Boolean Algebra

not gate

What is Boolean Algebra Boolean algebra is a special branch of algebra which is mostly used in digital electronics. Boolean algebra was invented in the year of 1854, by an English mathematician George Boole. Boolean algebra is a method of simplifying the logic circuits (or sometimes called as logic switching circuits) in digital electronics. So […]

Negative Feedback System

Negative feedback signal

A control system is defined as the collection of devices which are used to control or regulate the output of other system. To attain the stability and to auto correct the errors occurred in the output of the system, we depend on feedback technique. The feedback may be of negative magnitude and positive magnitude. Open […]


Demultiplexer Principle

The action or operation of a demultiplexer is opposite to that of the multiplexer. As inverse to the MUX , demux is a one-to-many circuit. With the use of a demultiplexer , the binary data can be bypassed to one of its many output data lines. Demultiplexers are mainly used in Boolean function generators and […]

Multiplexer(MUX) and Multiplexing

multiplexing switch

Multiplexer Multiplexing is the property of combining one or more signals and transmitting on a single channel .This is achieved by the device multiplexer. A multiplexer is the most frequently used combinational circuits and important building block in many in digital systems. These are mostly used to form a selected path between multiple sources and […]

Closed Loop System

Closed loop control system

Sometimes, to attain the consistency and stability of a system and to produce the desired output of a control systems, we use feedback loop. A feedback is nothing but a part of output signal. This concept is most frequent and important in control systems, to achieve stability of the output. Based on the feedback connection, […]

Control System

control system

Control Systems A system is a collection of number of blocks, connected together to do a task or to execute a particular procedure. In electronics, we define system as the group of electronic devices connected together. This is also referred as Control system. In these control systems, each block or element connected will have its […]

Open Loop System

Open loop feedback system

A system is defined as the collection of blocks connected together to execute a process. In electronic theory, a system can be said as a group of interconnected electronic devices, in which each individual system having its own input – output relation, to control the other block by connecting its output further to its next […]

Exclusive-NOR Gate

Exclusive-NOR Gate

Exclusive NOR gate is another exclusive gate in the logic gates. In our previous tutorials, we have learned about the Exclusive – OR. This tutorial explains about Exclusive – NOR gate. Exclusive-NOR Gate The operation of Exclusive NOR gate is reciprocal to the Exclusive OR gate’s operation. As the basic AND gate implements the Boolean […]

Exclusive OR Gate(XOR-Gate)

XOR symbol

Ex or gate is the exclusive OR gate. This is not frequently used as inclusive OR gate which is nothing but OR gate. But XOR gate has its own significance. This article explains about XOR gate (Exclusive OR gate) . XOR Gate XOR Symbol There are multiple standards for defining an electronic component. Generally we […]

Sinusoidal Waveform

sine wave

Introduction Among all the waveforms , sine waves are frequently used because of their ease of representation and some specific advantageous characteristics. The sine or sinusoidal wave is a curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. We can define the sine wave as “The wave form in which the amplitude is always proportional to sine […]