Mobile Controlled Home Appliances without Microcontroller

DTMF Controlled Home Appliances without Microcontroller

Sometimes unfortunately we may forget switch off the appliances while going to the outside and we face the problems to switch off these devices when we are out of home. To solve these types of problems this article explains you how to design a simple circuit, which will on the…
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Simple IR Audio Link Circuit

IR Audio Transmitter and Receiver Circuit Diagram

This article explains you how to design a simple IR audio link which is used to transmit audio signals wirelessly. This IR audio link is able transmit audio signals up to 4 meters. The audio signal which is to be transmitted is applied at the base of the transistor in…
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Paper Battery Construction and Working

Paper Battery

A paper battery is basically a device which can act both as a capacitor and as a battery.  It is a flexible, light weight device made up of carbon nano tubes emboldened on paper (cellulose).  It is basically formed by combination of cellulose with carbon nanotubes.  It consists of infusion…
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Active Audio Crossover Circuit

Circuit Diagram of Active Speaker Crossover Circuit

Audio crossover is an electronic filter used in audio applications to send the appropriate signal to the speakers or drivers. Most of the speaker drivers are not capable to cover entire audio spectrum from low to high frequencies without distortion, so most of the speaker systems use a combination of…
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Random Number Generator using 8051

Random Number Generator Circuit Diagram using 8051 Microcontroller

This article explains you how to generate a random number using 8051 microcontroller. This project generates a random number in between 0 to 100 when push button is pressed. This project is simple and may not find any serious applications in embedded projects, this is just an illustration. Random Number…
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Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller

Interfacing GPS to 8051 Microcontroller Circuit Diagram

A GPS module is a device that uses Global Positioning System to determine the location of a vehicle or person. GPS receivers are used to provide reliable navigation, positioning and timing services to the users at anytime and anywhere on the earth.  This Global positioning system uses 24 to 32…
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USB LED Lamp Circuit

USB LED Lights Circuit Diagram

Universal Serial Bus is acronym for USB. USB was a standard developed to simplify the connections between computer and its peripheral. Due to the low light on the CPU, one cannot see inside it at the time of power loss and it is difficult to see the keyboard. It is…
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FM Radio Circuit

FM Radio Circuit Diagram

FM Radio circuit is the simple circuit that can be tuned to the required frequency locally. This article describes the circuit of FM radio circuit. This is a pocket sized radio circuit. FM Radio Circuit Principle: Radio is the reception of electromagnetic wave through air. The main principle of this…
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Battery Level Indicator

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Diagram

Battery level indicator indicates the status of the battery just by glowing LED’s. For example six LED’s are glowing means battery capacity 60% remains. This article explains you how design battery level indicator. You can use this circuit to check car battery or inverter. So by using this circuit, we…
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