27 Useful Tips To Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

A laptop is nothing but a portable microcomputer. It is mainly useful while traveling. Nowadays many people are using the laptops for their requirements as laptops allow their owners to travel and work wherever they wish, providing endless opportunities and eliminating the need for the space required for a desktop PC.

In these laptops, battery is the essential part since it is a portable device. In the absence of AC availability, the battery should backup the Laptop for a desirable time to do the work. In some cases, we observe that the laptop batteries do not get more life time as expected due to many reasons. To avoid those problems, we have to know how to increase the battery life of laptop and we should take proper precautions in handling the laptops.

Laptop Battery

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Tips to Increase the Laptop Battery Life:

  1. Do not use the CD drive frequently when the Laptop is in battery power.
  2. It is better to optimize the power option through the control panel option. Select maximum battery for maximum effect.
  3. It is very important to reduce the programs running in the back ground when the Laptop is in battery power as they run at boot up and increase the CPU load and battery consumption.
  4. De-fragmentation of the hard drive regularly is very helpful in making it faster. This increases the efficiency of the hard drive and decreases the power consumption.
  5. Do not keep the charged battery for long time without using it. If once charged, it should be used at least once every two to three weeks.
  6. Use the Dim mode in its lowest range to reduce the brightness of the screen. This considerably reduces the power consumption. If the CPU Fan control is available, reduce it to minimum.
  7. The heat vent is placed on the sides and back side of the laptop. So it is very important to place the Laptop in a well ventilated place during use. As a result, Laptop runs smoothly.
  8. Clean the air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner.
  9. Deactivate the programmes that are running automatically, when the Laptop is running on battery.
  10. It is better to reduce the number of external devices connected to the battery when using in battery power. For example, USB devices, WiFi etc. These devices are powered by the Laptop and use more battery power.
  11. Avoid playing games and playing a DVD in battery power.
  12. Increasing the RAM of the Laptop by adding an additional RAM is one of the very useful things. It allows the laptop to process more and fast rather than relying on virtual memory. Virtual memory increases the hard drive use and increases the power consumption. But the use of additional RAM will increases the power consumption slightly, so use only if memory intensive programmes are used.
  13. Do not store much data especially Audio and Video files in the Desktop since it is running in C drive. Save data in other drives.
  14. Reduce the use of Graphic in the Laptop while running in battery. Graphic and Video cards use much power similar to the Hard drive.
  15. Clean the drives to remove unnecessary files using the Disk cleaner option in the Performance and Maintenance of the Control panel.
  16. Always keep the battery contacts clean. Inspect the battery atleast once in a month. If the contacts are dirty, clean it with sand paper or file.
  17. Hibernate the Laptop when not in use so that, it can be run very quickly and avoids the boot up.
  18. Do only one thing at a time when the Laptop is running in battery. For example avoid combining the job of Typing and browsing. Stop all other programmes and do only one at a time.
  19. Stop the auto save option of Word and Excel while running the Laptop in battery. Since the auto save is working at regular intervals, it increases the hard drive activity and increases the power consumption.
  20. Another important point to be remembered is that we have to choose best Laptops with good features to increase the laptop battery life time.
  21. Switch off the wireless card if you are not interested to access your network or internet.
  22. Reduce the volume level or mute it.
  23. Disabling the Bluetooth option helps in getting more life to our laptop battery.
  24. Disable the unused ports and components like VGA, Ethernet, PCMCIA, USB, etc. while the laptop is running on the battery.
  25. It is better to stop the work if the laptop runs on very less charging battery. Otherwise it may be damaged.
  26. Do not try to work on the laptop continuously for too long.
  27. Be careful when charging your battery. Never hook it up to charge it when you’re not around.

The above list of tips are the some important precautions to be taken to increase the life time of laptop battery.

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