Celsius Scale Thermometer using AT89C51 and LM35

Celsius Scale Thermometer using AT89C51 Circuit Diagram

This article demonstrates the design, development and operation of the Celsius scale thermometer using LM35 and microcontroller AT89C51. The circuit contains the analog temperature sensor LM35 which has the advantage of providing an output directly proportional to the Celsius temperature, without having the need to be calibrated. It consists of…
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Bidirectional Visitor Counter using 8051 Microcontroller

Bi Directional Visitor Counter Circuit Diagram

This article describes the design and working of a bidirectional visitor counter. The main intention is to design a system wherein the number of persons entering or leaving a room is displayed on a screen. When a person enters the room, count would be increased, whereas on leaving, the count…
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Battery Charger Circuit using SCR and LM311

Circuit Diagram of Battery voltage charger using LM311 and SCR

A battery is a device which can store energy in chemical form and convert that energy into electrical energy when needed. It can be secondary (rechargeable) or primary (Non rechargeable) Rechargeable batteries have an advantage over primary batteries with the fact that they can be reused. This is possible by…
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5 Channel IR Remote Control System using Microcontroller

5 Channel Remote Control - Transmitter Circuit

This article is aimed to design and demonstrate a simple 5 channel remote control system to drive five loads. The input signals or the commands are sent from a transmitter using IR transmission and received by the IR receiver, processed and used to drive the loads. At both the transmitter…
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Solar Inverter Technology Transfer

Solar Inverter Technology Setup

What is Solar Inverter Technology Transfer? All Solar inverters will run normally with a basic known technology. Usually we can get this solar inverter technology from any electronics expert.¬† All Electronics experts build the Solar inverter technology as per your specifications and transfer the complete information to you like circuit…
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8 Channel Quiz Buzzer Circuit using Microcontroller

8 Player Quiz Buzzer Circuit Diagram

Quiz buzzers are used often at places like educational institutions where it is required for game shows. Conventional systems require human intervention to decide which team has pressed the button and this system can be erroneous and even biased. Another problem arises when two members pressed the button at a…
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Digital Voltmeter Circuit using ICL7107

Circuit Diagram of Digital Voltmeter using ICL7107

Digital voltmeters are often preferred these days over analog voltmeters owing to their accuracy and high rate of precision. Also digital systems are preferred because of their less exposure to noise and good data compression capability. A voltmeter is an instrument measuring the potential difference between two points. A typical…
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Contactless Digital Tachometer using 8051 Microcontroller

non contact tachometer circuit diagram

A tachometer is a device which measures the speed of an electric motor. Speed of an electric motor is determined by the number of revolutions made by the motor in one minute. In other words speed is measured in rpm. Here we design a simple non contact tachometer using microcontroller…
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Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller

electronic code

Traditional lock systems using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being replaced by new advanced techniques of locking system. These techniques are an integration of mechanical and electronic devices and highly intelligent. One of the prominent features of these innovative lock systems is their simplicity and high efficiency. ¬†Such an…
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