23 Best Laptop Safety Tips

Computers have become the part of our daily life. We cannot imagine our day without computer. Not only software developing people but also the people from hardware developing, construction, designing, call centers, education, management, even in farming also computer has become a revolution. On the other hand, laptops are now replacing desktops. Laptops usage is getting increased day by day. But we often listen the complaints like desktops are still better and laptops are not reliable. Laptops are sensitive when we compared to desktops. Laptop parts and components are small and sensitive to overheat. Most of laptop users have no idea about the precautionary measure and using them. As a result, will cause some severe problems to their health and also damage the laptops.

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Laptop Safety

Here are some of the important tips to know about how to maintain the laptops and how to use the laptops in proper.

Laptop Safety Tips:

1. Don’t Use Unauthorized Software and Pirated Operating Systems:

If you got a branded new laptop with official OS, please make a copy of that immediately. If you didn’t purchase a official OS, you want to use a pirated one. Make sure that pirated copy doesn’t have any virus, worms or any Trojans. Be careful with the drivers and download drivers from official website only. Do not use drivers downloaded from non-official site. For example, here is a situation. If you want to load windows XP, you got almost all the drivers and you didn’t get the WIFI driver. So normally people search in Google and download some drivers and try to use the WIFI, but this is completely wrong, for this you need to first find out the company name of your WIFI driver and go to that company or firm official website and you can download driver from that website. Using an authorized driver will be virus free and chances of system crashing will be almost zero. If you use unauthorized software or drivers, upto 99.99% there will be a virus and significant chances of crashing and data loss in your system. There are lot of softwares which will give complete hardware information of your laptops.

2. Use of Antivirus is Must and Should:

Original antivirus should be used and updating the antivirus is also very important. You may get malicious softwares and spam message from internet everyday. Updated antivirus can only stop the virus attacks. For basic use, you can download antivirus for free from the corresponding antivirus official website. No need to pay single penny and updates are also completely free. If you need to buy the professional and extra featured antivirus, you can get it in less than 1000 rupees or 20 dollars.

The above tips are for maintaining the software from crashing or data loss.

3. Never Keep Laptop in Damped Surface:

Desktops or laptops need ventilation for cooling purpose. Generally, processors will get heated up quickly and start the heat dissipation. Not only processors, but some other components also will get heated up quickly and start dissipates heat which is very dangerous for the some electronic components. We know that electronic components need optimal temperature for their 100% throughput. If there is heat which is more than there sustainability then there is chance of damaging the components, which will affect the working of laptop. Laptops must never kept on pillows, beds, car seats etc. Laptops must be on hard and flat surface where ventilation should be there and air should flow in and out. If needed, use cooling pads which is best option while using the laptop.

4. Charging and Discharging of Battery:

This is very important tip. If you charged your laptop for two hours, use at least one hour for discharging the battery. If your battery has gone below the threshold point or it says still remaining 25% or 30% then again charge the battery. If we proceed in this way, battery life will be long and usage time will not be decreased. If you continuously keep charging and using the laptop, the battery life will go down and usage time will also be decreased.

5. Take Care of Power Fluctuations:

Constant power supply with no fluctuations is very important. Not only for laptops but for any electronic devices to work efficiently, constant power supply without any fluctuations is very important. Use a stabilizer or always use a surge protector. When power cable is given to power outlet, it will help to give constant power supply without any fluctuations. If you are using the extension box, make sure that it has fuse and three pin plugs. And another important point to be noted is that for any house, home or office, it should have earth connection for power supply.

6. Never Keep the Laptop on Your Laps While Working:

Don’t keep laptops on your laps and while doing the work. It will affect your reproductive organs for both male and female. It will decrease the sperm count. Mortality rate of sperms will also be decreased due to the heat produced by the laptops when we keep the laptop on our laps.

7. Take Care of Hinges of Your Laptop:

Take care of hinges of your laptop while closing and opening it. If we use the branded and new laptop, then hinges will be strong. If the days are passing away, hinges will become hard due to dust, rust and some other reasons and you need to use more power to open the laptop. Sometimes, you may not be able to hold the lid plastic (or screen) while opening hinges and it will cause them to break. So if you realize that it is taking more power to open the laptop lid or screen, oil them immediately. If you don’t know how to oil them take any expert’s help.

8. Clean the Laptop Once in a Week:

Laptops should be cleaned atleast once in a week. Cleaning the dust in key board, hinges, screen is very important to keep our laptop safely. Don’t use water for cleaning; use dry soft cotton cloth for cleaning the laptop. Do not spray the cleaning liquid directly on your laptop screen. It may damage your screen when liquid go in to the sides of the screen. First spray the cleaning liquid on a cotton cloth then clean the screen.

9. Use Laptop Bag for Taking the Laptop Outside:

Don’t use normal bags for taking the laptops outside. Use the laptop bags which are available in market. They are especially made for laptops. These laptop bags have holders which hold the laptops from jerks and keep the laptop tightly. If you are using normal bags for laptops, they will not have any holders and causes jerks which may affect the hardware components in laptops.

10. Use power Optimization Software:

Power optimization software will monitor and change the settings of the laptop like screen setting, brightness settings, battery settings and many more according to the use of laptop and situation. It will keep the normal settings when we use the laptop with power and will change to optimized settings when we are out of power and when the laptop is running out of power. Using this software, we can increase the battery and usage time of our laptop. And battery usage will be exact.

  1. Make sure that laptops are away from children.
  2. Try to avoid keeping liquids near to laptops and also avoid drinking tea or coffee when you are using laptop on your lap.
  3. Always use an anti glair glasses while using the laptop.
  4. Don’t use laptop while you are walking or traveling on uneven roads. Too much jerk while using the laptops will affect the main components like harddisk, processors, etc.
  5. Use passwords from unauthorized access.
  6. Use good quality transparent screen savers for your laptop and let it pasted on the LED. It will make it safe from any kind of scratches.
  7. Don’t keep heavy things on your laptops. It may damage the screen. Better not to keep anything on laptops.
  8. Shutdown your laptop at least for two hours daily. Don’t run them continuously and give rest for small period of time at regular intervals.
  9. Never use laptop in wet and cool climate conditions or places. It may cause overloading and over heating. Rapid change in temperature will also cause fatal errors in the laptops.
  10. Check the laptop battery periodically. If the battery backup is not good then immediately replace it with new battery. Otherwise, the faulty battery may cause explosion and fire.
  11. Do not keep the laptop on floors as some one may step on it accidentally.
  12. Don’t keep anything in between screen and keyboard when it is closed. It may cause for damage to the screen.
  13. It is better to shutdown the laptop when not in use and while traveling otherwise it generates lot of heat.

I think these tips are enough for maintaining your laptop. Don’t use laptop to rough, handle them with little care. These tips are same for even to maintain desktop computers also. Luckily we still didn’t got servers to maintain, in that the list will be somewhat big and complicated.


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