7 Best Universal Laptop Charger in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

There are countless situations where having a universal laptop charger will keep you on top of your game. Not only laptops but many universal chargers allow you to charge other devices too (like speakers and printers).

But here’s a catch. There are too many universal laptop chargers in the market and not everyone will stand up to your expectations. To have your back we’ve made a list of some of the best universal chargers. You just need to go through the list and pick an ideal charger that suits your needs.

Before hopping on the list, you should know about the two most important factors to consider. The factors will give you better insights and will allow you to compare the chargers from each other.

Numbers of Tips

Of course, the bottom line of getting a laptop charger is to satisfy your laptop’s power needs first. However, having the ability to charge different laptops in times of emergencies will surely save you and your peers’ day. 

Thus, the more tips your laptop charger has, the better it will be for you.


The need to work on a laptop isn’t limited to the home now. This is why a laptop charger should be compact and less weighted so that you can easily carry it along with you. Although, if you’re someone who uses a laptop in the home, there’s nothing to worry about.

Apparently, you’ll need to know about other vital factors before finalizing a laptop charger. To eradicate any possible doubts, a detailed “Buying Guide” is mentioned at the bottom of this article.

But now, it’s time to inspect the ‘list of bests’ and start searching for your laptop’s partner.

7 Best Universal Laptop Charger in 2021

Best Universal Laptop ChargerLaptop charger Input Voltagecompatible LaptopBuy Now
ZOZO Universal Laptop Charger 90W100V-240V 50-60Hz75W 70W 65W 45W 40W 33WCheck On Amazon
Belker Universal Laptop Charger 90W100V-240V 50-60Hz40W 45W 65W 90W Check On Amazon
POWSEED Universal Laptop Charger 70W100V-240V 50-60Hz65W 45W 33WCheck On Amazon
Anoak Universal Laptop Charger 90W100V-240V 50-60Hz40W 45W 65W 90W Check On Amazon
TKDY Universal Laptop Charger65W100V-240V 50-60Hz40W 45WCheck On Amazon
Wishinkle Universal Laptop Charger45W100V-240V 50-60Hz.40W 45W 65W 90WCheck On Amazon
Liveimpex Universal Laptop Charger90W100V-240V 50-60Hz65W 45W 33WCheck On Amazon

Best Universal Laptop Charger in 2021: Reviews

1. ZOZO 90W Universal Laptop Charger

ZOZO 90W Universal Laptop Charger

Starting with the overall best choice, ZOZO universal charger. This charger comes with 90Watts of power supply that charges your laptop efficiently without taking much time. Thus, your laptop will not become addicted to the charger.

It has a decent range of voltage supply of 15V to 20V. The tips of chargers automatically control the voltage supply according to the laptop’s need. You’ll not have to worry about the health of your working partner.

Talking about the number of tips, you’ll not get any disappointments here. The ZOZO provides you with 16 different tips to cover the needs of most laptops. Besides, if you’re having a popular brand’s device (like Samsung, Acer, Toshiba), there is nothing to worry about.

You can easily attach these tips to the power cord. The tips are equipped with 3-pin strong connections for stable connections with zero fallouts.

The AC cord is a 6ft traditional cord, which is more than you’ll need. Now, you can easily connect your laptop to distant power outlets without compromising your comfortable position.

There’s nothing special in the size of the adapter, you’ll receive a traditional moderate bulky product. However, the intriguing part of this adapter is that it generates less heat as compared to the size.


  • 16 different tips
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • Doesn’t heat much


  • Found nothing so far.

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2. Belker 90W Universal Laptop Charger

Belker 90W Universal Laptop Charger

Belker Universal Laptop will surely act as a permanent replacement for your original adapter. It is a 90 Watts charger that effectively charges the laptop in a decent interval of time. Additionally, the one thing that makes Belker so much praisable among customers is its superior safety features. 

The company offers you 15 different tips for convenient charging purposes. These many tips easily cover almost the complete laptop market. Moreover, every tip is made with premium materials for seamless power flow. And the manual welding of tips adds both life and trust to the product.

These tips connect firmly to the power cord to ensure zero loss of power supply. They don’t wiggle a bit, even after an accidental drop or thumps.

Beltek’s built-in smart power management chip is another intriguing factor. The chip takes care of every possible problem (like overheating, short-circuit) and resolves it before the rise of any potential threat. 

With the extra lengthy cords, the charger can be used in almost any location. You get a total of 12 ft of wire (6ft AC & 6ft DC). Thus, an ideal charging length for office and travel purposes as well.

The adapter is of normal size but is aesthetic in looks. There’s also a green LED on it which assures the power is flowing through.


  • Best in safety
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • 12ft long cord 


  • Found nothing so far.

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3. POWSEED 70W Universal Laptop Charger 

POWSEED 70W Universal Laptop Charger 

POWSEED is one of the newcomers in the power solution space. And providing true value has made them in demand recently. Its universal charger comes with a 70Watt of power supply which is quite low as compared to the others. However, this decrease in wattage wouldn’t affect the time consumption much.

You’ll get 16 different types of tips with the pack. These combine the most popular tips that’ll surely have something for your laptop too.

The adapter here is of compact size which tends to be handy and easy to grab. However, you’ll observe, the weight of the adapters is greater than any other products. The heaviness isn’t that much of an issue but might turn problematic during travelling.

Besides this, the POWSEED adapter is equipped with all the safety protection (like- surge, overheat, low voltage).

More points to the reliability factor of this charger. The POWSEED  provides you with 365 days of replaceable warranty. Additionally, you also get a no-questions-asked replacement or full refund guarantee within a month of purchase.


  • 16 different tips
  • Compact size
  • 1 year warranty period.


  • Heavy adapter

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4. Anoak 90W Universal Laptop Charger

Anoak 90W Universal Laptop Charger

Want to experience something smart and advanced in the universal laptop charger? The Anoak Universal charger provides 90W of power and will surely blow your mind. Its smart innovation along with seamless quality is what makes the charger stand apart.

Starting with smart innovation first. The Anoak adapter is equipped with three USB ports also. With this, you can charge other USB devices (such as mobile phones, power banks) and laptops at the same time. Thus, meeting your all power requirements in a single go.

The Anok provides you with 16 different popular tips that’ll power almost any type of laptop. Some of the popular brands, this charger supports are- Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, etc.

Its adapter is a bit bigger in shape (as compared to the traditional) but has got styles. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about any overheating, low voyages types of problems. Anoak charger will easily deal with that.

Talking about the cord length, it’s more than enough. You get over 10ft of total cable length to connect even distant power outlets. On top of that, there’s a velcro strip on the AC cord that allows you to arrange the cord when not fully extended.


  • 3 USB ports
  • 16 different tips
  • 12ft long cord 


  • Found nothing so far.

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5. TKDY 65W Universal Laptop Charger

TKDY 19W Universal Laptop Charger

TKDY universal laptop adapter will be the best partner for your 65W laptop. The best part is, it will not burden your wallet at all. The charger comes within 20 dollars of investment.

Coming to the number of arsenals you’ll get. The TKDY power charger provides 10 different tips. These are the most popular types that are most likely to charge the majority of the laptops available in the market. However, the charger doesn’t support Dell laptops that much (contact the seller for better insight)

Indeed, the number of tips is lower than other competitors, but comparing it with the price factors makes things sorted. Additionally, you can use the adapter to not only charge laptops but a lot more other devices (like Bluetooth speaker, printer, Amplifier) as well.

Talking about the adapter, it is a bit smaller from the traditional ones. You can also use the charger without any worries about electrical damages. The TKDY adapter is built to effectively prevent such issues (like overheating, low voltage, overloading ).

One of the best things that makes this budget-friendly charger more favourable is the warranty period. The TKDY provides you with 18 months of warranty, allowing you to inspect the charger completely and getting satisfying results. 

Sadly, this adapter limits you with the cord length. The TKDY charger comes with 5ft of DC cable and an AC power cord of 4 ft. Thus, in total, you only get around 9 ft of cable length. The length isn’t too bad in general, but you might’ve to compromise with your comfortable position while plugging in distant power outlets.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Quality material 
  • 18 months of guarantee


  • The cord length is short

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6. Wishinkle 45W Universal Laptop Charger

Wishinkle 45W Universal Laptop Charger

Starting with the best part of the Wishinkle Laptop charger, it is super portable. The compact and small size of the adapter allows you to take it on any travel journeys. Not only the size but its weight too feels negligible when compared with the laptop.

On top of that, the compact size makes the adapter look great and aesthetic. There’s also a stylish circular blue LED to indicate power status. The big light will assure you of connectivity even in bright environments.

Moreover, the adapter is equipped with all the primary safety features. It quickly identifies the issue such as overload, low voltage, etc and effectively deals with it.

Although this charger is meant for travelling purposes, the length of the wire could’ve been longer here. You only get 6.6 ft of total cord length. Thus, consider the distance of power outlets before finalizing.

With Wishinkle, you’ll get ten different types of tips for charging the majority of the laptops. Talking about the quality of the tips, many have faced problems while using them.

However, Wishinkle provides you with 12 months of customer service and a replacement policy (if required). Thus, you’re good to go with this compatible stylish laptop charger. 


  • Super portable
  • Aesthetic design
  • 12 months of warranty. 


  • The cord length is short
  • The quality of tips could’ve been better.

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7. Liveimpex  90W Universal Laptop Charger

Liveimpex Universal Laptop Charger

Liveimpex is another worthy laptop charger to consider. It is a 90W universal charger that provides you with 15 different tips to choose over. Thus, making the charger usable with almost every type of laptop.

On top of that, the tips are built great and have a 3 pin connection for a seamless power supply. 

They don’t even wobble while experiencing a physical drop or thump.

The Liveimpex laptop charger works in the voltage range of 15V to 20V. It automatically detects the voltage of the laptop and settles according to it for damage-free power charging.

There’s nothing different in the appearance of the adapter, it has the same dimensions as the traditional ones. However, a green LED indicator is present at it that lets you know whether the electricity is flowing or not.

Its warranty period makes the charger reliable and trustworthy. You get a 30-days of money back warranty and 12 months of replaceable warranty. Thus, there’s no need to worry even if you find the charger is not up to the mark.


  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • 12 months of warranty
  • Quality cables.


  • Found nothing so far

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Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase: Buying Guide

Don’t freak out by looking at so many competitive universal laptop chargers. To walk you through this maze, we’ve mentioned a detailed buying guide. This will help you in finalizing things.


In this busy lifestyle, the use of your laptop isn’t limited to your house only. You might need to take the laptop and charger to workplaces or on a long journey. This is the reason why you should opt for a laptop charger that doesn’t weigh much.

If you’re someone who’s generally indulged in long journeys, a slim lightweight laptop charger would be the pick for you.

Cord length

The length of the cord is another important factor. A laptop charger comprises AC power cord and DC cable. Thus the total length of the charger depends on the sum of the length of these two cords.

A laptop charger with decent quality should have at least 6ft of AC power cord. In this way, you’ll have more than 6ft of connection cable in total. Having this amount of connection cable will allow you to use hard-to-reach outlets without compromising your comfort position.

Here’s a notable thing. There’s nothing to worry about the length in certain situations. If you’re working from home, or sure about the distance of power outlets, a short charger will work great

Number of Tips

The primary requirement of getting a charger is no doubt, it should power your laptop. This is the bottom line here.

However, besides the bottom line, having multiple numbers tips in the arsenal will help you a lot in unexpected moments. 

You’ll be able to help your friends or office mates before an important meeting. It will cost less if you’ve multiple laptops with you. Moreover, I don’t need to tell you how the universal charger will be helpful if you repair other’s laptops.

Power Wattage

This is one of the most ignoring factors every time someone considers a laptop charger. The laptop charger you’re buying should provide equal or more power wattage than your laptop asks for. If you plug a low wattage charger into the laptop, you’ll end up damaging the health of both laptops and the charger.

Using a 40W charger for your 45W laptop isn’t a wise choice.

Using a 90W charger for your 70W laptop might charge your laptop a bit faster, but won’t create any big difference.


Having a reliable laptop charger will keep you away from unexpected miseries. It doesn’t cost you much yet lasts for several years. Moreover, getting access to charge different laptops with a single charger makes you a superhero among peers.

If you’re still confused regarding your final decision, you might want to pick my favourite product from the list. 

You should opt for the ZOZO universal laptop charger without any worries. This charger has my heart for multiple reasons. It has 16 different tips, doesn’t heat much, and most importantly is most lovable on Amazon.

Did we miss mentioning any worthy product? Or do you have any doubts regarding the above information? Please ask it in the comment section. Our team will reply in a short while.

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