauging
  • Leveling
  • Bending
  • Mounting
  • Jigs
2.How do I keep my welding table as rustproof?

Although, maintaining the rustproof welding table is a difficult task but there are a few options that help you to keep it rustproof and let it work for longer time. Simply apply a fine layer of some sort of oil, wax or any liquid film. For instance, apply a light layer of WD40 either a quick spray or spread with cloth to protect the table from rust.
In case, if the welding table already started rusting then a twisted wire brush and grinder will help you in clearing the rust. The best way to keep the table rust – free is to use it constantly (whenever you need it) and oil the parts when it is not in use.


Among all the above-mentioned best-selling welding tables, we pick KASTFORCE Welding Table as our first and best product. The reason is that it is a portable welding table that works best for light welding and rolling machine cart. It has robust quality and build to have smooth performance along with right locking wheels. The table is made with durable steel and used for light duty or medium duty welding tasks and comes with a convenient storage tray underneath the table. It has weight bearing capacity of 1200 lbs but it won’t get folded.

What’s your pick from the above list in this 2020? Feel free to share your experience or queries about welding table in the below comments section.

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